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There’s not always time to create films packed with memories, like the ones I make as part of my Creating Time Capsules course… so I’ve been creating 15 second films to share on Instagram. Documenting little snippets & details from my life, editing them together into a film that is able to transport me back to that time.

MINI Time Capsules was born! All the joy of a Time Capsule film, just quicker to shoot & edit together.

If you didn’t know… A Time Capsule film is a fun & captivating, memory evoking film, created by you! Your unique moments, packaged up in a movie for you to share and enjoy… forever.

I believe our everyday moments are precious, and worth capturing & remembering.


In this online course I will share everything you need to know for creating mini movies to post on Instagram, (other social media) or just keep for yourself.

There will be screencast tutorials on these subjects -

Shooting – A how-to of film angles and compositions to make your films more interesting.

Editing – A how-to of iMovie on the iPhone/iPad and computer.

Sharing on Instagram – Additional apps you can use and uploading to Instagram.

+ Bonus materials – A talk through of some of the films I’ve made for Instagram – why I shot and edited that way.

The course is self paced, you can work through the materials at your own pace with unlimited forever access.

Fee : £20 – For currency exchange rates please visit -


What will I need?

  • The ability to shoot video. Any camera can be used. I won’t be covering technical aspects of specific cameras. The shooting part of the course offers tips about how & what to shoot. Please feel free to use your favourite camera, whether it’s a DSLR or an iPhone…or a combination of both.
  • Access to the internet to view the course content.
  • A device to edit on – I’ll be sharing tutorials for iMovie on the iPhone/iPad and computer – A basic guide to everything you need to edit your film clips into a 15 second film.
  • A Vimeo account – I will be sharing all the tutorials in a Vimeo portfolio – You can sign up for free account.
  • Extras – A DropBox account or some way of transferring your film from your computer to your iPhone/ipad (if you edit on the computer).


Make mini movies for Instagram! 15 seconds of fun. 

Registration is OPEN

Please head over HERE to register.



Some questions that might be going through your mind….

I only have an iPhone or mobile device; can I make films with this?

Absolutely! Simple & wonderful films can be created with these devices. They’re great to play around with, and it’s often the camera we have with us most of the time.

I’ve never shot video on my DSLR, will there be technical advice for this?

This course won’t show the ins and outs of shooting with a DSLR… There are plenty of online tutorials to get you started. I will be sharing what to shoot; composition ideas and shot lists. There will be plenty of encouragement to play and experiment.

I have never edited a video before, will I be able to follow along?

Yes, I will share tutorials for working in iMovie on the iPhone/iPad & computer. All this information will be enough for you to get started.

Do I have to have children to take part in this course? 

No, you don’t have to have children to take part. Most of my films contain my children, because they are part of the memories I want to hold on to… but if you’d like to take part as an individual or a business, and tell your stories… we welcome you with open arms.

How is this course different from your other courses?

This is a mini course focusing on all you need to create a 15 second film for instagram. My main course Creating Time Capsules course is a longer course, with more opportunities to make films. I share lots more materials and you’re part of a community all sharing films together – It’s a great experience!

Is there a set time to log into the course? 

No, once you register and pay – you’ll be sent the link to access the tutorials – there is no set time to be in the online space or deadlines to complete your film. You can work through the materials at your own pace, and upload your films to Instagram whenever you choose.

How long will the course be available to access?

You will have unlimited forever access. Although at some point the tutorials will become out of date as the software changes and updates.

I’m not sure I have enough time to create films?

Life is busy, with work and life commitments. I know this! But I know when I make pockets of time to do creative projects; the rewards are HUGE! A 15 second film can be created in a small amount of time… I promise!

If you have any further questions… pop me an email -

Some examples of Instagram films I’ve made recently…

(These films were originally posted on Instagram, but for this blog post they’ve been re-edited to add titles and some additional footage)





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    Yay, this looks great Xanthe. I’ve wanted to do your full course but wasn’t sure if I’d find the time to commit, so this is perfect to start with. xx