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Having spent quite a bit of time with Lise & Patrick before, I knew their wedding would be full of love & deep connection…

With plenty of fun & laughter… {it’s a French tradition to throw the groom and bride in the air!}

Surrounded by family & friends from all over the world… It was magical!

{I’ve never seen a couple be SO covered in rice & confetti!)


  • siobhan

    o so beautifull xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • naquillity

    what a beautiful couple. i simply loved the bride & groom being thrown in the air. what a great tradition. made for some memorable pictures. and i have to know how you did that confetti picture the way you did. i know it’s a succession of pictures as they are coming out of the church but how did you get it preview that way here without a video?? i’d love to know. that’s really cool. hope all is well your way. have a great day~

    truly enjoying your blog…

  • Franny/mrseliotbooks

    Love the bride throwing! x