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I’m experiencing a huge learning curve with the Lensbaby. I can see so much opportunity and I’m excited for what I can eventually create with my photography. I’m just struggling at the moment, knowing I just need to practice, practice and then practice some more.

I may regret sharing my first few images here, as I’d like them to be better. Maybe/hopefully I will look back at these, as I start to master it, and realise how far I’ve come.

Written by xanthe

September 23rd, 2011 at 9:03 pm

  • http://mainemomma.blogspot.com/ kristin


  • Sally

    No idea what lensbaby is but the photo’s look great xxx

  • http://www.kidnappedbysuburbia.com keli_h

    okay, between you and kristin, i’m losing my mind with jealousy over here. these are so beautiful, x.

  • http://www.mckinley-rodgers.com/blog pen

    Now you’ve really made me want a lensbaby!
    Dear Santa…

  • http://www.shutterview.co.uk Kyla Gunter

    This really interests me as I get to pick up my new Lensbaby Muse from the camera shop tomorrow (been on order a few weeks). I’ve bought the aperture kit too as I fancy trying out some shaped bokeh in my shots.

    I think the shot with the swing works best here – it creates the feeling of movement within the shot without having the image blurred from actual movement.

  • http://www.melissadeakin.com/blog melissa deakin

    these are fabulous, xanthe!
    i have had my Lensbaby for several months now and am far from mastering it…it is not easy, but the effect is so cool.
    i always love to see what you have been up to; you are inspiration to me!