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The past few weeks have whizzed… there has been much happening in our lives, so much to be grateful for and I feel full to the brim…

My course A JOURNEY has some wonderful stories being told within it… all these lives… from all over the world, being made into their Time Capsule films packed with memories, that I just know they’re going to love in years to come.

Spring shows up in London one day, only for it to snow the next… it’s confusing us all… and it’s obviously all us Brits can talk about!

Last Sunday was Mother’s day here in the UK… delicious lunch with my lovely boys and the most amazing shoes (I love stars)… my sister Boo, wrote the sweetest post about her favourite mums here.

More dining out with fabulous photographer friends recently… I find it’s important when you work at home alone a lot of the time, to get out and connect in real life… and naturally have special treats.

I’ve also finally finished my new WELCOME film – a mixture of my photos and films to showcase my work and what I love to create.

And finally… exciting things are happening over the next week, starting with Lovely Luke’s 40th birthday celebrations this weekend… it’s going to full of family, friends, food and fun…

Happy Friday!


Oh and the colour making continues…

Written by xanthe

March 15th, 2013 at 8:52 am

  • Carla

    Xanthe, what kind of cameras do you use for your work and specifically what do you use for the video? I am so inspired by your work. You are an amazing storyteller!

  • Dotti C. Rinehart

    Love your new welcome video! And I love that your boys like to smile. Makes me remember your “missing my babies” moment at Oasis. So sweet!

  • Amanda Graham

    Great photos, great video, great post :)

  • Francesca Russell

    Gorgeous film, Xanthe! Enjoy your week :)

  • Karen Walrond

    That is your best welcome film ever. And you know I watch your films *closely.*

  • Jack

    The welcome film is beautiful!

  • Susannah Conway

    Dude! Your welcome video is amazing!!