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During my time at Squam In The City I was blessed to hang out with some amazing ladies… in my workshops and in the evenings when we chased the golden light…

My workshops were about seeking out and photographing colour – I’ll share some images from those soon, but I also wanted to give people a chance to shoot portraits in front of the colourful backgrounds we found.

So we just played… with colour and with the light when it showed up.

Here are a few of my favourite images… Thank you gorgeous ladies for stepping in front of my lens.


Written by xanthe

October 9th, 2014 at 9:00 am

  • Annie Samuels

    Thank you so much, Xanthe…you are amazing…you brought sunshine on a rainy day! I loved our day at Squam in the City. Hope our paths cross again one day. *hugs*

  • Laura Hogan

    It was such a wonderful experience to spend a day with you — I learned so much, both behind and in front of the camera! Thank you for a beautiful day! (And yes, I normally do not like photos of myself either, but your gentle example has given me more confidence. And of course I love your photos of me from this day.) Be careful of suddenly opening doors, and try to resist trespassing on church property…;)

  • amy gretchen

    I love the way you see color and light. You are a MAGIC maker! Thank you love! xx

  • Gerri Smalley

    Woah…Thanks for sharing Xanthe. You’re an amazing artist Love! xxO

  • squamlove

    you = AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING .. . you must come back SOOON xoxoox

  • Jennifer Belthoff

    oh my goodness these photos are stunning!!! Love, love, love, love, love. I knew squam in the city would be light and magic — but my goodness this is beyond that.

  • Bella Cirovic

    I can’t even…
    Every shot is gorgeous.
    No one has ever taken a photo of me that I love.
    Except you. I love every one of them… xoxoxox