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For months now I’ve been enjoying the joys of instagram. My friend Kirstin persuaded me that I would love it and she was right!. It’s just my kind of photography, it’s capturing the moments, the real life and all the things that catch my eye. I can now keep up with friends new & old, near & far, everyday, instantly, and that is pretty exciting. Do you wanna play?

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Written by xanthe

November 4th, 2011 at 2:43 pm

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  • Capture by Lucy

    I have been on it for about 9 months, feel a wee bit obsessed. And manage to refrain from all the typography quote overlays these days ;) I loved them to start with!

  • http://www.jillruth.com Jill

    I’ve worked my way backward through your videos, such fun! Thanks so much for the inspiration and smiles. Merry Christmas to you! (Now, I have to get back to work)

  • http://mamaowlphotography.com Audrey

    Oh Xanthe, you are adorable!!!!!

    Instagram is amazing.

  • http://www.magnetisedbylife.com chelle

    haha so fun! I love it & instagram!

  • http://www.theukmama.com Denise

    OMG…OK, so I already wanted an iPhone. now I REALLY want an iPhone. Something tells me that I’m going love this as much as I love your crazy, funky, fun and inspired video. :)

  • http://twoscoopz.com Jan

    You are SO darn cute :)

  • http://www.wolftale.wordpress.com Siobhan Wolf

    This is so cute! I can’t wait until I am contract free and jump into the love with you.

  • Tina

    p.s. that music rocks. who is it?

  • http://lifeineden.wordpress.com Life in Eden {amy}

    I love the music in this.

    and I love the way you say “I love it!”

  • annie

    Xanthe, you rock! Love this and love Instagram!

  • Rosa

    Bloody brilliant Xanna. You know I’m addicted, I’ve started seeing the world in Instagram pictures. Worrying, but fun xxx

  • http://www.hereinthishouse.com Mae

    love it, xanthe! really just too cute. love catching your snaps in my feed!

  • http://www.lizabeeandcompany.com liza

    just too darn adorable!

  • http://www.blissandfolly.com Tammy Lee Bradley

    silly beautiful you.

  • Fiona

    So good…love it…could see them using this…x

  • http://momswhoclick.com Kristina

    I’m so addicted. Have you tried the diptic app? So fun! You can make collages with your photos!

  • Kirstin

    i LOVE this!
    I love you.
    And of course I love instagram!

  • http://www.everydayheartbeats.com chris

    Oh my gosh, do you have any idea how I miss you?!? Just hearing you and seeing your smile brought Camp RIGHT.BACK. You are the sweetest and cutest thing EVER!!

  • http://tarawanders.com tara

    i can’t even stand how adorable you are.
    (and count me among the newly addicted.)

  • Kelly

    you are too adorable!!!!
    and yes, I’ve been playing!!!!
    slightly addicted!!!! xxx

  • http://iamhereproject.blogspot.com/ Adriana

    Oh Xanthe this is so sweet and wonderful. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I’m new to instagram but am slowing and surely getting drawn in by its beautiful images and ease of use. It’s so easy! love this.

  • http://moseyalong.blogspot.com mosey (kim)

    You are adorable. But now I’m going to go have a pout and won’t stop until someone buys me an iphone.

  • Viv Halliwell

    Instagram I love, it has brought fun back to photography you never know what will happen. Hipstamatic too with all those great lens and filters.

  • http://mrseliotbooks.blogspot.com/ francesca

    ps i heard it’s coming for android soon for those without iphones. x

  • http://mrseliotbooks.blogspot.com/ francesca

    you are SO BLOODY CUTE! and potty. x

  • Tina

    good lord you are so cute! and funny!
    i want to play! but i don’t have an iphone. :(

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/wendytienken/ Wendy

    Xanthe! Love your silliness at the end…made me laugh out loud (and I’m at a cafe!!). I love seeing your images in my feed. They are pure art.

    miss you,
    xoxo wendy

  • http://www.hannahbryantphotography.blogspot.com/ Hannah

    That was so cute! I love instagram, although I don’t have an iphone (yet).

  • http://www.birdwannawhistle.com Corinna

    So awesome. I wanna play!

  • http://www.stefanierenee.net stefanierenee

    totally awesome!!


  • http://paigebphotography.squarespace.com Paige

    Thank you for making me smile from ear to ear this morning. You are adorable and I can say that I have witnessed your addiction in full force. Awesome video!

  • jordan


  • http://truthdwelling.wordpress.com/ sarah w.

    Instagram is amazing (and I don’t even own an iPhone). I started using our shared work iPhone (when I have it) and I’ve started using that for my Instagram fun — just waiting for the Droid version now!

    Love the video! You are so funny. It’s like an advertisement for Instagram. :) You should share with the peeps there!

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/anngeedee/ anngeedee

    You, my dear, are adorable.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/soupatraveler/ Holly

    Classic! Awesome video!!! Love it when your shots pop up in my feed!

  • http://kimklassen.com kim klassen

    i owe my crazy instagram love to you…. your enthusiasm for it at camp SS was contagious… I am totally hooked….
    it’s like seeing my world in a whole new way….

    love you…. love this video… it’s like i’m back at camp with you…. ‘sigh’…

    xxo, Kim