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So here we are… at the end of a playful month of May.

The little side project #HurrayForPlay sparked from the conversation about my love of personal projects, on Sara’s podcast, has given me a few opportunities to create photos, films and stories I might not have made.

It’s been fun!

Even when there have been deadlines and other important projects to complete, I made time to play… experiment… and shoot just because. It’s important. I know that already, but I sometimes put it off… this time I made small pockets of time.

And it felt good.

Here are a few of my favourite creations…

I guess Sara & I might host another month long challenge towards the end of the year… will keep you posted.

And feel free to go back over Week One, Week TwoWeek Three & Week Four if you need a spark or a prompt to PLAY!





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May 28th, 2017 at 8:00 am

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