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So the very lovely and very talented Kirstin Mckee guided me through shooting film with her Contax. A mini “workshop”, lunch and general hanging out at her house last month, with my boys as subjects (when I managed to drag them away from minecraft!).

I kinda knew I would love film again, (haven’t shot film for over 10 years…) I just didn’t know I’d love it this much. I’ve managed to cross #34 off my list now… but I think I’ve another wish to add… I’ve got to find the bank balance to support this habit.

Here are my five reasons to love film -

1. It’s so dreamy.

2. Even out of focus melts me… I just want to dive into the blur.

3. It’s timeless… I took some polaroids of these shots…

4. Just look at the light…

5. And finally the colour… the colour… THIS colour is what excites me…

Thanks Kirstin for all your help.

Written by xanthe

September 14th, 2012 at 2:19 pm

  • Jenae

    The colours are amazing. I really need to find myself a film camera.. like you – I need someone to bankroll my cameras for me! Gorgeous boys too x

  • Liza

    That color is amazing. I have to start with film again….i just have to.

  • Patrice

    Those are gorgeous photos, alright!

  • kim

    hey girlie…your photos are so beautiful…as are your boys…
    love….. happy weekend…

    xo, Kim

  • Robyn Greenhouse

    Wow – the color is amazing! I can’t believe what helpful assistants you have! My boys are starting to run the other way when I pull out a camera!

  • Roxi

    oh my, the color, is right! love these. Everyone’s been tempting me to get out the old camera…..

  • Yvonne Michelle @Photecstasy

    I love this post. I had to laugh about the Minecraft comment… what is it with that game? My kids will sit in front of the tv watching other people play Minecraft on youtube. I think, really? Seriously? You’re actually watching videos of other people playing the game, but you’re not playing? My son begged me to play… so I did. I got so dizzy I had to tell him sorry, mom’s too old for this. At least it’s not Halo 3 or something like that, right? You’re delightful!

  • Carol

    Love your shots too. Film still makes me nervous. But like all things I’m uncomfortable with, I think this too will pass.

  • justine

    I have been shooting with film for a while, I love it, everything seems more real on film, enjoy! love your shots by the way

  • Suzi

    These are amazing Xanthe. That colour does it for me too. Kirstin’s magic with the Contax rubbed off on you.

  • Corinna

    You make me want to buy a Contax and a whole bunch of film. Love it.

  • kirstin

    So good, so very good! And this is just the beginning….xxx

  • Julie

    Your boys are beautiful. I feel the urge to pull out one of the old film cameras from the closet and give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!