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I’ve been sharing my Time Capsule films online for many years now – mainly through Vimeo and on this blog.

These films are so precious to me – they hold so many memories.

It’s been a journey of constant learning and then passing on my knowledge and inspiring others in my online courses. 

Back in February, I started making weekly mini films of my weekend adventures, to share on Instagram.  It came out of my pledge to create films alongside participants taking my year long course. It’s been a big commitment, but a great process.

I LOVE a project!… and this one has given me a chance to experiment with telling my stories in just 15 seconds….

The added bonus is, each week people join in with #minimondaymovies and I’m always so excited for them – as I know these #minitimecapsules of goodness will be treasured in years to come.

As my Bloom Forum Day In The Life workshop is in full swing… I thought another week of daily mini Day In The Life films might be fun!

As it happens, it’s not been a very eventful week… but that’s the challenge – noticing the beauty in everyday things and capturing the details that will change over time. This is a week in my life…

These films are super easy to make, I hope watching them here or on my Instagram feed inspires you to have a try… Go on! you’ll be so pleased you did!

If you’d like a little guidance – I have a short online course sharing everything you need to get started!

MINI TIME CAPSULES is always open for registration and you can get creating right away. Come join in the fun…

Oh before I go… lots of changes have happened over on Instagram recently…

The biggest change is the ability to upload widescreen video clips direct into Instagram – here’s a little walk through if you haven’t had a chance to play yet.

I’m still undecided how I feel about it – watch this space…

Have a great weekend! Why don’t you film some of your adventures?…


All the films were shot on Canon EOS 5DIII & iPhone 5s.



Written by xanthe

September 18th, 2015 at 7:55 am