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September 5th, 2013 at 1:49 pm

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  • SaveEveryStep

    Such a great idea. I’d love to point people in the direction of too, which is a site specifically designed to enable families to capture and preserve their memories in chronological order….good luck with this project!

  • Marina

    Xanthe, I would love to be offered a spot in your Creating Time Capsules course that is about to start. I have admired your videos and photos for quite some time, and I would love to learn how to capture my everyday life with my active twin boys. Also, I have applied for a teacher’s travel grant to Mexico or India this summer, and I would love to try to make some time capsules abroad if I am chosen. Thank you so much for considering me.

  • Lou / Mummy Karma

    I’m ridiculously tempted to sign up for this, Xanthe, if you’re still taking registrations? It’s just I’m concerned that until the other day, I didn’t even know my SLR had a video function and I’ve certainly never used it – wouldn’t have the foggiest! I’m only just getting to grips with using my camera to take stills in manual :/ do you think I might be better off actually learning how to use my camera to its potential first or should I just dive in? I’d never been even remotely interested in capturing videos until I watched your vimeo films here. How adorable is Kai? You mustn’t e one very proud mummy. My 7yr old would die to hang out with someone half as cool as him. Let me know what you think. We’re a homeschooling family so while I get more opportunity to take pictures of my kids than most probably do, I’m forever feeling like I’m short of time. It kind of makes me want to preserve the memories even more…

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  • Lisa Rydin Erickson

    Hi Xanthe! I am so excited to take your class!

  • Nancy Moon

    Hi again Xanthe, I’m back and will sign up. I was hoping you would offer it again soon!

  • Stephanie Levy

    Hey Xanthe – I’m really interested in taking your class in 2014 too, your videos are so amazing :) Big hugs from Berlin, xoxo

  • April

    Hello. What is your class schedule for 2014? I am very interested in taking this class. Thanks.

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  • Jennifer

    Just fell in love with these videos (and your adorable son) and signed up for the class.

  • minh

    when is the next course im very interested in doing it

  • Nancy West

    hi, am about to sign up to your mailing list as i was really excited to discover this course. but unfortunately i’ll be on holiday (boo, but in guadeloupe, yay!) for some of the current one so i didn’t sign up. do you have a rough estimate of how long it might be until the next one runs?

  • Clara Huynh

    Can i ask when registration closes for this course? I really, really want to do it but I’m in the middle of a heavy workload at the moment… I’m thinking if I manage power through my work this week, I’m going to sign up at the beginning of next week to do your course… (extra motivation), but just want to make sure I’m not going to miss the cut off date…

  • Star Davis

    Hi, I mainly shoot still pictures not video, will this course still be just as useful for me?

    • xantheberkeley

      Hi Star,
      You can still create slideshows and stop motion films with stills, so you’d find that part useful… and then perhaps you’ll be inspired to shot some video too xxx

  • Nina Greenblatt

    I took lots of stills and videos this summer with this class in mind…can I use what I’ve got or do you suggest collecting new material for the assignments?

    • xantheberkeley

      Hi Nina,
      Yes you can use what you’ve got. How brilliant that you’ve been so prepared.
      I talk about going into your archives and finally finishing projects. Let me know if you need anything else.

  • Robyn Peel

    Any chance you will be running this course again in the new year? I adore your work and would love to create time capsules myself, but we are off on our own big adventure in the middle of the course so my headspace will be otherwise used up with packing our lives up in London and moving to Canada.

    • xantheberkeley

      I will possibly run the course again, it depends on the interest, as the community that gathers is an important part of the course.
      All the best with your move, how exciting! Do try and document your move even in the madness of packing… As I’m sure there are wonderful moments to look back on. x.

  • Millie Keown

    I am traveling during the week of the first class. Will this be a disadvantage – or can the materials be viewed at any time to stay current with the class by week 2?

    • xantheberkeley

      Hi Millie, the course material is available to view when you have time and you’re welcome to work at your own pace. I think you’d be fine to join us in week two… the first project is set over the first two weeks, so I’ll have plenty of time. Any more questions… just let me know. x.

      • xantheberkeley

        Oops… “you’ll” have plenty of time x.