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So good that you’re here…

Some of you have taken other classes of mine – it’s so lovely to have you back.

And WELCOME to so many lovely new people…

Ready to explore?

Here’s how the course is going to work…

There is plenty of content to run through – shooting ideas and storytelling suggestions + tutorials for working in iMovie… Lots of my films to look at and hopefully be inspired!

You will need to make time to read and digest all the information…


You are welcome to work through the materials at your own pace. Don’t be overwhelmed, just take your time. Through my experience of sharing and teaching, I know everyone works differently… you can take what you need, when you need it.

I really want you to make this course, your own…

I can give you a big nudge in the right direction, but ultimately YOU have make the commitment to create… and then go and CREATE!


This online space will run like a blog, each post will be a different section of activities, tutorials or musings.

Please take your time to read through it all – in order to make notes or to know where to return to, when you feel you need to.

Over on Vimeo – you will find - 

A YEAR OF CREATING TIME CAPSULES portfolio (Password – MakeMemories)

It contains…

Various films of mine to spark your own creations.

Everything you need to know in iMovie broken down into bite-size pieces.

The Vimeo space will be updated each month with what I’ve been working on and other tutorials that might be needed throughout the course. This space will adapt as we move throughout the year.


We have a whole year together – I’m really excited about that! The reason I wanted the course to start now in December, was to give you an opportunity to capture something over the festive period. Then in the new year we can set our goals for the course, make some intentions for what we’d like to create and begin the year with a bang!

I will be back later in the week with an email with more details about this (I didn’t want to overload you initially)

I’ve never run an all year long course before, so we’re all in this together. I’m open to suggestions as to what you’d like to achieve by being here. It’s my wish for you to get the most out of being part of this creative community.

Other elements of the course will be revealed in January – Online critiques… questions & answer sessions… extra one-on-one sessions and more (I’m sure).

A little bit about my time during the course - 

Questions will naturally arise at different times, for different people. I will be available to answer questions and support you, but please remember I’m in London, on GMT, so I may not be able to respond immediately… please be patient with me… you can leave a question in the Vimeo group or email me directly.

If you do share your work within the AYOCTC Vimeo group, I will do my best to look at what you’re creating. I will be popping in at least twice a month to visit the Vimeo group, and sending emails of encouragement. As some of you will know, what’s wonderful about the community that evolves within these courses, is that there are people taking part from all over the world, who naturally support each other along the way…

Ooh, one other thing… I ask you to please be respectful of what I’m sharing here. Whilst I encourage and LOVE you to share & show what you are discovering and the films you’re creating during the course, in your online space - please don’t directly upload my course content to your blogs or other media… you are welcome to paraphrase and give an indication of what we’re doing here, and please share your films online! Wow your friends and family with your creations! but to directly copy content would upset me and not be fair to the others who have paid for the course. Please be mindful of this, thank you!


So, before we get started!… have you seen this? perhaps you’ve watched before?… I’d like to invite you to watch it again.

If you’ve never seen this, bookmark it… it’s a good reminder for whenever we’re embarking on something new, or when you’re stuck in a creative process…


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