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Hi I’m Xanthe -

You can contact me here -

xantheb @

& find out more about me here.

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May 12th, 2013 at 2:20 pm

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  • Jenny Reilly McHenry

    Hey inserested in your film classes starting in March but I work on a pc. Can I get access to iMovie? And if I can’t would you still recommend taking the class.
    Thank you, love your work!


    Hi, I am very eager to join your class that starts on 3/6/15 and was wondering, does the course contain any downloadable material for future viewing? I am concerned for time and if I will be able to go over the material when I have more of it if i cant do it all throughout the course. Thanks!

  • Barbara Hurst

    Wanted you to know I cleaned the contacts on my Macro 100mmL and that was the problem why it wouldn’t focus, Yea. Maybe it was a grain of sand that made it’s way into my lens. A happy thought! Thank you again for helping me find the right center focus points in my Mark III, it really has made a difference getting a wider range of focus. Loved being with you and Kim, such a treasure you two are to me. Much love as you back home.