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Let’s just ignore the fact it’s pouring with rain today, (yes, it’s getting rather tedious)… I keep having to remind myself of the little pockets of sunshine we’ve had lately…

One such afternoon, we hung out in the garden and I filmed a time capsule. Just us, doing not very much. Sometimes that works… keeping it simple. It’s a moving portrait session really. I’ve not been filming and photographing our life enough lately. So I grabbed this chance as the afternoon was full of the most stunning light… oh how I’d love to bask in this everyday. Are we ever going to get a summer that actually stays around?

{If you like a spot of whistling from my fabulous little one… do stay tuned till the end}

I’m loving this moving portrait idea so much, along with making time capsules of course. If you’re interested in me capturing you & your loved ones in either of these ways… please get in touch…

Also, Behind The Scenes is filling up with some wonderful creative souls. Kim & I are beavering away getting everything ready… full of nerves and excitement. There is still a chance to join us, hop on over here for all the details.

Written by xanthe

June 11th, 2012 at 11:45 am

  • Pam

    Whooo hoooo, so lovely! And such a spectacular whistler there. Wishing you sun ,sun, sun…

  • francesca

    xanna, that is STUNNING! you’re so lucky to have the time and talent to create these little gems of memories. totally made me well up. beautiful. x

  • Kirstin

    That was just the perfect tonic for all the rain today! Thank you. x