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Last year, to help me through the darkest greyish time of the year. I spent 30 days “making my own colour”, playing with & capturing colour each day… in the end I made a film and it really lifted my spirits.

The cold & grey season is BACK, so it’s time to play with colour again… This time with a more structured project and in collaboration with my fellow color//colour lover Andrea Jenkins. YAY!

We’re going on a seven week exploration to seek colour & capture it through photos & film…

Red – week 1 – Mon 20th Jan

Yellow - week 2 – Mon 27th Jan

Pink – week 3 – Mon 3rd Feb

Green – week 4 – Mon 10th Feb

Purple – week 5 – Mon 17th Feb

Orange – week 6 – Mon 24th Feb

Blue – week 7 – Mon 3rd Mar

Each Monday a new colour adventure begins and all week Andrea & I are going to search & capture that colour…

Photograph colour // Film colour // Wear colour // Play with colourful props // Go on colour hunts // Make bouquets of colourful flowers // Make GIFs of colour // Paint my nails // Look in my archives for colour.


I’m open to whatever comes to mind and reveals itself. The focus will be that weeks colour, it could be as little as one Instagram photo to blog posts on here, to a whole week capturing that colour.

I’ll be sharing here on my blog & on my Instagram and collaborating with Andrea on our new COLOR//COLOUR LOVERS Tumblr - come over and check it out… This space will get updated throughout the project and will become a haven when we need a colour boost!

By the end of this colour adventure we’ll be full to the brim with technicolor magic, ready for spring to arrive.

So looking forward to having some fun by going on “A color//colour adventure!” Hope you enjoy watching it unfold!

If you fancy playing along, join us over on instagram this week with #colorcolourRED or on your own blogs… the more colour, the better!

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January 20th, 2014 at 11:00 am

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  • sonnenfeldt

    your films are sooo great!!!! i love the one above!
    i took your class, thought it was great, but less time and a slow computer made me abandoning the filming part…sometimes i get back to it.

    thank you so much for cheering me up in this grey weather.. the colour projekt got me on my feet colourwise. and it really makes me happy and smiling and a little colourcrazy!!!

  • Jeri_Taira

    We’ve been having the sun break through for sunset, but the whole of the day has been a crazy gray with huge dark clouds. Looking for color will be a wonderful way to find some play in my day.

  • lucrecer

    The video is wonderful. Love it and how cheerful it is.

  • Naomi

    After watching this film I am now in desperate need of a pair of yellow wellies. Also, I just love what you did with that jump and the music at around 00:52!
    Oh, and about the colour seeking/making/loving: What a fabulous idea – I’m in! :)

  • Jodi McKee


  • andreacj

    xanthe, I cannot tell you how EXCITED I AM TO BE DOING THIS WITH YOU! xo

  • Sabine

    Again, such a beautiful, magical movie. It’s a mood boost indeed. I would love to join your journey on Instagram. Is there a hashtag you will use for the project and every single color?
    Colorful greetings from a grey Berlin,