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During our trip to Wales, Cosmo and I became obsessed with collecting stones and painting/drawing on them.  So many stones came home with us, it’s crazy!

Early one morning, we walked down to the beach to gather a fresh stash, ready to turn the stones into owls.

Cosmo came up with three owls designs, after researching images online…

And today, he’s going to share with you his process of painting one of these stone owls… with a fun little tutorial we made together.

We made this film as part of my COLLABORATE course – where families to work together to create their own films…. and I share the process for making films like this (using stop motion, editing video, adding voice-overs & music in iMovie) in Creating Time Capsules… which is still has a few places available.


Written by xanthe

September 11th, 2013 at 11:37 am

  • Karen Walrond

    My God, but I love your children.

  • Karen Gehrke

    This is so awesome!! Great job Cosmo!!