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Did the summer actually happen?

It did and I never acknowledged it… said thanks… and pulled together my favourite moments. So this my way of gathering my favourite moments and putting them together in one spot, so I may return one day when I need to tap into all these feelings and memories again.



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December 28th, 2016 at 4:18 pm


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I was feeling the autumn blues creeping in, coz I’m missing the hazy days of summer.

It happens every year and I’ve found the tonic – relive my favourite summer moments through films and photos!

I did it last year and it really helped.

So when the rain poured down earlier this week, I revisited my half finished film of Somersault Festival and completed it. Somersault was one of our highlights of the summer… my top ten favourite moments are here.

Watching this transports me right back there… the feelings wash over and the greyness of the clouds over head seem to fade away for a while.

(Some of this footage made it into our film of summer adventures)

We had such a good time as a family there. The music, the activities, the location and the food. We saw some of our favourite artists perform, while lazing in the sunshine.

I’m so happy it’s been announced that Somersault will happen next year… Is it too early to start counting the days?!

Making this kinda of film is a gift for me and my family. It’s a virtual Time Capsule – brimming with memories that are great to watch, even though only a few months have passed – imagine how good it will be next year, or in two years or beyond.

You can make your own films like this… I share all you need to know to get creating in my online course Creating Time Capsules.

The final round in 2014 starts next week and I know not everyone has the means to take part, so I’d like to offer TWO spaces in a little giveaway…

Just leave a comment here and tell me what memories you would like to film and I’ll pick a couple of random winners on Wednesday (to announce on Thursday), just in time to begin.

Easy peasy…

All the best! x.


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This summer was a glorious whirlwind… packed to the brim…

The sun glistened and the days were long – oh those were the best… and the golden hour, that I never want to end. It rained a lot too… I’ll never forget those Bertha thunderstorms, making me worry about the boys camping on their own in some valley in Scotland.

It was the summer of the skateboard – much like last year was the summer of the scooter and the summer before that – the diabolo (although, even those still make a regular appearance) the love of the skateboard had us discovering new pockets of London.

There were body boards too… but the water wasn’t as warm as Mexico, so it wasn’t as appealing.

There was peacefulness in the house & there were noisy times – the boys fighting and the volume it creates.

The lush greens, the countryside and those Welsh hills covered in purple heather as we drove by. The vibrant cityscapes of our dearest London – I love the colours and new corners explored.

Being in the company of wonderful friends & their children… food and conversation – stories shared and laughter round the table or campfire.

There were tears too – a few headaches and heartaches, keep the balance of feeling all emotions fully… that’s ok. I’m sensitive to it all. I know this.

So grateful for a life this full. For my camera to capture it all. Oh summer of 2014 you were a delight!

Just a few of my favourite scenes of summer… the little frames to spark the bigger story.

 Photos shot on Canon 5DIII & iPhone 5s


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September 19th, 2014 at 8:00 am


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I love the summer.

I love the sunshine, I love long evenings full of golden light, I love campfires, I love food cooked & eaten outside, I love adventures to old and new places, I love dappled light through the tress, I love marshmallows melting on your fingers, I love the smell of rain on the warm earth, I love the greens of nature… and more.

Our summer so far has been sprinkled with all these loves. Adventuring near and far, capturing little snippets of these delights with my lens and compiled together into a film, so they don’t gather dust on the hard drive…. and instead tell the story of our summer so far…

Focus on the good, look for the light. That’s what I’m concentrating on. Life isn’t all sunshine and marshmallows everyday – we just moved house and I’m totally exhausted, but concentrating on the good brings more good, and I’m all for that.

Thankfully, our summer continues… with more adventures to come & films, photos and stories to tell of them. But sometimes you have to use what you’ve gathered so far and play with it. I encourage people taking my Time Capsule courses, that completing a project is best way to learn what works and encourages you to make more. The summer round of Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY is producing some wonderful films, packed with memories and stories of their summers. It makes me so happy!

Thanks for being a wonderful summer so far… can’t wait to see what the forthcoming weeks bring!

All photos and the film captured on Canon EOS 5D mIII :: the next round of Creating Time Capsules will be in September.



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July 16th, 2014 at 4:35 pm


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I watched this yesterday, as I’m getting ready for Creating Time Capsules which starts tomorrow…

Oh my goodness, it transported me right back to last summer… the adventures, the sunshine, the camping – so dreamy.

Roll on summer, we’re waiting for you. I could just dive back into that film… or at least some of these photos!

Let’s announce the winners of my giveaway -

For Creating Time Capsules – Rose’s Daughter

For TANGIBLE Time Capsules - Aline

I’ll be sending out an email with all the details… Thanks for taking part. See you in class…

Just a few more summer memories… soon we’ll be back round the campfire and running through fields of yellow.


If you want to be inspired to capture your memories through photos and video… check out my latest courses.



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I’ve had this half written post hanging around here about NATURE… because all my beliefs about how important it is for children to be out and submerged in all it delights, were confirmed after watching this brilliant film.

I’d heard about Project Wild Thing during the fundraising stages and have been following it’s development, eager to see the finished piece. Then a couple of weekends ago we all went to the opening weekend nearby in Hackney.

The film takes you on a journey as the creator tries to promote “NATURE” to children… sounds obvious right? but you’d be surprised at how many children (especially as they get older) don’t get out into nature enough and the power of marketing, parental concerns and health & safety issues are keeping them indoors.

So I’ve been eager to share Project Wild Thing… and some lovely moments in nature we had this summer.

Then this morning I read Jeanine’s post (she’s writing every day in Nov, and I’m loving it!)… She got me thinking…

There I was praising nature for providing this amazing playground for our boys and us to learn and explore in… which, of course, it is.

I’d just never looked at nature this way – as Jeanine shared via Andrew… and this was just what I needed to hear today.

“The lesson to learn here is that nothing lasts. All things pass away. Whatever you are experiencing now is merely the precursor to what you will be experiencing next. The cold winter nights always turn into the warm spring sun… and back again. Nature allows the cycles to happen and never fights them. In fact, it understands that the cycles are what allows life to flourish. If the tides only came inward, we would all drown.”

and I was inspired to hit publish.

Taking part in Karen’s NaPhoPoMo this month – posting photos daily for the month of November.

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November 11th, 2013 at 7:10 pm


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So… back to the birthday list… still trying to keep on top of it. It’s good to have a focus you know.

Let’s celebrate and be grateful for…

#38 – visit as many beaches as I can – There were plenty during our big hopeful adventure naturally and this summer we hung out on a handful of beautiful ones here the UK.

There’s nothing more grounding than the pull of the sea, the wide open sky and the pleasure of stones or sand under your feet.

Taking part in Karen’s NaPhoPoMo this month – posting photos daily for the month of November.


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November 3rd, 2013 at 7:27 pm


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I’ve been searching in my archives lately for various projects… watching this year flash before my eyes… obviously this led to dreaming about the outdoors and life around the campfire.

Coz it’s simple there. No worries there. Sat in a field. Waiting for the stars. Just a chance to gaze into the flames and daydream with the comfort of my lovelies by my side.


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October 22nd, 2013 at 3:14 pm


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Back in May I read this post by Sas… and it’s really stayed with me… especially this bit -

When you talk about your home, you are talking about your life.”

Where we’re living at the moment is temporary, so there’s a sense of limbo… and that’s a real reflection of life right now. It’s like we’re in the space in between… waiting for the next chapter to begin. This is neither bad or good.

It just is.

As I’ve been focusing on my list lately, it’s clear that we’d love Number #11 to happen… to buy a home again – we’d like to make a new space really ours. This isn’t possible just yet in the grand scheme of things, but the intention is there.

One afternoon over the summer break, upon returning from some adventure… I focused on making memories from this place that’s home for now.

Nothing special was happening… in fact nothing happened at all. No big story. Just us hanging out. It’s pretty ordinary, but that’s often where beauty can be found and memories can be preserved.

This is a stop-motion film… using only stills – shot & edited in a short amount of time… I’ll share how you can make simple films like this in Creating Time Capsules. - Come back tomorrow for a giveaway!




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Adventuring has been a huge part of this year for us all… it started with our big hopeful adventure, and gave us the bug to carry on seeking opportunities to live life to the full and discover more of the world and its wonders. We planned our summer by packing it with visits to new destinations and old favourites here in the UK.

Now, I’m not saying this summer has been easy… family life is hard for everybody at sometime – our boys love to fight with each other and there are plenty of difficult times, arguments and grumpiness between us all… most days if the truth be told. But now I’ve made this highlights film, I can look back with a grateful heart at all we’ve seen, done & experienced. It’s important for me to remember to focus on the highlights and not the shitiness… because who wants to hear about the punching and wrestling, our camping equipment nearly causing a disaster, the headaches and overwhelmed-ness, lack of money, lost digital files, pressures of deadlines…etc.

We all have real-life moments that stress us out… but when we FLIP it – we find beauty and goodness weaves it’s way through the other stuff.

We have each other and for that I’m very grateful…

This is our summer… (and I can tick number #20 off my list.) I wanted the film to take on a similar vibe as our 30 days of our big hopeful adventure film… little snippets of random moments, pretty light, bright colours and my favourite feet shots – I can’t help it…

This film is packed with details I want to remember forever.

*Side note about music : I love this song… it’s been played frequently as we’ve travelled about this summer, so it seemed only right to have it as the soundtrack to this film… I don’t usually like to use unlicensed music now, and I spend hours searching for decent tracks to accompany my work… but this song IS our summer and I’m taking a risk using it… Hey, if you like it too, I recommend the whole album, especially this track (which was the sound track of our big adventure).


Now, maybe… this film has got you all inspired and wishing you could make your own memory films… well…

I’m excited to announce Creating Time Capsules is open for registration… and I’d love to guide you through the magic of making your own films & for you to be part of a community all sharing their stories.

Will you join us?

All the details are here… come on in.

If you’ve taken any of my courses before and feel like dipping back into the course material and being inspired by the new community that gathers… email me for a special alumni rate…

All photos are from our trip to Wales with friends.

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September 9th, 2013 at 1:48 pm