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Back in May, I decided to join in with the A Year of Creating Time Capsules course and do a 30 day project to shoot a little something everyday and make a film of my month of May.

It turned out to be a pretty full on month, with lots going on and plenty to capture. As I was filming everyday anyway… I did a week of mini Day In The Life films as well – some of the footage crosses over, but hey, I don’t mind…

This film has been sat half finished since the beginning of June, but finally it’s done. I used the memory postcard idea from a film I made at the end of 2015… little snapshots of details, moments, smiles and sunshine.

The month passed by so quickly, it’s great to re-live it all.

This film got me thinking about what was happening this time last year and in previous years and thanks to the magic of Time Capsule films… I have all those memories locked away…

Here’s what was happening…

MAY 2015


The rest of the week is here…. THURSDAY :: FRIDAY :: SATURDAY :: SUNDAY :: MONDAY


MAY 2014

MAY 2013

MAY 2012

If these films have inspired you to tell your own family stories and you’d like to learn to make your own Time Capsule films – The next round of Creating Time Capsules starts later this week.






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June 28th, 2016 at 2:02 pm


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I really love making films!

I put together this compilation of some recent films for my new website (when it’s finished!) and for my film workshop presentation at Blogtacular.

It gives a flavour of all the things I love to shoot, including my weekends stories, a few adventures, alongside some recent work projects… It makes me smile.

If you’d like a go at making your own films, let me show you how in my two online courses -

Creating Time Capsules or MAKE FILMS. They both begin in July… perhaps you’d like to join in?…




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June 18th, 2016 at 6:00 pm


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Let me share with you my latest offerings for learning to create your own films…

Creating Time Capsules starts Fri 1st July - this six week online course, shares all you need to know to start making family films full of memories. You’ll love watching the little details of your life, as those memories will be safely locked away into beautiful films to be viewed in years to come. We look at making films with photos & video and combining them to tell your stories!

The course materials will guide you through shooting tips, tons of project ideas for inspiration and bite sized tutorials showing you the editing process in iMovie.

Head over here to join the fun.

Or take a look at MAKE FILMS which begins on Tues 12th July.

With weekly prompts and inspiration, this 10 week course will look at different shooting & editing techniques, and the various stories you can tell through making films for Instagram or to share online. MAKE FILMS is packed with tips and tricks of how to make all my favourite films!

Check out the Instagram films that have been made on previous courses – over 1K films! or these testimonials.

This course isn’t just about family or personal films. You can use the films to promote your business or brand e.g. make stop motions of your stationery products or time lapses of your surroundings or mini films of your events. There is so much scope for telling stories through film.

Hope you’ll join me on one of these experiences!


Films shot Canon 5D3, Canon G7x & iPhone 6s


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June 14th, 2016 at 4:00 pm


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Last weekend was a mixture of emotions…

From glorious sunshine and playtime in one of my favourite places. I love the time we spend there.

To the goodbye of my sister’s tea room Bake-a-boo - after 10 years of serving delicious cakes.

I’m so proud of Boo. This is my tribute to her.

If these films have inspired you to have a go at making your own films… have a look at my online courses – The next sessions for Creating Time Capsules & MAKE FILMS are in July and registration is open.



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June 4th, 2016 at 10:58 pm


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The collaboration The Sixty Second Photograph is dear to my heart. It’s a commitment to make a film each month alongside some really lovely & talented artists.

It should be fairly easy for me, as I’m making films all the time, but actually it’s been tricky to separate what I want to make as part of this project from the other creative projects and films I’m working on. I’ve been over thinking it… and trying to do something different each month. It’s not possible every time and I’ve got to be ok with that.

So this month is using footage collected throughout May… snippets from my Week In The Life and from a monthly Time Capsule film I’m creating. The theme is the light and that hopefully threads it together and it reminds me that looking for the light always makes me smile…

Do take time to check out the other films in this collective… it’s bubbling with inspiration.

The film is shot on Canon EOS 5D3.


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May 25th, 2016 at 8:47 am


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The best films to look back on, are those sprinkled with little details, that when viewed altogether, create the bigger story of your life.

That’s why I LOVE the Day In The Life film.

In the MAKE FILMS course this week, the project is to create a Day In The Life film…

Last year, instead of one day of filming and creating a long DITL film, I started making daily mini Time Capsules to share on Instagram. A film every day for a week, full of everyday details and the little things that happened that were worth taking notice of and a few of the moments in between.

Have a look at previous weeks here - March 2016 & Sept 2015 & May 2015

I’m joining in with everyone on the current MAKE FILMS course… and loving it… especially when I can compare some of the details to this time last year.

Another round of MAKE FILMS starts next week (May 17th) and I know not everyone has the means to take part, so I’m hosting a giveaway for TWO places – one place by leaving a comment here on the blog & one place by leaving a comment on my Instagram feed - on the mini version of this film.

Let me know what little details you would like to capture in your Time Capsule film in the comments. I’ll announce the random winners on Monday here.

*Edited to add the winners - Rhadonda Sedgwick & @eliza_charlie_tilly

All the best!


All films shot on mostly Canon 5d3, with additional footage from iPhone 6s and Canon G7x



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May 13th, 2016 at 8:46 am


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This trip was a spur of the moment thing to celebrate our birthdays. We were all needing a change of scenery after weeks of solid work.

Somewhere warmish and colourful were the top of my list.

There are more photos and stories to share, but I thought I’d start with the film.

I imagined I would make a film of quick blasts of colours and action, but actually I found Marrakech quite overwhelming and full on, so I spent most of the time seeking out the quiet and calm.

These are the moments I want to remember.

If you’re interesting in creating your own Time Capsule films of your life – holiday memories or everyday moments… Then take a look at my online course Creating Time Capsules, which starts later this week… On this course, I share everything you need to know to create these magic films for your family. Come and join the fun.

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May 3rd, 2016 at 6:24 pm


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As much as I love the challenge of telling a story by creating a film that’s 15 seconds long, it was great to hear news that the ability to share films that are up to 60 seconds, has arrived on Instagram.

This means a little more freedom for film making and the opportunity to get really creative on this platform.

It’s taking a while for me to get used to it… I’ve not shared anything longer 30 seconds so far… just edging myself slowly into it.

I’ve had a lot of questions about it from people taking my online courses and the community on Instagram. So I thought I’d share a little look at how it works and how to know if the update has arrived yet for you. Plus, how to use the multi clips editing feature, which is much more useable now there’s more time to edit clips together.

As mentioned in here, the new function for longer video is rolling out slowly to everyone over the next few weeks. So if it’s not working for you yet, stay patient… it’s coming soon!

Let me know if you’re enjoying the new feature and what stories you’re telling with all this extra time!

P.s For those that have been asking… registration for the next sessions of my online film making courses opens FRIDAY 15TH APRIL.


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April 14th, 2016 at 2:29 pm


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I love this time of year… with springtime, my birthday and the Easter four day weekend on the horizon.

So when Anthropologie here in UK asked me if I’d like to create a film, sharing how I would lay the table & cook up a special lunch for a family Easter weekend lunch… I jumped at the chance!

Take a look…

Lately I find weekends are full of work, chores and social engagements… well, it’s mostly the boys who do all the socialising! But we’re always out & about doing something, so taking time to hang out at home was pretty lovely.

The boys helped lay the table, although that might have had something to do with chocolate eggs…

The brilliant Clare of Achillea provided colourful blooms in vintage stone jars, to compliment the duck egg blue plates and pink glassware…

I was so excited at how pretty the table looked. I’m totally in love with all the tableware, especially the table cloth and napkins… they will be wonderful for future summer parties!

So if you’re looking for some menu inspiration for your Easter weekend… I decided to keep it really simple… so we could focus on more time sat around the table, rather than slaving over a hot stove.

To start – Butternut squash soup with warmed baguette. 

Then – A simple roast chicken and potatoes… 

and a garden salad, both colourful and delicious. 

Then dessert – Pavlova with fresh berries… please don’t notice that it’s a shop bought pavlova, I would’ve made a real one, but laying the table was way more fun than spending even more time in the kitchen!

Still tasted amazing… especially on the stunning plates by Lou Rota, those colours make me so happy!.

One last highlight… these glasses are beautiful and the boys loved them…

They’ve never used such fancy glassware, it was so cute to watch them enjoying them.

And naturally Luke had some bubbles…

What a lovely day… hope it inspires you to cook up something delicious, lay the table with some prettiness and celebrate springtime finally arriving.

Note about the collaboration – I was commissioned to create the photos & film for the Anthropologie blog – pop over there to see the post – it’s rather lovely! but I was so excited by the photos, film and all the prettiness, I wanted to share it here too… hope you enjoy it!

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March 20th, 2016 at 6:00 am


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MAKE FILMS is back! The online course starts next week… I’m so excited to offer it again.

You can see all the films made as part of the current course here - #makefilmscourse… literally bursting with creativity. I will do a more detailed post next week sharing some of the films made. They have blown my mind!

Let me tell you more about the course -


With weekly prompts and inspiration, this 10 week course will look at different shooting & editing techniques, and the various stories you can tell through making 15 second films for Instagram or one minute films to share online. MAKE FILMS is packed with tips and tricks of how to make all my favourite films! We’ll focus on making a different type of film each week – see some of the examples below…

Even though the focus will be on mini Instagram films, you can share these films anywhere and make them longer than 15 secs.

This course isn’t just about family or personal films. You can use the films to promote your business or brand e.g. make stop motions of your stationery products or time lapses of your surroundings or mini films of your events. There is so much scope for telling stories through film.

All the details are HERE. The course starts Tues 22nd March. Hope you’ll join us!

Here are some one of the films you can make -







ONE MORE STOP MOTION (Coz I love this one!)



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March 18th, 2016 at 5:00 pm