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Our plans changed at the last minute over the weekend, so we had a free day to roam around London. The weather was divine… sunshine and shadows a plenty.

I had it in my head to make a film of our day, as a project to share in my up-coming course – A Year Of Creating Time Capsules.

As the day unfolds, I capture the moments witnessed and push myself to see the scenes differently from previous Time Capsule films. Trying alternative camera angles & interesting compositions to mix it up… but also looking for themes and repeating moments to thread throughout the film. The sunshine and shadows were a gift of the day, so I filled the frame with plenty of light… Also, being mindful to see the stories, routines and details, that make this month in our life unique, to lock up in a Time Capsule.

I edited the film on Saturday night, as the boys watched some random action film – Head phones on, laptop & blanket, with Bruce Willis saving some plane in the background. As I sorted through the footage, I wanted each moment to linger…Something about the way I was feeling… wanting to indulge in the sunshine, the movement, the little details of my family… also, it’s probably something to do with my current love of slow motion… so this film is nice & slow…

You can make a simple Day In The Life film during my online course – I share how you can capture your moments, edit them together to keep them forever.

My online course has been extended for 2015 – A Year Of Creating Time Capsules – so we can make more films by creating them regularly… inspiring each other along the way. There’s an amazing community forming, it starts next week and there’s still time to join in throughout December…

I know not everyone has the means to take part, so I’m launching a giveaway for TWO places – one place by leaving a comment here on the blog & one place by leaving a comment on my Instagram feed (this photo)

Let me know what you would like to capture in a Time Capsule film next year.

I will announce the random winners on Thursday 11th Dec – All the best!




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I’ve said it before, but this summer holiday went so fast.

To combat the ‘back to school’ feelings… I’ve been re-living the summer by completing this film.

These are my favourite moments – the little things that will spark the bigger memories in future. The details of our life and this time together, which is so fleeting.

These are our stories. I’m so grateful to have captured them.

This was our summer.

Still to be completed is a film just about Somersault festival, even though lots of fav memories are within here… and I reckon a “one minute memory” skateboarding film has to be made, as I have tons of footage.

This was the summer of skating.

Now, maybe… this film has you all inspired and wishing you could make your own memory films… well…

Creating Time Capsules starts TOMORROW! and I’d love to guide you through the magic of making your own films & for you to be part of a community all sharing their stories.

Plus there’s still a few hours left to win a place on the course… head over here… I’ll be e-mailing the winners this evening UK time.



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This week has whizzed by… hard to believe only a week ago I was greeted by this yellow loveliness and had a weekend packed with goodness.

It was back to work with a bang on Monday. My new course launched and a lovely group has gathered, all excited about shooting their stories and printing those images to go into their TANGIBLE Time Capsule box.

I’m taking the course alongside them, which I love being able to do, as I get the gift of photos of our life that I might not have taken otherwise.

One afternoon after school, for one of the projects we’re doing, I captured the usual stuff… snacks, reading, chatting etc…

Just in case you always think life is so calm and serene in my world… oh no! there’s a fair amount of wrestling and sitting one each other.

The constant wrestling does my head in… thankfully most of the time it’s done in laughter, but yes, it often ends in tears… but they soon go back for more. I don’t get it, but they need to do it apparently.

This time instead of leaving the room as I usually do, I kept photographing these moments.

As this is life right now… and I’m sure I’ll miss it when it’s gone.




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April 4th, 2014 at 12:50 pm


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Recently, I was taken down with a silly virus, feeling proper sorry for myself. Lounging in bed, I found myself wishing for exciting things to be happening… for adventures far and wide to be on my agenda.

Instead of having a full on pity party – I went back to that place of gratitude.

By dipping into my archives from our Big Hopeful Adventure and recalling the many amazing places we’ve seen this summer and passed through this year. Oh boy, there’s plenty to be grateful for.

Through various bits of un-used footage from this film and all I captured during our summer road trips, it was interesting to find a theme of “moving on by” through so many sights – always moving and experiencing so much.

This is the magic we’ve seen while travelling this year.

Film footage shot on Canon 5DMk3 and iPhone with a Lifeproof case using the 8mm app. 

{Other films from our adventures are herehere & here)

I’m using this film as a positive intention to see/do more of this – to keep on moving, to keep on exploring, keep on making films, keep on taking photos through plenty more adventures still to come… yes please. and thank you.


I put together the Moving On By film as part of my Creating Time Capsules course. One of the project ideas I suggest, is to pick a theme to shoot, gather those clips over a period of time and mix them all up, just like a collage.

I’ve had a few requests to run the Creating Time Capsules course again this year, so I’m going to open registration on Thurs 17th Oct for the course to start on Fri 8th Nov. I hope you’ll join us. For all the details of when registration opens - join my mailing list here.

All photos captured in Bali on Canon 5DMk3

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October 14th, 2013 at 10:05 am


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Nearly halfway through the summer break with our boys… and we’ve been busy with plenty more fun still to come…

It’s been about keeping a balance… between work & life. I don’t think I get the whole balance thing, it’s a myth right? I’m just doing enough to complete projects but more importantly, just be present with my family and make the most of our summer together.

Our camping Cornwall trip deserves another blogpost or two with a Time Capsule film I’m sure… still to come.

You know what?… London is really kinda wonderful in the summer – when it’s sunny, full of colour and pretty empty as Londoners escape… I love it here in August.

We’ve been biking, hammocking, pottering around, eating al fresco, swimming, lunching and lounging…

Here’s one such lovely day in London… a little film made as part of my course COLLABORATE… a simple stop-motion full of the less obvious details and memories of our day…

Before I go… a little reminder of London adventure happening this weekend… An instagram photowalk with Susannah & I… Will you join us?



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Today’s the day.

It’s good and sad all rolled into one. This house is the longest space we’ve ever lived in as a couple and a family, it’s going to be hard letting go. Not sure what the next chapter will bring… we’re open to all possibilities.

I made a film for our goodbye, just some simple iphone photos and a little conversation from the boys. Not the finished product I’d hoped for or planned for, but you know what… it’s enough… it’s enough for me… it’s enough for us… I showed it to all the boys last night, and I cried (of course), not because it’s particularly emotional, it’s just the end of a chapter. That’s what a Time Capsule is for, taking your memories, telling your stories and making something you can hold on too.

As a celebration of our move, fresh starts & making Time Capsules… I’m going to do a give-away! One spot on the new self-paced version of Creating Time Capsules… leave a comment here, telling me what you find difficult letting go of, or a moving story or even just say hello. Whatever takes your fancy!

I’ll announce the winner next Wed… when there’s one week to go till 12.12.12… are you on board?

See you on the other side…

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November 30th, 2012 at 1:38 pm


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“The fastest way to bring more wonderful examples of abundance into your personal experience is to take constant notice of the wonderful things that are already there.” - Esther Hicks

I’ve been finding comfort and beauty in the sky lately… Then that quote landed in my inbox and it all made sense.

These are my five favourite views for Five Fact Friday. Happy Friday x.

{All taken with the iphone.}


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September 28th, 2012 at 2:37 pm


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My passion is gathering memories… it’s probably an addiction too, but hopefully in a good way.

I like to record my life, ever since I was a teenager I have it all collated in books, photos, negatives, films & video. My camera and I soaking it all up, enjoying the process of capturing moments and saving them for years to come.

I re-discovered this clip yesterday (I thought I’d lost it, but that’s a whole other story)… it blew my mind in so many ways, I may have even shed a tear… yes I’m a sentimental at heart.

It’s Ky our eldest at about 16 months and he loved talk. I’m reminded of how he used to repeat the same word over and over till you acknowledged it…. Also, I’m instantly transported back to our garden in Thailand, and this is pretty special.

This is a memory gold. And I’m holding on to it tightly.

{A little cruel I know to leave him that long repeating the same word, but that’s what it was like… and you know what, he’s still the same!}

Record your moments, gather them up and hold on to them… and if you can’t do it, ask someone else to take photos for you and record this time in your life. You see it goes by so fast, and yes, we have the memories in our head, but if you’re anything like me, I can bearly remember what I had for dinner yesterday.

I’ve lately been visualising myself in ten years time, but today I’m grateful to look back 10 years and see all that there is to be thankful for.



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June 27th, 2012 at 12:03 pm


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So late last night I shared the iphone version of this image on instagram with this -

“Sometimes you see something… like your eldest smiling out of the back window, and it overwhelms you with emotion, so you take a photo to remind you of the now… how far you’ve come and how soon it will all change. This was one such moment”

This is our home… this is our Ky. Both are changing, in transition. Soon we hope to leave this home full of memories (when we find a buyer, of course) and blimey this boy is growing too fast.

It was one of those mama moments… and then lovely Bee in NYC made reference to this song, and of course my eyes filled up. We are on the verge of a big “turn” in so many ways…

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May 30th, 2012 at 12:26 pm


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My view from instagram this week…  you can find me here.

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May 4th, 2012 at 10:09 am