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I’ve said it before, but this summer holiday went so fast.

To combat the ‘back to school’ feelings… I’ve been re-living the summer by completing this film.

These are my favourite moments – the little things that will spark the bigger memories in future. The details of our life and this time together, which is so fleeting.

These are our stories. I’m so grateful to have captured them.

This was our summer.

Still to be completed is a film just about Somersault festival, even though lots of fav memories are within here… and I reckon a “one minute memory” skateboarding film has to be made, as I have tons of footage.

This was the summer of skating.

Now, maybe… this film has you all inspired and wishing you could make your own memory films… well…

Creating Time Capsules starts TOMORROW! and I’d love to guide you through the magic of making your own films & for you to be part of a community all sharing their stories.

Plus there’s still a few hours left to win a place on the course… head over here… I’ll be e-mailing the winners this evening UK time.



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Bike riding :: course writing :: making dreams & hoping :: magic trick watching :: emailing :: light painting :: puddle splashing :: idea bursting :: spring cleaning :: migraine suffering :: bbq season starting :: nail painting :: tea drinking :: always appreciating :: picture hanging :: happy skyping :: kale juicing :: inspiring instagramming :: memory making :: sweet pea cultivating :: duvet hiding :: photo printing :: days whizzing :: wrist hurting :: travel yearning…

That was my week – how was yours?

Have a super tip top weekend – make some magic memories… ok?


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April 11th, 2014 at 1:00 am

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This week has whizzed by… hard to believe only a week ago I was greeted by this yellow loveliness and had a weekend packed with goodness.

It was back to work with a bang on Monday. My new course launched and a lovely group has gathered, all excited about shooting their stories and printing those images to go into their TANGIBLE Time Capsule box.

I’m taking the course alongside them, which I love being able to do, as I get the gift of photos of our life that I might not have taken otherwise.

One afternoon after school, for one of the projects we’re doing, I captured the usual stuff… snacks, reading, chatting etc…

Just in case you always think life is so calm and serene in my world… oh no! there’s a fair amount of wrestling and sitting one each other.

The constant wrestling does my head in… thankfully most of the time it’s done in laughter, but yes, it often ends in tears… but they soon go back for more. I don’t get it, but they need to do it apparently.

This time instead of leaving the room as I usually do, I kept photographing these moments.

As this is life right now… and I’m sure I’ll miss it when it’s gone.




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April 4th, 2014 at 12:50 pm


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As much as I love capturing a “day in the life” – sometimes it can feel overwhelming. You would think taking photos as you go about your day would be simple, and it is in essence. It just takes up time, and everything takes longer to do.

That why I love capturing portions of the day… and mornings are my favourite. There’s something about the morning routine that is the same everyday… yet slowly over time, there are changes that you don’t notice happening. BIG changes, especially when I look back at mornings from years ago.

This week, as I come to the end of my thirties, it seemed right to capture my favourite time of the day. Photos to add to my TANGIBLE Time Capsule, especially as I get ready for the TANGIBLE course to start next week.

I’m going to encourage participants to capture their mornings and other portions of their day to put into their TANGIBLE Time Capsule… perhaps you might be inspired to do so too? – Mornings are wonderful! Perhaps you’d like to share a frame or two from your morning? Leave a link in the comments, I’d love to see.

Here’s my collection of images from mornings this week… little memories preserved forever… being sent off for printing asap.

TANGIBLE Time Capsules begins next week… there’s still time to join the fun…



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March 27th, 2014 at 10:08 am


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So… back to the birthday list… still trying to keep on top of it. It’s good to have a focus you know.

Let’s celebrate and be grateful for…

#38 – visit as many beaches as I can – There were plenty during our big hopeful adventure naturally and this summer we hung out on a handful of beautiful ones here the UK.

There’s nothing more grounding than the pull of the sea, the wide open sky and the pleasure of stones or sand under your feet.

Taking part in Karen’s NaPhoPoMo this month – posting photos daily for the month of November.


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November 3rd, 2013 at 7:27 pm


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Now that our school run has changed, I’m finding myself walking through the parks near us, on my way back home. It’s so good.

I’m watching the autumn colours change daily and having that 20 mins in nature before I start my work is such a pleasure.

As much as I enjoy the silence each morning…

I do long for someone to photograph in the scenes I find… so instead I’ve been playing with autumn self portraits instead.

All photos shot on the iPhone edited in VSCOcam – I’m taking part in Karen’s NaPhoPoMo this month. 

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November 2nd, 2013 at 12:51 pm


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I loved making my list from last year happen… and I’ll carry on with some of the 38 things for sure… alongside this new list of 39 things, which I started on my birthday last month, while we were away travelling… and already things are starting to build & happen…

My 39 things -

1. Own a bike

2. Visit New York

3. Share/teach my work & passion live in person

4. Continue running my e-courses and create more…

5. Throw a 40th party next March with Naomi, just like we’ve done for other milestone birthdays

6. Attend a retreat or workshop just for me & my creative development

7. Learn how to do proper make up… it’s about time

8. Attend a TED event or the DO lectures

9. Play with a polaroid land camera

10. Celebrate 20 years together by doing something special

11. Buy a house

12. Support Luke & the boys through this transition and see them fly into this next chapter of their lives

13. Collaborate and nurture the collaborations already happening

14. Make a book…

15. Not to have to worry about money

16. Adventure.

17. Make a film for a family that aren’t expecting it but will appreciate the memories to hold on to

18. Wear more dresses

19. Build on the ability to travel more… For work and pleasure

20. Make a Time Capsule film a month for us & a film of our summer

21. Go on a road trip – spontaneous or planned… either way or both…

22. Yoga. Regularly. Not just now and again

23. Build my portrait & film making business… Photograph more moments, more people, more families & real stories + Make Time Capsule films for other families and day in the life films for people running creative businesses or promos for the products & services they provide.

24. Stay at the colour hotel – Palm Springs

25. Go on or organise a creative trip with like minded people

26. Photograph a birth or two

27. Go to bed earlier

28. Cook something new each month

29. Visit somewhere new each month

30. Have a trip with my girls for all of our 40th birthdays

31. See Ben Howard live

32. Watch and capture murmiration

33. Give back

34. Expand my personal projects into something.

35. Finish my portfolio site

36. Carry on living in colour, making colour happen and believing in the magic…

37. To be sponsored for a creative project – not sure what yet, but I’m open to possibilites

38. Visit as many beaches as I can

39. May we all stay healthy, be happy and appreciate the little things. Be grateful always. And be together.



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April 25th, 2013 at 11:44 am


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Back in October last year I was so grateful to travel to California to be part of Oasis with my lovely Shutter sisters. I’ve shared parts of the trip here, but in my head, I always knew I wanted to combine it all to make a Time Capsule film of my moments there.

But November and December were consumed with moving house and then there was Christmas. Most of January has been taken up with creating A JOURNEY, so it’s only been this past week I’ve dipped into my footage and started playing around.

Perhaps the snow encouraged me too, so I could re-live the warmth, the light and colours of California again. They really blow my mind! If only we had just little of it here…

So I’ve made my Time Capsule. It’s a totally indulgent film, I know that! Just little snippets of what I saw… the colours, the light, the sunshine, the beach, all the things I love… and me being silly, clearly addicted to stop-motion and I figured if you don’t have anyone else willing to be in front of the camera (like I normally do with my boys)… I put yourself in it! It’s my story anyway.

So this is my story…and how very very lucky I was…


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Where you stand tells the story – loads of people do it, it’s not original in any way, but it’s still how I like to tell a story, in fact I couldn’t do it any other way. It’s where you find yourself… it’s that moment when you look down… it’s about the little details… the colour, light, shape, texture and a fabulous pedicure.

This is the story of where I stood in California… now if only I could step back into each frame… I tell you what… I’d do that in a heart beat.



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November 15th, 2012 at 1:23 pm


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At the moment I’m a mixed bag of emotions… Do you ever get that? Lately there’s been a balance of excitement and fear running around in my head.

Lots going on will do this to you. Packing the house, letting go of stuff, staying positive about the future, projects brewing, motherhood, supporting the one you love and then there’s trip to Oasis. Phew!

No wonder this five feelings keep cropping up.

Excitement :: Going to LA and Palm Springs next week!, how did that happen?… It seemed so far away and now it’s almost here… Numbers are getting crossed off the list for sure.

Fear :: Leaving my family for so long. Gulp. They will be fine, they’re even having an adventure of their own. Will it all be ok?

Excitement :: Seeing and being with so many creative souls & the energy and inspiration that brings. Stepping away from reality and having 9 days just to play & shoot… Wow. 

Fear :: Will my time away go by too quickly… Will I get everything I want to do, done? What will it be like? Making new friends, seeing old ones… Feeling nervous for sure.

Excitement :: Sunshine!. Really. Can I really have a mini summer next week?

Feeling unbelievably grateful for all that lies ahead. Here’s hoping the fears are balanced out, even out-weighed, by the excitement. The yin yang of life.

How you feeling? What’s making you excited and fearful all at the same time… Happy weekend…


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October 12th, 2012 at 11:06 am