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I’ve not posted one LATELY blog this year… What? How did that happen? Just been getting on with ‘the doing’ and not talking about it, I guess…

So… thought I’d check in, as I like looking back on the LATELY posts.

SO many great creative projects have been happening recently -

I’ve been working with Cath Kidston to create some fun content for their social media channels… These gnomes in the garden are super sweet playing hide n seek and the haberdashery ones make me smile.

Plus, I created some fun films for the super lovely people at Sipsmith.

I’m excited to share more from this Boden shoot with Lucy.

And my Easter table setting with Anthropologie has been one of my favourite projects ever.

If you haven’t heard it already… You can find me rambling on the Blogtacular podcast, talking about my creative journey and Instagram love. The rest of the series is pretty awesome, I particularly enjoyed Lisa and Leona being interviewed by Kat. Are you going to Blogtacular this year? It’s shaping up to be another brilliant event!

The Sixty Second photograph is such a wonderful project, I love being part of group creating alongside each other. It’s a challenge for me as there’s so much going on in my life, but that’s the push I need… Personal projects have always been so important to my creative journey, I don’t ever not want to have enough time to focus on them.

Hosted another fabulous colour lovers photo walk in the Brick Lane area… There are more to come and SOMETHING NEW!… as people have been asking for a film making version – So stay tuned or sign up to the mailing list to be first to hear - Sign up here.

It’s been a busy few weeks with my online courses… With the Bloom Forum workshop and Creating Time Capsules running and the beautiful treasures they bring. The first round of MAKE FILMS blew me away, 10 weeks of amazing films full of creativity. The next round has just begun… There’s still time to join in…

At home… Luke’s business grows and grows, with many exciting things in the pipeline. The boys are currently enjoying their Easter break… It’s been a full on term with Ky choosing his GCSEs – what?! How did that happen? Wasn’t he just starting school?. It’s amazing to see how confident he is about what he wants to do next…

Phew! No wonder I’ve felt like I’ve had no time to lie on the sofa…

It’s all good. I’ve been working towards this. There are some really exciting projects and opportunities on the horizon, so I’m keeping the momentum going… putting my feet up can wait.

But, first there’s my birthday tomorrow and then roll on April.






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March 27th, 2016 at 11:26 pm

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Various autumn things are flavouring up my world…

Since my last LATELY post so much has been going on…  the rest of the summer… The Good Life Experience and Canada.

Other things worth noting lately are….

- I love London – soaking up this wonderful city of ours. Especially Broadway Market on a Saturday, with it’s delicious food that has me craving it for months after. Hanoi Kitchen is YUM!


- Very excited to be in Click Magazine alongside Andrea, celebrating our color/colour lovers project – it’s a beautiful article. So very proud of this personal project.

- Creating Time Capsules is open for registration for a final time this year. Make Time Capsule films of your life stories… films you can treasure forever!

- The boys are growing up and becoming so independent. All those years of following me around the house are long gone… now it’s me following them and asking them to spend some time with me. Next month we’ll have a 14 year old – WHAT!?


- The spoon master, Luke - Hope In The Woods is busy building his business… his spoons are amazing… the journey is unfolding beautifully. Shop update coming soon!


- Autumn light is a sweet goodbye to summer… a little gift before winter greys kick in. Have to wait till spring now for more beautiful light – although I’m desperate for a holiday… somewhere warm, to feel the glow on my face & sand in my toes and colourful places to explore.

- Had a lovely photo walk with West Elm last weekend… planning to organise some more soon. Stay tuned… or if you’d like details first sign up here.

- Another gorgeous event next month is the Sisterhood Seasonal Supper in Bristol organised by Lou from Little Green Shed. It’s all set to be a beautiful evening, with delicious food from 5 o’clock apron and interesting workshops by Quill London and bunch of inspiring ladies. I can’t wait!

- Since returning from Canada, I’ve been working on a few interesting projects – photo shoots, new online courses, portrait sessions… every day is different and sometimes overwhelming… there’s not enough time in the week and this year seems to be disappearing – need it to slow down please.

Back to it, I guess… thanks for hanging out here. Have a fun filled colourful day xxx

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October 22nd, 2015 at 11:34 am

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Summer is off to a good start!

We’ve already had one packed weekend of goodness – Camping & a little festival here in London.

Lots more adventures planned with my family…

I’m excited about some lovely creative collaborations too.

First is Insta-guide with Kim Klassen - Our guide to everything we love about Instagram and how it can help grow your creativity and business… The early bird offer ends tomorrow & the course starts on the 17th August, so there’s still time to dive in. Let us share our passion for this inspiring app.

Also, there is This Summer I’m #printingmyphotos with Susie… Where we have promised to print our photos taken this summer. IT’S TIME TO GET PRINTING! I’ve got my first bunch of pics ready to go… I’ll share my process and where I’ve been printing in a post soon.

We’re off to Somersault Festival again this weekend! Looking forward to dancing in a field – rain or shine.

See you on the other side! It’s all GOOD!

If you’d love to be making films this summer – check out my online courses… lots of information HERE.  The summer is a wonderful time to be making magic with video… even simple 15 second films on Instagram can capture all the memories you need.



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July 23rd, 2015 at 1:07 pm

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June has been colourful and sunny so far…

- Photowalks at Blogtacular and Mollie Makes Handmade awards – (separate posts to come.)

- Sunset basketball & skate sessions.

- Food from markets and home made treats.

- Bike rides anytime I can… I love my bike!

This week has been all about Cosmo’s birthday celebrations and that continues this weekend…

Photos captured on Canon EOS 5DM3 & iPhone 5s


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June 26th, 2015 at 12:40 pm

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Things have looked like this recently…

- Camping and living in a field. Escaping the routine and community living… I love that part of camping. More pics to come I’m sure.

- A few adventures around London – soaking up this wonderful city of ours.

- So thrilled people are enjoying making their mini time capsules - these 15 second films are super simple to make & packed with memories and fun. You can sign up anytime…

- There’s also another round of my main online course CREATING TIME CAPSULES starting on 2nd June…

- Chasing the light as usual… and falling for Cows Parsley dancing in the wind. Let’s hope June brings some summery vibes.

& this weekend I’m off to hang out with some creative ladies as Lou launches her vision of Sisterhood.

Thank you May… I’m ready for June.


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May 29th, 2015 at 10:00 am

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April arrived quickly and whizzed by in a flash!

The month looked like this…

The Easter break – A couple of trips away had us outside enjoying nature. One with friends and loads of Easter treats. The other… the first camp of the year.

My Bloom Forum workshop started this week – It’s based on my Creating Time Capsules course but with a focus on creating “Day In The Life” films. Can’t wait to see what everyone creates! I’ve been so inspired, and tried approaching the idea from a different angle, by having fun making my own 15 second DITL films on Instagram.

I’ve been collaborating with West Elm in advance of them sponsoring the Blogtacular walk I’m hosting – There are a few tickets left! – come and join us… there are some fantastic speakers! – There’ll be a few blog posts for the West Elm blog, sharing some of my favourite markets in London. More posts to come…

Photographing a few lovely families… the most adorable newborn twins and a family I’ve watched grow up in front of my lens.

It’s been a packed month… here are some more of my favourite moments.

 Photos captured on Canan EOS 5DMIII & iPhone 5s



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May 3rd, 2015 at 9:00 pm

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March is my favourite month, it’s full of hope after a long grey winter…

The light changes and there are daffodils everywhere!!

And blue skies start to make a regular appearance.

That’s reason enough to make it my favourite month…

It’s also my birthday & Lukes and lots of good friends, so there’s usually a few gatherings and celebrations…

We’ve been exploring London,

Making fires with the prize I won from Toast,

Luke’s been making spoons and has opened an online shop,

Pinterest named me an influential pinner here in the UK.

& I’m so excited to be hosting another photo walk at Blogtactular - this time with Samee Lapham.

Thank you March!

Lately things have looked like this…

 Photos shot on Canon EOS 5DmIII & iPhone 5s



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March 24th, 2015 at 9:56 am

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I kinda wanted the year to start with a bang, but so far it’s been a slow burner. I’m easing myself in. There are plans, ideas and projects… coming slowly… I’m trusting that and moving towards them.

Making big things happen at the beginning of the year is not great for me… I prefer the springtime – that’s my time to take action. I still feel like hibernating in the darkness right now, ready to emerge in the spring.

This feeling has not been helped by a quiet week at home with Cosmo, who’s been ill and off school. Being stuck indoors has left me needing inspiration… the desire to get out a shoot something other than my table and flowers!

I had to take my bike round the block yesterday, just to feel the wind in my hair and see the beautiful sunshine.

One delight so far this year has been my course – A Year of Creating Time Capsules is going brilliantly – 100 films have been made already in the first month!. There’s so much creativity as I watch people lives from all over the world – their families, their stories, the things that matter to them. These films will be so treasured and it’s only been the first month… I’m so excited for all they can create during 2015. There’s still time to join in – Registration will close at the end of January.

This project is sure to lift my spirits – color//colourlovers is back! Andrea and I will be back with our favourite way to blast the winter blahs and search out colour… on Instagram and in our shared space. We begin on Monday… I can’t wait – see you then.

I’ve been gathering loads of inspiration before we begin! This colour tonic is sure to burst me out of hibernation.

Follow Xanthe’s board ALL ABOUT THE COLOUR! on Pinterest.

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January 16th, 2015 at 9:50 am

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Yesterday – A Year of Creating Time Capsules began… I’m so excited about this course – being able to offer encouragement, inspiration and support, so those taking part can spend the year capturing their moments make them into films of their life. Since I started sharing my films online at the end of 2011, I’ve made so many precious films, documenting the special and the everyday – it’s such a gift. It’s my wish that by this time next year, everyone has a collection of films that represent 2015 – their gift for the future.

Registration will remain open till mid January for those people who would like to start after the festive period. All the details are HERE.

Recently there’s been a lot of tea drinking – it’s been chilly and to be honest, I’ve needed the caffeine boost… It seems I’m often capturing this routine in my films and now my instagram.

Fancy a little more colour?

Loved seeing these brilliant baubles from the Pedlars Store… & now we have some hanging at home.

And the doors of London continue to brighten up my day…

More Lately posts here…



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December 17th, 2014 at 5:03 pm

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Things have looked like this…

A trip to the seaside.

Plenty of pumpkins.

An evening with Pinterest celebrating Day of the Dead Mexican style… with nail art!

Family shoots & new baby yumminess.

Off to enjoy the rest of half term with the boys… see you on the other side.



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October 30th, 2014 at 2:20 pm

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