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March is my favourite month, it’s full of hope after a long grey winter…

The light changes and there are daffodils everywhere!!

And blue skies start to make a regular appearance.

That’s reason enough to make it my favourite month…

It’s also my birthday & Lukes and lots of good friends, so there’s usually a few gatherings and celebrations…

We’ve been exploring London,

Making fires with the prize I won from Toast,

Luke’s been making spoons and has opened an online shop,

Pinterest named me an influential pinner here in the UK.

& I’m so excited to be hosting another photo walk at Blogtactular - this time with Samee Lapham.

Thank you March!

Lately things have looked like this…

 Photos shot on Canon EOS 5DmIII & iPhone 5s



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March 24th, 2015 at 9:56 am

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I kinda wanted the year to start with a bang, but so far it’s been a slow burner. I’m easing myself in. There are plans, ideas and projects… coming slowly… I’m trusting that and moving towards them.

Making big things happen at the beginning of the year is not great for me… I prefer the springtime – that’s my time to take action. I still feel like hibernating in the darkness right now, ready to emerge in the spring.

This feeling has not been helped by a quiet week at home with Cosmo, who’s been ill and off school. Being stuck indoors has left me needing inspiration… the desire to get out a shoot something other than my table and flowers!

I had to take my bike round the block yesterday, just to feel the wind in my hair and see the beautiful sunshine.

One delight so far this year has been my course – A Year of Creating Time Capsules is going brilliantly – 100 films have been made already in the first month!. There’s so much creativity as I watch people lives from all over the world – their families, their stories, the things that matter to them. These films will be so treasured and it’s only been the first month… I’m so excited for all they can create during 2015. There’s still time to join in – Registration will close at the end of January.

This project is sure to lift my spirits – color//colourlovers is back! Andrea and I will be back with our favourite way to blast the winter blahs and search out colour… on Instagram and in our shared space. We begin on Monday… I can’t wait – see you then.

I’ve been gathering loads of inspiration before we begin! This colour tonic is sure to burst me out of hibernation.

Follow Xanthe’s board ALL ABOUT THE COLOUR! on Pinterest.

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January 16th, 2015 at 9:50 am

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Yesterday – A Year of Creating Time Capsules began… I’m so excited about this course – being able to offer encouragement, inspiration and support, so those taking part can spend the year capturing their moments make them into films of their life. Since I started sharing my films online at the end of 2011, I’ve made so many precious films, documenting the special and the everyday – it’s such a gift. It’s my wish that by this time next year, everyone has a collection of films that represent 2015 – their gift for the future.

Registration will remain open till mid January for those people who would like to start after the festive period. All the details are HERE.

Recently there’s been a lot of tea drinking – it’s been chilly and to be honest, I’ve needed the caffeine boost… It seems I’m often capturing this routine in my films and now my instagram.

Fancy a little more colour?

Loved seeing these brilliant baubles from the Pedlars Store… & now we have some hanging at home.

And the doors of London continue to brighten up my day…

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December 17th, 2014 at 5:03 pm

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Things have looked like this…

A trip to the seaside.

Plenty of pumpkins.

An evening with Pinterest celebrating Day of the Dead Mexican style… with nail art!

Family shoots & new baby yumminess.

Off to enjoy the rest of half term with the boys… see you on the other side.



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October 30th, 2014 at 2:20 pm

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A couple of announcements first…

GATHER California is happening in November! I will be gathering with my dear friends Kim, Myriam & a wonderful group of artistic souls – to be creative, to recharge, to inspire each other, make plans and share our passions – there are a couple of spaces left, so if you’d like to join us for this special creative experience – contact Myriam at - we’d love to hang out with you.

Creating Time Capsules is OPEN for registration… I will guide you through my process of making films with photos & video, so you can tell the stories of your life through your films… it’s the last time I will run it this year – find out more here.

This week autumn arrived in full force… windy & rainy with glimpses of sunshine now and again…

Thankfully, on the rainiest day of the week, I was invited for lunch in Palma! – crazy brilliant – on the Dreamliner with Thompson Holidays.

I totally fell in love with this plane when we visited Mexico earlier this year, so jumped at the chance to fly on it again. I’ll share some more photos from our day to Palma next week.

And I’m so happy it’s Friday… totally looking forward to a lie in tomorrow -

Don’t you just wish you were a cat sometimes?

Have a lovely weekend! x.

Photos captured on Canon 5DmIII and iPhone 5s 




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October 10th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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Goodness, July – you were packed! non-stop activities…

With weekends away to Somersault Festival and camping trips…

With a weekend at my parent’s house, sampling the produce from their land, plus a day trip to the beach.

With plenty of colour, as the colour//colour lovers project was in full glory. (Yes, I have an obsession with colourful flags!)

With a house move and the huge demands that brings…

With some wonderful portrait shoots – for families, friends and my sister’s tearoom – bakeaboo.

Now it’s time for August… I’m taking part in Susannah’s August Break… I’ll be sharing mostly on Instagram. I’ve even contributed to a couple of the daily emails - why don’t you join us?

And I’m going to take it a little easier this month.

Especially having just spent two days ill in bed, with exhaustion, a migraine and a stupid cold. I’m using this month to catch up on everything, hopefully unpack the new house and not miss our lovelies too much, as they ventured off on their own camp adventure for a few days…

Just a little film using some of the photos captured in a homemade Photo Booth.

It’s hard to believe we made one of these three years ago… what a gift these films are.

I have to tell you… the summer session of Creating Time Capsules is brimming with magic, I’m loving what people are creating – little stories of their everyday lives. It’s a joy.

If you’re interested, the course will run again in September… stay tuned for details.

Thanks July. You were awesome… Just like this poster from the Pedlar’s event… all the way back on the 1st!


Photos captured on Canon EOS 5d MIII & iPhone 5s… just in case you’re interested. x.


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Lots going on lately. I’m grateful… it’s been fun… if a little exhausting.

Dinner guests at the Boundary for a friend’s 40th on the longest day and we were treated to delicious food & a glorious sunset over London.

I must share these two fabulous projects which launched through Kickstarter. Then through hard work & determination, these ladies have made their dreams come true.

The Lazy Leopard by Nina Dogmetchi & Alphabet Journal by Luisa Brimble - please check them out if you have a chance.

The lovely Kate Murphy organised an outing to see the Vivian Maier film. I’ve been eagerly awaiting to see this, her street photography is stunning but her story is tragic in parts. Well worth a watch.

There was a big birthday this week – double digits as Cosmo turned 10! His day was full of magic as his list of new tricks was ticked off, with gifts from family and a trip to his favourite magic store. Next time you see him, what out for the Oreo cookies!

I’m knee deep in editing all I gathered during our trip to Mexico – I’ll be back next week with a film and lots to share about the experience.

I love this shoot of Cosmo on the beach…

Pink week continues… have you been playing along? I think there’s still more pink to be found.

Have a super weekend. x.

Flowers by Achillea Flowers.



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June 27th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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:: A weekend trip to the Mill IOW ::

:: An afternoon at Wimbledon with Instagram – before the championship starts ::

:: A ridiculous migraine – knocked me out for two days ::

:: Colourful floors with a friend & a darling family ::

yellow week continues for color//colour lovers.

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June 20th, 2014 at 5:52 pm


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Mega week over here… it’s been busy, happy making & overwhelming all at the same time…

Busy prepping for Blogtacular – which starts tonight. I’m doing a photo walk tomorrow, which I’m really excited about and then at the last minute, there was a request to do a talk about my films & storytelling through video. So I’ve been battling with Keynote (aarrrgghhh!) and going through my Creating Time Capsules material to put a talk together, that will hopefully inspire others to shoot their stories…  feeling a wonderful mix of nerves and excited anticipation.

Blogtacular looks set to be loads of fun with chance to hang out with some lovely online friends. If you’re attending – do come over and say hi to me and if you can’t make it, then follow along on Instagram.

Another big project, has been adapting a film I made last year, for Canon’s Mother’s day campaign in the USA – I love my camera, so was really happy to encourage others to buy Canon.

The past weekend brought fun times in Nice, with all my girlfriends plus their husbands and children, to celebrate our friend’s 40th… it was the most beautiful setting for lunch.

Walking around beautiful Nice was stunning & we even managed a quick trip to the beach… which is impressive with over 12 adults & 12 children!

Till next week… when I’ll be back with news of registration for Creating Time Capsules this summer, which is set to open soon!

Have a great weekend x.


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May 9th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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This week…

Holding onto camp memories ::

Riding my bike – and enjoying the happiness it brings ::

Checking out the venue for blogtacular – where I’ll be doing a workshop/photo walk – there are still tickets, so maybe you’d like to come along? ::

The delightful Kate Murphy photographed me for her Londoner project on Four by three – her work is beautiful, take time to look around ::

The yellow stairs always make me smile.

In other news…

My TANGIBLE time capsules course is in it’s last week. Some of the photos & projects from people taking part, have been so touching – their real life beautiful stories. And this is the week everyone starts printing… I’ve been assembling my Time Capsule box and it’s so lovely to have these particular images, that I might not have taken, had it not been for this course.

I’m planning to run another course in June… it’s still formulating in my head – but I see a combination of both Time Capsule courses – film/video making and photography with printing images – If you’d to be the first to hear… do join my mailing list.


I’ve been finding it tricky to FOCUS recently… with lots going on, quite a few headaches, various stresses, fantastic work projects, creative ideas surfacing & opportunities on the horizon…. I faff around trying to do 5 things at once and then end up procrastinating and organise my desk instead. Next week I have to…

Do you find that happens?

Have a super duper weekend… see you on the other side.




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April 25th, 2014 at 6:09 pm

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