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That was my week – how was yours?

Have a super tip top weekend – make some magic memories… ok?


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April 11th, 2014 at 1:00 am

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This week has whizzed by… hard to believe only a week ago I was greeted by this yellow loveliness and had a weekend packed with goodness.

It was back to work with a bang on Monday. My new course launched and a lovely group has gathered, all excited about shooting their stories and printing those images to go into their TANGIBLE Time Capsule box.

I’m taking the course alongside them, which I love being able to do, as I get the gift of photos of our life that I might not have taken otherwise.

One afternoon after school, for one of the projects we’re doing, I captured the usual stuff… snacks, reading, chatting etc…

Just in case you always think life is so calm and serene in my world… oh no! there’s a fair amount of wrestling and sitting one each other.

The constant wrestling does my head in… thankfully most of the time it’s done in laughter, but yes, it often ends in tears… but they soon go back for more. I don’t get it, but they need to do it apparently.

This time instead of leaving the room as I usually do, I kept photographing these moments.

As this is life right now… and I’m sure I’ll miss it when it’s gone.




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April 4th, 2014 at 12:50 pm


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Lately, I’ve been focused.

I’ve been trying to make things happen. Head down and doing.  Both work and personal stuff.

The summer was about playing, just being a family and carrying on adventuring, because that’s what’s important to me… to us. These boys of ours are growing up and there aren’t many summers left together, so this was the one to hold onto the most. Make some memories just for us.

Then there’s my creative work… what I’d like to achieve… what needs to happen next to sustain this life & what’s important to me….

So I brought my attention back to the list I made on my birthday. A sort half way marker to see how I was doing and where I needed to bring myself back on track… what needs to happen next? and what am I avoiding? What’s just not happening because fear & circumstance kicks in?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that lots has been ticked off or in progress (about 16 things!), but there’s still plenty to be done! It’s time to focus, build and step into action… so I’m calling on the power of putting it out there to assist me, and I’ve got a few posts prepared sharing how I’m getting along with making some of the list happen…

Stay tuned…


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September 17th, 2013 at 11:22 am

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July 19th, 2013 at 2:35 pm

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Totally inspired by this beautiful post by Leonie…  thank you for the reminder.

This is what I’m loving, celebrating & remembering right now… My now. For there may not be a later.

1 :: the gorgeous weather - It’s so British I know… but it’s been glorious and we’re soaking up every bit of it’s goodness.

2 :: sushi sister date - a rare moment this week of sister time while we shoot some photos of her tea room.

3 :: our boys – high fives to the boys for their outstanding reports from school… and for the music that plays endlessly in our house.

4 :: hammocks & camping – more trips ahead… we can’t wait.

5 :: a special day for us – celebrating our journey together.

6 :: a portfolio site  - nearly finished, but enough for now (tweaks to come)… amazing to collate all my favourite images into one place… I love the On My Parents’ Island section the most.

7 :: family, friends & photos – How fortunate to have old and new friends to be with… to eat well around a table… share cups of tea & coffee… enjoy oysters on birthdays… continue bbq season… be creative together… have much needed long distance conversations.

Now is good.

It isn’t perfect. It shouldn’t be. There’s tricky stuff happening too, for us and for people I know and love but let’s focus on the good right now.

Happy weekend to you all… What’s good in your now?




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July 12th, 2013 at 11:08 am


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Life is either a great adventure or nothing – Helen Keller

The one thing I took away from our Big Hopeful Adventure was that the adventuring should continue – big or small… the exploring of new places, the re-discovery of old favourites and the breaking of routines to find adventures.

This desire has been building nicely. With a few road trips under our belts & plenty of city adventures right here in London… The past few weeks have been packed with plenty…

Just a mixed bag of my favourites images… with some longer blog posts of more images and maybe some films to come…



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July 4th, 2013 at 3:36 pm


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So lately, things have been a little like this…

The boys have been off camping, and whilst it’s lovely and quiet – I kinda miss the chatter. I know they’ll be having the best time – come rain or shine…  can’t wait to hear all about their adventures in the woods.

So it’s been just us two…  which has been magic… enjoying a little sunshine and some delicious treats…

I had a wonderful portrait session with a family visiting here from Singapore…… they were totally delightful! They wanted some memories of their little boys first time in London… this is such a fabulous idea and I’m going to start offering this “tourist” photo session to other families visiting here… Please get in touch if you’re visiting London in future.

We hung out by the London eye and Big Ben – it was a little too blustery considering it’s actually nearly June!!

Hey, I’m thinking of organising an instagram meet up in London…after I was inspired by this film.  I’m thinking the Shoreditch area as there is SO much goodness to capture – Would you come & play? I’ll announce details next week… stay tuned.

Fancy a walk through the rice paddies in Ubud Bali? – this is our One Minute Memory… Everyone else rushed ahead of us, so it was Cosmo and I taking our time, capturing along the way. It was hot and sweaty, but so amazing, with green as far as the eye could see… locals working and gathering their produce and just as we thought we couldn’t walk anymore in the heat… there was a beautiful restaurant with the most delicious drinks waiting for us… bliss!


My course COLLABORATE starts next week, I’m excited to see the films that can be created with you and your family capturing together… You could even make a One Minute Memory

I’d love to offer TWO places on my course…just leave a comment on this post, and I’ll choose the random winners on Tues 4th June at 6pm GMT… I’d love to have you join us…

Have a great weekend…

I’m off to Paris tomorrow to spend time with Irene as she hosts her first Tedx event…  Andrea will be speaking at the event, so I get to see her too! and I’ll be able to cross some items off my list too – this trip is kinda #25 & I’ll be doing #8 & Andrea is going to help me with #9… Which is all pretty cool!

See you on the other side… wishes can come true…


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May 30th, 2013 at 1:08 pm


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Where to begin?

I feel like I’m under the best mountain of memories…

This is a good place to be. I’m just finding my way back from a month of living very differently.

Being away and disrupting regular patterns is amazing.

Seeing new parts of the world is amazing.

The whole experience was… yes, amazing.

And I have a ton of material – photos and footage to tell some of the stories…

But how do I begin?

I’m trusting it will unfold as its meant too… that it will surprise me, just like parts of this experience have.

I figure I will probably start slowly, with mini stories… Sharing moments I want to remember. There will be time capsules films… I have enough footage, just a little fear is creeping in of how to start to cull through it.

Can I summarise? Just to give a flavour and set the scene… and get the ball rolling of re-living this dream.

There was Bali… A wonderful introduction to our adventure, a familiar place, full of family (Luke’s sister & brother have families there) we soaked up the heat, adjusted our body clocks, Cosmo learnt to swim underwater, Ky rode at the front of a boat, they snorkelled for the first time ever. We woke early each day and watched many sunrises… there were also two birthday celebrations – mine and Lukes – we were spoilt… it was lovely.

The colours of Bali sparked so much…. the richness and creativity in every direction filled me up… if our adventure had stopped there, it would have been enough… but thankfully it wasn’t over… it was just the beginning.

There was Cambodia. This was the BIG adventure. New discoveries, constantly on the move exploring new places. Our longtime friend Jake, shared his favourite spots away from the tourists traps and this gave us a special perspective of a country coming out of such tragic times.

I loved it there, reminded me of travelling back in my younger days. Full of unspoilt scenery, rawness… real life so very different from ours, a lot of emotion and stimulation for all the senses. It was a whirlwind, the best kind, where your days are so full of experiences, that each day feels like a week.

There were boat trips, beach trips, city trips, motorbike trips, canoe trips, jungle trips, temple trips… and so much more…

Cambodia blew my mind.

Then our final chapter, back to the island we lived on for two years in Thailand. Going back to see what had changed. Surprisingly, so much was the same, familiar places and faces at every turn. But there were also differences…

Standing in our old house (which is now a shop), was a real moment. A rush of emotion of a life we once had… the tiled floor Ky used to crawl upon, the stairs he learnt to walk up, the grass he used to run on… Was now a boutique, selling bowls and beaded bits. I cried, then I also let go. This was good.

We had good times catching up with friends, the boys found a whole new gang of children to hang with and ate plenty of crepes. We had the most amazing day for Thai New Year.

Yet, I hardly picked up my camera, inspiration left me… the rain, continuous storms and lack of light were getting to me.

I struggled for a few days with this feeling, thinking I was wasting this opportunity, and what kind of artist am I to not be inspired here of all places. I sulked… then I worked through it and accepted perhaps this was how it was meant to be. It doesn’t always have to be about photo making and shooting, sometimes you just need to be. To be me. To recharge. To be with those you love, and just BE. Play cards, watch films, sit in cafes, and do very little. So that’s what I did… made memories in a different way.

We have so many memories now, real stories to share with together and with others, for years to come. The boys have opened their eyes to some amazing wonders, made new friends and discovered what great travellers they are…

We were spoilt beyond measure, filled up to the brim with goodness. Lived a different life for a little while. I’m forever grateful for this time in our lives, everything slotted into place and many personal dreams were achieved.

This was the right time, in the right places to open our eyes to see how far we’ve come and the possibilities of what’s next.

This is just the beginning of my stories of our big hopeful adventure… there’s plenty more to come… Stay tuned.




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April 24th, 2013 at 12:08 pm


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The past few weeks have whizzed… there has been much happening in our lives, so much to be grateful for and I feel full to the brim…

My course A JOURNEY has some wonderful stories being told within it… all these lives… from all over the world, being made into their Time Capsule films packed with memories, that I just know they’re going to love in years to come.

Spring shows up in London one day, only for it to snow the next… it’s confusing us all… and it’s obviously all us Brits can talk about!

Last Sunday was Mother’s day here in the UK… delicious lunch with my lovely boys and the most amazing shoes (I love stars)… my sister Boo, wrote the sweetest post about her favourite mums here.

More dining out with fabulous photographer friends recently… I find it’s important when you work at home alone a lot of the time, to get out and connect in real life… and naturally have special treats.

I’ve also finally finished my new WELCOME film – a mixture of my photos and films to showcase my work and what I love to create.

And finally… exciting things are happening over the next week, starting with Lovely Luke’s 40th birthday celebrations this weekend… it’s going to full of family, friends, food and fun…

Happy Friday!


Oh and the colour making continues…

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March 15th, 2013 at 8:52 am


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The wishes from the younger members of this family were answered this weekend… as London became covered in snow… there’s nothing more wonderful than watching their excitement of playing in it. They don’t feel the cold, they just dive into the magic…

While we’re left standing at the top of the hill. For. A. Long. Time… next year I’m getting my own sledge!



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January 22nd, 2013 at 5:35 pm