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Our plans changed at the last minute over the weekend, so we had a free day to roam around London. The weather was divine… sunshine and shadows a plenty.

I had it in my head to make a film of our day, as a project to share in my up-coming course – A Year Of Creating Time Capsules.

As the day unfolds, I capture the moments witnessed and push myself to see the scenes differently from previous Time Capsule films. Trying alternative camera angles & interesting compositions to mix it up… but also looking for themes and repeating moments to thread throughout the film. The sunshine and shadows were a gift of the day, so I filled the frame with plenty of light… Also, being mindful to see the stories, routines and details, that make this month in our life unique, to lock up in a Time Capsule.

I edited the film on Saturday night, as the boys watched some random action film – Head phones on, laptop & blanket, with Bruce Willis saving some plane in the background. As I sorted through the footage, I wanted each moment to linger…Something about the way I was feeling… wanting to indulge in the sunshine, the movement, the little details of my family… also, it’s probably something to do with my current love of slow motion… so this film is nice & slow…

You can make a simple Day In The Life film during my online course – I share how you can capture your moments, edit them together to keep them forever.

My online course has been extended for 2015 – A Year Of Creating Time Capsules – so we can make more films by creating them regularly… inspiring each other along the way. There’s an amazing community forming, it starts next week and there’s still time to join in throughout December…

I know not everyone has the means to take part, so I’m launching a giveaway for TWO places – one place by leaving a comment here on the blog & one place by leaving a comment on my Instagram feed (this photo)

Let me know what you would like to capture in a Time Capsule film next year.

I will announce the random winners on Thursday 11th Dec – All the best!




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You know I love shooting video and making films… right? well, my new love is slow-mo video shot on the iPhone…

It’s turning into an addiction…

Yes, I use slow motion footage in my family Time Capsule films, as I love the feeling it creates and how you can really indulge in a moment.

But using the iPhone is great, as it’s SO easy to shoot with and the slow-mo feature is brilliant.

I’ve had a few questions about my video clips and people asking how I’m uploading my clips to Instagram… so I thought I’d make a little tutorial and share my process.

Here I share how I edit my clips in iMovie… how to fade-to-black… uploading in the 16:9 ratio… it’s simple and quick – anyone can give it a try. (It’s likely there are plenty of other ways to do this, I’m just sharing how I do it.)

These are the apps I use - iMovie app  - Squaready Video

I’d love to see if you make use of this tutorial, so please tag me @xantheb so I can peek into your slow-mo world.


My online course Creating Time Capsules has been running for years, where I share all you need to know to turn your photos & videos into films of your life.

Starting in December there’ll be an extended version ALL YEAR LONG, during 2015. Giving plenty of time to make some magic films of your life.

A Year Of Creating Time Capsules is happening… all the details are HERE.

Why don’t you join the growing community that will be capturing their 2015 by creating Time Capsule films.



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November 26th, 2014 at 8:15 am


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All week long I’ve been capturing our mornings… mainly of the boys as they are changing so fast and the rhythm of our mornings has changed so much over the years.

I’ve created a slideshow of my favourite images – it’s like a virtual photo album. A way of viewing the photos as a Time Capsule film.

If you enjoy taking photos and sometimes struggle with video, then a simple photo slideshow is the answer. It’s the film I suggest people in my Creating Time Capsules course begin with.

I have some exciting news for people interested in making their own films & taking my course (and for those who’ve already participated in previous courses) – I will be running an extended version ALL YEAR LONG, during 2015. Giving plenty of time to make some magic films of your life.

A Year Of Creating Time Capsules is happening… all the details are HERE.

Why don’t you join the community that will be Creating Time Capsules, using photos & videos to tell the stories of their lives.


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November 7th, 2014 at 4:53 pm


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I can’t believe it’s November.

But it’s ok, because I’m not going to do my usual panic that the year has whizzed by too fast. It’s best to just be in the moment and take each day as it comes – and try to tackle all that’s brewing in my head… get on with the plans for the rest of the year & 2015 and the events coming up.

It’s all good.

This week I’m focusing on home and our mornings… and it’s good to be shooting for me… just memory making. The camera is out and my eyes switched on. I’ll share some of my favourite images on Friday, but you can follow along on Instagram for a daily update.

I’ve been formulating a new version of my e-course, as I’d like to challenge myself and others to create for a longer period of time… so A Year Of Creating Time Capsules is coming… A chance to spend all year making films of your life. The possibilities are exciting!

I’m eager to launch it… for the course to begin in mid December, when there’s lots going on and usually plenty to capture – join my mailing list or come back here for details later this week.

Coming soon… A whole year of combining photos & video into stories of your life.




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November 3rd, 2014 at 2:12 pm


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Coming out the summer and having shot loads of pretty places and events, I’d kinda forgotten about just capturing the everyday stuff… other than a little bit on that Sunday afternoon recently.

These everyday photos and memories are what I will love in years to come.

So on our ride yesterday morning, I grabbed some footage on my iPhone to make a One Minute Memory film – it’s not the best quality or brilliantly shot or even, one of my best films, but it packed with memories of our ride to school…. and I love the way he rides his scooter, the backpack and those long legs!

This was all shot on my iPhone and then edited in iMovie on the phone – simple & quick – all the palm of my hand.

This is prime example of a Time Capsule film… the type of film I encourage people to make during my online course - you don’t need fancy equipment to tell a story.

SO… that leads me on to announce the winners of my giveawayErica & Jack – I will email you today.

There’s still time to join us – the course starts tomorrow… all the details are here.

What memories will you capture?



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October 23rd, 2014 at 4:10 pm


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Yes, I love capturing the holidays, adventures and special moments…

but I also relish in gathering images of the everyday life at home.

It’s been a wonderful hectic summer, with many weekends away, so it was a gift to have a weekend with NO plans last week. A chance to potter, sort some things out in the house and have a roast dinner!

So I kept my camera with me and gathered some little vignettes… Keeping it simple by using only photographs to make into a stop motion film – the current round of Creating Time Capsules have been making some lovely films using photos – so I was inspired.

This is our now… no major events & imperfect images embraced…

Besides the light is so gorgeous at this time of year… it’s probably the star of the show.

Hope Autumn is bringing you some lazy Sundays… thanks for passing by x.


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September 17th, 2014 at 2:04 pm


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I’ve said it before, but this summer holiday went so fast.

To combat the ‘back to school’ feelings… I’ve been re-living the summer by completing this film.

These are my favourite moments – the little things that will spark the bigger memories in future. The details of our life and this time together, which is so fleeting.

These are our stories. I’m so grateful to have captured them.

This was our summer.

Still to be completed is a film just about Somersault festival, even though lots of fav memories are within here… and I reckon a “one minute memory” skateboarding film has to be made, as I have tons of footage.

This was the summer of skating.

Now, maybe… this film has you all inspired and wishing you could make your own memory films… well…

Creating Time Capsules starts TOMORROW! and I’d love to guide you through the magic of making your own films & for you to be part of a community all sharing their stories.

Plus there’s still a few hours left to win a place on the course… head over here… I’ll be e-mailing the winners this evening UK time.


*Side note about music in the film : I love this song… it’s been played frequently as we’ve travelled about this summer, so it seemed only right to have it as the soundtrack to this film… I don’t usually like to use unlicensed music now, and I spend hours searching for decent tracks to accompany my work… but this song IS our summer, so I’m using it… Hey, if you like it too, I recommend the whole album, especially this track


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This summer feels like the fastest I’ve ever experienced… yet we managed to pack so much in… and why does July feel like a lifetime ago? – time is weird that way, right?

I’m currently editing films about our summer, I’ve been capturing our recent moments through photos & video – all the fun times and everyday moments. I’m excited to see them come together and re-live the memories over and over in one of my Time Capsule films.

That’s the gift of these films… I see it already with a film I made back in July.

And even more so when I look at the film of last summer… so much has changed, so much still the same. The places we adventured too… the things we saw. They are all locked down in this film – a Time Capsule of last summer to re-live whenever we want.

It takes time and effort to shoot & edit something like this, and when I’m struggling to complete a film, I go back and look at my old ones to spur me to complete it, because I know how wonderful these will be to look at in a few weeks when winter kicks in… or next year, when the boys have changed again and in 5 years when I’ll have surely forgotten some of these moments.

Before I get back to editing our summer 2014 adventures… let me share this…

Fancy learning how make your films?… Creating Time Capsules is where I guide you through my process and you can start shooting & editing your own films and make Time Capsules to enjoy forever.

The next course starts this Friday 5th… there’s still time to join us.

As I do with every course, I’d like to offer TWO places as a giveaway, for those who’ve wanted to take part but haven’t for whatever reason…

Just tell me your favourite summer moment this year in the comments below and I pick the two winners at random on Thurs, ready for the course to start on Fri.

Easy peasy…


Updated : the winners are Traci & Hannah – I’ll be e-mailing you. YAY!



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September 2nd, 2014 at 2:01 pm


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I have a few offerings to share…

1. My online course Creating Time Capsules is OPEN for registration NOW… All the details are here – there’s a lovely community already gathering… will you join us?

2. I will be hosting a couple of photo walks in Providence, Rhode Island as part of Squam In The City in Sept – I’m SO excited to explore this city with my camera… perhaps you might like to adventure with us?.., TODAY is the last day you can register to join us…

3. A couple of frames from a recent family portrait session… I spent the morning with these fantastic girls… it was such a joy – Would you like your family moments captured and preserved forever?… I have a couple of available slots for sessions in Sept & October… contact me for details…

Finally… Kim Klassen and I are exploring the idea of virtual creative conversations – an online gathering, like we’re having tea with each other, sharing stories and inspiring each other… There’s a chance to hang out with us both via Skype on Kim’s blog… would you like to chat with us?

Have a wonderful weekend… see you on the other side. xxx




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August 15th, 2014 at 11:19 am


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The ‘day in the life’ film is my most favourite time capsule project.

This is where you document parts of your day… seeking out your moments.

The more “everyday” the moment, the better… I find.

It’s a chance to record the details that will slowly over time change… you know – preserving the fleeting moments.

Last Sunday we were nearly at the end of our child-free time, as the boys were due back from camp in a couple of days. It’s been quiet without them, we missed them terribly, but also really enjoyed our time alone together.

So I made a simple film of our Sunday – just using photos, put together as a slideshow & stop-motion. Usually my films are full of action, colour and fun. I think this reflects this quiet time, just the two of us – plus, the crazy weather we had that day.

Making films using photos is the first project I encourage participants of my Creating Time Capsules course to make. It’s an easy project to start with, to focus on looking for the moments, to think about storytelling, to look for movement and to practise editing in iMovie. It’s a great transition project into video, if you’re not used to that medium.

Registration for the September round of Creating Time Capsules opens today – so if you’d like to start making your own Time Capsule films, I’d love to guide you through the magic of making them & to have you join the inspiring community that gathers… All the details are here.

More of my Time Capsules films here…



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August 14th, 2014 at 11:00 am