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I have a few offerings to share…

1. My online course Creating Time Capsules is OPEN for registration NOW… All the details are here – there’s a lovely community already gathering… will you join us?

2. I will be hosting a couple of photo walks in Providence, Rhode Island as part of Squam In The City in Sept – I’m SO excited to explore this city with my camera… perhaps you might like to adventure with us?.., TODAY is the last day you can register to join us…

3. A couple of frames from a recent family portrait session… I spent the morning with these fantastic girls… it was such a joy – Would you like your family moments captured and preserved forever?… I have a couple of available slots for sessions in Sept & October… contact me for details…

Finally… Kim Klassen and I are exploring the idea of virtual creative conversations – an online gathering, like we’re having tea with each other, sharing stories and inspiring each other… There’s a chance to hang out with us both via Skype on Kim’s blog… would you like to chat with us?

Have a wonderful weekend… see you on the other side. xxx




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August 15th, 2014 at 11:19 am


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The ‘day in the life’ film is my most favourite time capsule project.

This is where you document parts of your day… seeking out your moments.

The more “everyday” the moment, the better… I find.

It’s a chance to record the details that will slowly over time change… you know – preserving the fleeting moments.

Last Sunday we were nearly at the end of our child-free time, as the boys were due back from camp in a couple of days. It’s been quiet without them, we missed them terribly, but also really enjoyed our time alone together.

So I made a simple film of our Sunday – just using photos, put together as a slideshow & stop-motion. Usually my films are full of action, colour and fun. I think this reflects this quiet time, just the two of us – plus, the crazy weather we had that day.

Making films using photos is the first project I encourage participants of my Creating Time Capsules course to make. It’s an easy project to start with, to focus on looking for the moments, to think about storytelling, to look for movement and to practise editing in iMovie. It’s a great transition project into video, if you’re not used to that medium.

Registration for the September round of Creating Time Capsules opens today – so if you’d like to start making your own Time Capsule films, I’d love to guide you through the magic of making them & to have you join the inspiring community that gathers… All the details are here.

More of my Time Capsules films here…



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August 14th, 2014 at 11:00 am


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We’re back… Mexico was ace in SO many ways… and slowly over a few blog posts here & on the First Choice blog, I’ll share some of the adventures.

I’m just beginning to sift through footage and images from my Canon DSLR. So let’s start with iPhone images…

The colours… oh the colours of Mexico. They did not disappoint. Everywhere was colour, I was in heaven. Greedily, I want more, this just felt like a taste of what Mexico & South America has to offer and hope we can make it back there soon, to bask in the colours I love to shoot.

The colour in abundance was BLUE… it was everywhere… surrounding us in the sea & the sky… and of course, in the pool at the hotel.

Oh BLUE… you are delight! – There’s plenty more colour & sunshine to come…

Now for a giveaway!

Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY starts next week… all the details are here.

As promised before I left. Let’s do a giveaway - The offer is for TWO places to take part – Double the chance to win!. All you need to do is leave a comment and I’ll pick a couple of random comments on Friday 6th June.

Now, before I go… let me share possibly my favourite clip from the trip… It’s short & it’s imperfect. Shot on the fly on the iPhone, the focus is off as there was no time to set this shot up, it was totally spur of moment.

But I love it!

It sums up Cosmo at this moment in his life. You see, Cosmo is never without cards, constantly doing tricks on anyone who’ll give him attention.

During our visit to Las Caletas, he fell in love with this Macaw… and wanted him to become part his act… we were totally surprised by what happened!


All photos & video shot on the iPhone 5s.



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So the film above is a stop motion film, using only photos taken in consecutive bursts, to show the movement. These frames are then strung together in an editing program to show the movement. This type of film isn’t to everyones taste – some might say it’s too jerky. But I love them and it’s the imperfection that appeals. I like the roughness… that the frame moves… that the odd photo is out of focus… that it speeds by in the blink of an eye… that it’s jerky. Not every story has to be told in a slick smooth way, we’re not making corporate or commercial films – this is about real life.

In my courses, I encourage people to start with a stop motion film, as it’s achievable to complete a finished film and opens your eyes to movement within the frame – as many people taking part are photographers. It gives confidence to move into video with an understanding of capturing motion.

The film above is from our first camping trip of the year. At the time, I knew I wanted to make a film, but wasn’t sure what kind of film, so I approached it with the intention of capturing the details in front of me.

I shot photos and captured video.

You can see many video clips from camping in this film below, from a couple of weeks ago…. some of them similar to the frames in the stop motion film…mixed in with other footage.

As I didn’t know at the time of shooting what kind of film I was going to create… I just gathered enough materials to give me options in the editing process.

So how do I choose what to film and what to photograph? Do I shoot video alongside taking photos…Or just choose one… Is one medium more important to me than the other?

As you can see from both these films, I shoot both alongside each other, often capturing the same thing in both mediums – As I share in my course, I use what I call I can only describe as a “sandwich” method – shoot some photos… then a little video… and back to photos. Or vice versa. I find I can gather plenty this way.

It might seem a faff, but it’s how I’ve always worked. I even do the same with photography – take a photo on DSLR, grab one on the iPhone – back the DSLR.

It’s all about experimenting and playing and seeing how each medium can capture the beauty in front of you… and then be used to tell the story.

If you’d like to make films like these and tell your stories through photos and video… there’s still time to register for Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY – which is a longer version of my original course, giving more time to play and create. I hope you’ll join the amazing community that’s already gathered… I’d love to have you join us.



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May 20th, 2014 at 2:04 pm


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Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY opens for registration today!

I’m excited about the magic within this course.

It will be 10 weeks of capturing photos and video through simple & inspiring projects – to make Time Capsule films and print photos for a real hold in your hand Time Capsule box. It will contain materials from both of my previous courses, mixed up with new ideas, all with the goal to capture memories and create films & photos to have forever.

Will you join us?

Registration is open HERE.

Here’s one of my favourite films made last summer… what kind of film will you make?


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May 16th, 2014 at 3:02 pm


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A lot of this year has been dominated by photography… various projects have had me shooting more photos than films. For example… various family portrait sessions, the color//colour lovers project was mainly stills and my latest course – TANGIBLE Time Capsules has been centred around holding real photographs by getting your images off devices… plus I’ve been shooting with the Lumia 1020.

I have been capturing video sporadically, but I’ve not had enough time for editing, to make my films, and this has been affecting my creative spirit. I see in movement, lots of my photos have motion within and capturing video is my real passion.

So I was determined to make a film of our Easter break… (in fact a film of our first camp of the season is also in the works – and maybe a bike film?).

A “Random Happenings” film is something I encourage my course participants to create, as it’s just a collection of moments, put together in no particular order (maybe with a theme or a thread), thus provoking a feeling that takes us back to that moment, when we watch in years to come.

Blessed with amazing weather, I was squealing at the amazing light. Give me dappled sunlight in a wood or the golden hour and my camera & I are happy.

Huge thanks to our boys, who are so generous with their support to be filmed. I often get questions from people asking if they mind being documented, and currently they’re cool with it, getting involved in the process and cheekily reminding me how lucky I am to have them as subjects! – and believe me I’m so grateful. As I realise this might not last, so I’m making the most of it while I can…

If this kind of film making appeals to you & you’d like to capture your moments on video and make them into Time Capsule films… Well, Creating Time Capsules is coming back… a summer long course – combining photos & video capturing your moments, plus the TANGIBLE element of printing your photos. For details and updates of when it’s coming… please join my MAILING LIST.


All footage shot on the Canon 5Dm3 with 35mm 1.4 lens.




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I watched this yesterday, as I’m getting ready for Creating Time Capsules which starts tomorrow…

Oh my goodness, it transported me right back to last summer… the adventures, the sunshine, the camping – so dreamy.

Roll on summer, we’re waiting for you. I could just dive back into that film… or at least some of these photos!

Let’s announce the winners of my giveaway -

For Creating Time Capsules – Rose’s Daughter

For TANGIBLE Time Capsules - Aline

I’ll be sending out an email with all the details… Thanks for taking part. See you in class…

Just a few more summer memories… soon we’ll be back round the campfire and running through fields of yellow.


If you want to be inspired to capture your memories through photos and video… check out my latest courses.



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The card trick obsession with the boys has been building momentum all year. In fact, I can’t go more than 10 mins in the boy’s company, without being offered the chance to pick a card and have the latest trick/shuffle or something card related shared with me.

So much so, that even after being away for 3 days on my Germany trip… I wasn’t greeted with a hug or hello, just “pick a card!”.

That means there’s a fair amount of footage of these tricks, so I’ve complied them together in a one minute memory film – these films are approx one minute long (sometimes a little more, but not more than two mins) and based on one subject or similar content. It’s one of the projects I suggest people taking my Creating Time Capsules try, as you don’t have to have lots of footage, you can keep it simple and focus on the one part of your life that you want to remember.

A memory all packaged up into a little film – lovely!

The next round of Creating Time Capsules starts this Friday – I won’t be running it again till September, as I have plans for bigger summer course brewing, using some of the elements found in this course, and structured in a different way… gathering all your summer memories through video and photos – into “THE SUMMER OF HAPPY”

There’s still time to sign up… and there’s still time to enter for a chance to win a place over here.



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March 18th, 2014 at 4:10 pm


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I’m currently offering two ways of capturing your stories, through my e-courses – one through video and one photography based.

My original Creating Time Capsules course starts this Friday. All the details are here. For six weeks, we play and explore different ways to capture parts of your life through movement, using video story telling and making your photos move through slideshows and stop motion… and editing your footage altogether into a digital Time Capsule – a film you can enjoy forever!

Here are some of the lovely things people have said about taking part – HERE & HERE.

There’s still to register – Would you like to join us?

Then I have a new offering… Still based around the idea of a Time Capsule… but this time a more tradition one… something you can hold in your hand.

I’m keen to share my love of shooting photographs, on my DSLR & mobile photo. Through photo prompts & projects, we’ll capture little parts of our lives, with a view to printing these photos to be placed in a box (or book).

A real TANGIBLE Time Capsule to create a memory stamp of us and our families, things that evoke a memory, and take us back, completely, to that moment in time.

The printing of photos tends to be forgotten as we view so much on our devices… but I believe in a print in your hand and the memories that it can bring back.

As I love a giveaway (and it’s my birthday next week!) I thought I’d offer one place on each course.

All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know which course you’d prefer to take part in and I’ll choose a random winner on Thurs 20th, just in time to start on the video course.

Thanks so much… Happy Monday to you!



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March 17th, 2014 at 3:54 pm


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I LOVE to print my photos.

It’s wonderful to look through my boxes of photos going back as far as I can remember… I’ve never been a big album keeper… I used to fill visual journals with writing and photos, but since having children I’ve opted for gathering my images in boxes. I actually like how the photos get all jumbled up and how within one box, there might be a mix of photos spanning 5 years. For me, this represents my life far better than seeing things in chronological order.

As I get ready for my 40th birthday, I’m looking back. Instead of being overwhelmed by the volume of images, I’m full of gratitude that I have them. Each photo transports me back.

These boxes are my Tangible Time Capsules.

As the photographer, you tend to be left out of photos, but I’ve always tried to be present within the frame, as I’m part of the story too. There are plenty of ‘arms length’ photos, timer shots and clearly, photos by other people.

I want to encourage YOU to get printing your photos.

So a new e-course is brewing… packed full of things I love to share – photography & collecting memories and keeping with the theme of my Original Creating Time Capsules course…

Let me introduce - Creating TANGIBLE Time Capsules

A photography based course – encouraging you to capture parts of your life, gathering memories through various photo projects & prompts, creating proof of us and our loved ones…

And then you – print, PRINT, print these photos… it’s time to get them off our hard drives & mobile phones and into…

Your own Time Capsule box that will represent who we are and what we love RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT.

Your own TANGIBLE Time Capsule.

I’m excited.

Registration opens next week for Creating TANGIBLE Time Capsules…. if you’d like to be the first to hear more… sign up to my mailing list.



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March 4th, 2014 at 3:00 pm