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I watched this yesterday, as I’m getting ready for Creating Time Capsules which starts tomorrow…

Oh my goodness, it transported me right back to last summer… the adventures, the sunshine, the camping – so dreamy.

Roll on summer, we’re waiting for you. I could just dive back into that film… or at least some of these photos!

Let’s announce the winners of my giveaway -

For Creating Time Capsules – Rose’s Daughter

For TANGIBLE Time Capsules - Aline

I’ll be sending out an email with all the details… Thanks for taking part. See you in class…

Just a few more summer memories… soon we’ll be back round the campfire and running through fields of yellow.


If you want to be inspired to capture your memories through photos and video… check out my latest courses.



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The card trick obsession with the boys has been building momentum all year. In fact, I can’t go more than 10 mins in the boy’s company, without being offered the chance to pick a card and have the latest trick/shuffle or something card related shared with me.

So much so, that even after being away for 3 days on my Germany trip… I wasn’t greeted with a hug or hello, just “pick a card!”.

That means there’s a fair amount of footage of these tricks, so I’ve complied them together in a one minute memory film – these films are approx one minute long (sometimes a little more, but not more than two mins) and based on one subject or similar content. It’s one of the projects I suggest people taking my Creating Time Capsules try, as you don’t have to have lots of footage, you can keep it simple and focus on the one part of your life that you want to remember.

A memory all packaged up into a little film – lovely!

The next round of Creating Time Capsules starts this Friday – I won’t be running it again till September, as I have plans for bigger summer course brewing, using some of the elements found in this course, and structured in a different way… gathering all your summer memories through video and photos – into “THE SUMMER OF HAPPY”

There’s still time to sign up… and there’s still time to enter for a chance to win a place over here.



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March 18th, 2014 at 4:10 pm


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I’m currently offering two ways of capturing your stories, through my e-courses – one through video and one photography based.

My original Creating Time Capsules course starts this Friday. All the details are here. For six weeks, we play and explore different ways to capture parts of your life through movement, using video story telling and making your photos move through slideshows and stop motion… and editing your footage altogether into a digital Time Capsule – a film you can enjoy forever!

Here are some of the lovely things people have said about taking part – HERE & HERE.

There’s still to register – Would you like to join us?

Then I have a new offering… Still based around the idea of a Time Capsule… but this time a more tradition one… something you can hold in your hand.

I’m keen to share my love of shooting photographs, on my DSLR & mobile photo. Through photo prompts & projects, we’ll capture little parts of our lives, with a view to printing these photos to be placed in a box (or book).

A real TANGIBLE Time Capsule to create a memory stamp of us and our families, things that evoke a memory, and take us back, completely, to that moment in time.

The printing of photos tends to be forgotten as we view so much on our devices… but I believe in a print in your hand and the memories that it can bring back.

As I love a giveaway (and it’s my birthday next week!) I thought I’d offer one place on each course.

All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know which course you’d prefer to take part in and I’ll choose a random winner on Thurs 20th, just in time to start on the video course.

Thanks so much… Happy Monday to you!



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March 17th, 2014 at 3:54 pm


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I LOVE to print my photos.

It’s wonderful to look through my boxes of photos going back as far as I can remember… I’ve never been a big album keeper… I used to fill visual journals with writing and photos, but since having children I’ve opted for gathering my images in boxes. I actually like how the photos get all jumbled up and how within one box, there might be a mix of photos spanning 5 years. For me, this represents my life far better than seeing things in chronological order.

As I get ready for my 40th birthday, I’m looking back. Instead of being overwhelmed by the volume of images, I’m full of gratitude that I have them. Each photo transports me back.

These boxes are my Tangible Time Capsules.

As the photographer, you tend to be left out of photos, but I’ve always tried to be present within the frame, as I’m part of the story too. There are plenty of ‘arms length’ photos, timer shots and clearly, photos by other people.

I want to encourage YOU to get printing your photos.

So a new e-course is brewing… packed full of things I love to share – photography & collecting memories and keeping with the theme of my Original Creating Time Capsules course…

Let me introduce - Creating TANGIBLE Time Capsules

A photography based course – encouraging you to capture parts of your life, gathering memories through various photo projects & prompts, creating proof of us and our loved ones…

And then you – print, PRINT, print these photos… it’s time to get them off our hard drives & mobile phones and into…

Your own Time Capsule box that will represent who we are and what we love RIGHT IN THIS MOMENT.

Your own TANGIBLE Time Capsule.

I’m excited.

Registration opens next week for Creating TANGIBLE Time Capsules…. if you’d like to be the first to hear more… sign up to my mailing list.



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March 4th, 2014 at 3:00 pm


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It’s the final week of the color // colour project… BLUE!

I wonder how many blue skies I’ll see this week?

Roll on BLUE, I do love you.


While working at my computer the other day, I was uploading the images from my iPhone. The thumbnails skipped past catching the corner of my eye, after a while the bursts of colour caught my full attention…

Watching the story of the past couple of months whizzing by… mostly frames taken for the colour // colour lovers project, was wonderful – Abundant colour flicking past.

So I dragged the photos into iMovie… unedited, exactly in sequence, as the shots were taken and edited – revealing the way I shoot – which is A LOT of frames and the fact that I’ve been collecting colour whenever I’ve seen it, not necessarily the week of the colour.

I love the way the slideshow is just like a stop-motion… the photos move and flash past quickly. Bursts of colour & movement… my two favourite things to capture… with a sprinkling of silhouette jump shots too!

This kinda of film is a simple way of using all the images taken on your phone to tell a quick story of your experiences and sights you’ve seen.

You can give it a go too?

I share how to make slideshows & stop motion films plus shoot video, then edit it altogether in iMovie during my Creating Time Capsules course… Perhaps you’d like to join the fun we have -

Check out all the details as registration is open now!

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March 3rd, 2014 at 12:00 pm


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Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been taking part in a collaboration with other creative mums, bloggers & photographers, over on the I Heart Snapping blog, to celebrate the beauty and magic of childhood.

It’s called Living Arrows and it’s a project right up my street.

Each week we share one photo and together they give a snapshot into childhood stories.

It’s encouraged me to be consistent at capturing portraits of our boys, especially as they grow up and they’re not around as much… and are more reluctant to be in front of the camera.

Only 8 weeks in and already it’s a fixed part of my routine of shooting. I tend to take the shot during the weekend, and it’s a new challenge for me to choose ONLY one shot… when I tend to take sequences of photos and even, make films from them.

The bonus has been that each month, there are more photos to be printed… along with the outtakes and other shots taken…

Printing photos has always been important to me. I encourage everyone to get their photos off their devices, as it’s SO good to have it in your hand or on a wall of fame. I can’t tell you how many boxes/books of prints I have to browse through. It’s magic.

So much so… I’m creating an online course with photo projects & prompts to get you shooting and then PRINTING, to make a TANGIBLE Time Capsule… Do you fancy spending the whole of April with me and making your own printable treasures to have forever?. More details to come next week.

Happy weekend… go shoot your stories… x.



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February 28th, 2014 at 11:09 am


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Before I announce the winners of the giveaway of two places on Creating Time Capsules…

I thought I’d share this message from Johanna, who won a place on my last course. Johanna made a wonderful film of her three boys chatting away about each other and the things they love… inspired by some of my interview films. Unfortunately, just as she’d nearly finished editing the film, her laptop was stolen. She was distressed at all the hard work being lost, but thankfully she had back-uped the footage, and with the support of the course community, she began editing the project from the beginning.

To all of us, the film turned out beautifully…

“I want to thank you again for the spot in your Time Capsule course! Each new bit of material was like an indulgent treat. The bite-sized movie tutorials were so good, and I really enjoyed the voice-overs of your time capsules. You also let us in on very clever tricks and secrets that make your time capsules so special. I was incredibly inspired and made some videos that I absolutely treasure.

My films mean so much to me that when our laptop was stolen during the course, I was more upset by the loss of my video-in-progress than the actual computer. 

I could see the magic shine through in my projects and also those of my classmates – a wonderful perk of the class is access to a Vimeo group for the participants, and it’s brimming with creativity and passion from people all over the world. Your course is inspiring, uplifting, and so much fun. Thank you, thank you, Xanthe!”


I’m SO excited to announce these random winners for a place on Creating Time Capsules… they shared their favourite part of the morning routine…

Michelle gd - Favorite part of our morning routine…gosh, i have a bunch. but probably i’d have to say the sofa snuggle i get with my daughter. the day just isn’t quite right without it…


Jillian In Italy - My favourite part of our morning routine is braiding my daughters’ hair. I know they won’t need (want?) me to do it for much longer (sniff sniff).

I hope you manage to capture these lovely details when you begin your projects… I’ll be in touch via email to get you all ready for next week.


Photos from the collaborative color // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 



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January 23rd, 2014 at 10:00 am


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Through each Creating Time Capsules course, I watch the films created and see the stories & memories that have been frozen in time… a gift to look back on in years to come.

I see the treasures they are…

I’m often blown away by emails from participants… when someone takes the time, to let you know how a little film they’ve made has impacted their family… it fills me up with goodness.

This is the story one lady in New Zealand shared with me…

“I’d like to drop you a line to say big THANK YOU for the course you offered last year. I wanted to tell you more about the Christmas film I made.

I came to New Zealand as an exchange student from Japan, and in the film, is my host family that I stayed with almost 20 years ago. We’ve spent countless Christmas together, but last year we found out that my host dad has cancer. He’s had a surgery, but we are still in uncertainty. So we don’t take it for granted any more.

My host sister put the film up on her face book page, and we received loads of comments from family and friends, as well as many exchange students from all over the world whom they hosted over the years. And it meant so much to my Kiwi dad. He said, he will cherish the video forever. It was the best Christmas present ever! I was so glad to be able to capture the day and share it with the others, and was overwhelmed by the response.

And of course, the idea of filming came from your course. You helped me to see and capture. As you see, I have been making more and more films after the course. I’m hooked now!

So I just wanted to let you know that someone in New Zealand is full of gratitude to you.”

Thanks SO much Emu for letting me hear the impact of your film to your extended family – it was a beautiful film.


Creating Time Capsules is open for registration… the course starts next Friday – there’s still time to enter a little giveaway for two places on the course – I’ll announce the winners tomorrow.

Photos from the collaborative color // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 


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January 22nd, 2014 at 2:00 pm


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I love the morning routine… That hour or so between waking and the boys going to school. It feels pretty ordinary and much the same each day, as we move through the mundane motions of daily life; like the dishwasher being emptied & cereal being poured. Yet over the years, some things remain and other bits are completely different.

A shift happens… so slowly that I don’t notice it. The school uniforms change, the cats are bigger, the boys hair is different and teeth have grown, but hey, Asterisk books are still being read. If I hadn’t made one of these films last year and the year before that, I might not have really noticed the differences. I might not have taken the time to remember the details of everyday life are always evolving.

The morning routine is still one of my favourite Time Capsule films to make. Deciding which moments are the memories I want to preserve. These films aren’t about being technical perfect or trying to make a “better” film each time. They’re a personal story of our life. They’re just about capturing an ordinary moment in time and packaging it up to remember forever… thus making it extraordinary to me.

This was filmed a few months ago in the Autumn and already, by January, things have changed… and next time I’m shooting one in the summer months! – those dark moments first thing in our basement flat, aren’t the best to capture.

SO, if this has inspired you to create a film about your morning routine… and you’d like to begin creating your own Time Capsule films… I can inspire you through my course Creating Time Capsules… Registration is open for the course beginning Friday 31st Jan. All the details are here…

GIVE AWAY TIME – As I do on every course I run… I’d love to giveaway TWO places for this course… just leave a comment telling me your favourite part of your morning routine at the moment and I’ll announce the winner on Thurs 23rd Jan.

All the best. x.




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January 16th, 2014 at 12:57 pm


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January can be tricky. A lot of expectation and pressure to start things off with a bang, all the while reflecting on the previous year. This transition has become easier with the choosing of a word to set my intentions for the year ahead, and I’ve become excited by the prospect of a clean slate.

Alongside my word of the year – THRIVE, I’m also carrying ADVENTURE with me into 2014. Travelling and adventuring was a huge part of last year and I’d really love this to continue for us all, exploring places new & old and near & far. I’m so excited about this amazing opportunity, which I’ll share more about once I know where we’re heading…

I’ve taken on Kim’s 14 in 2014 challenge and I’ve written down my intentions and big dreams for this year…

This week is about easing myself back into the routine… finishing off projects and opening registration for Creating Time Capsules… would you like to join us? Does a new year of making films and gathering memories sounds good? Registration is open now…



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January 6th, 2014 at 2:29 pm