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Another winter blasted away with the simple task of finding colour.

It’s tradition that Andrea & I start this color//colour lovers project in January, to serve a daily dose of vibrancy to beat the winter blahs creeping in.

It works. It truly does.

Each week a new colour and new opportunities to bask in technicolour.

I wear colour and have flowers in the house… spot colour in familiar places (like the doors above) and some ordinary ones. Take a photo, make a film… whatever I like. The freedom of the project is anything goes.

This year has been magic… there have been lots of other projects and work things happening that have taken my attention, but it’s so good to commit to this and find inspiration, generate new ideas and push myself to get out and shoot, when really I should be dealing with my inbox.

I’ve created work I wouldn’t have, cheered myself up on grey days, enjoyed watching other people join us on this colourful treasure hunt and as ever, I love collaborating with Andrea.

My favourite pieces of work to come out of this project… were the transition stop motions.

Last year I created colourful collections each week and I wanted something new for 2016, so the idea of saying good-bye to one colour and hello to another seemed fun, as I’ve previously done it with a photo. Especially if I could use totally random things and play with them.

I love this series! Hope you enjoyed them too.


Thanks to everyone who followed along and joined in.

Till next time, we will update our shared space soon, so all the colours can sit together beautifully.

Not sure when we’ll be back, there are whisperings of doing it again, perhaps even this year?… I’ll keep you posted.






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ORANGE – I love you

Especially when you glow…

Or appear at my feet…

Or make the kitchen smell amazing!

Orange you were fun – thank you!

So long ORANGE, it’s time for some BLUE playtime…

Follow along with the lovely Andrea and I… on Instagram using #colorcolourlovers and share your BLUE beauties!


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February 27th, 2016 at 10:00 am


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A fun part of the color//colour lovers project was creating the little Instagram films based around each colour.

{Press play to watch the action}

Just gathering bit and bobs I found around the house, in the colour of the week.

Making simple stop motions and mini films of the objects moving and disappearing, makes me smile.

It’s quite simple to do, just requires a bit of patience…

And remembering to keep the cat out of the room!

I even explored the beauty of nature… with petals and leaves.

I’m certain to make more of these! I see blossoms, petals and so many flowers dancing… also… pebbles, feathers, ribbons – my head is buzzing with ideas!

And then I visited some of my favourite shops to play with their products and organise in colour.

Thank you to Pedlars and West Elm, London for letting me come and play in your stores.

Can I return sometime soon?

I so enjoyed the process of playing, experimenting and creating – I’m looking forward to making more… so watch this space.


Along with shooting video and making your own films… I share everything I know about making stop motions using photos and editing them together in iMovie in my online course Creating Time Capsules – It’s super simple once you know how!

There’s still time to register as the course starts on Friday 6th… All the details are HERE.



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ORANGE week was pretty awesome! I love this colour…

The collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers

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July 21st, 2014 at 3:16 pm


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The color // colour lovers project was a long time coming… Andrea & I first discussed it during our evenings in the hot tub at the Shuttersisters Oasis gathering at the Ace Hotel back in 2012… and then during our run around Paris in 2013… sounds so jet-setter-like doesn’t it?!… I kinda like it, even if name dropping places you’ve been, is just as bad as mentioning famous people you’ve hung with.

So a colour project together was on the cards… it was just a matter of when.

Winter loomed… could we start something in Dec 2013?… not really, with Christmas and various things going on. The new year seemed right, especially as Jan & Feb are notoriously grey, cold and dull. It was going to happen in 2014.

Titles for the project went back and forth via email… then it made sense to be -

Color – because Andrea is in the US.

Colour – because I’m in the UK.

SO color // colour lovers was born.

Instead of a week long colour project, where you photograph one colour each day… we wanted more. One colour per week… to explore it, wear it, play with it… generally seek it out and capture it however we desired.

It was 7 weeks of gloriousness… it beat the winter blues out into the atmosphere.

Completely fantastic to indulge in colour in so many ways.

Both Andrea & I shot in our own way and shared the result in what we’re naming “our happy place”. We didn’t want to be restricted to a timetable of image making or frame formats that can come from a diptych project – we just wanted to let our creativity flow, upload when we could, and work at a pace that suited what was going on in the rest of our lives – this was a side project after all.

Rather wonderfully there has been some magic and some shots that were taken totally separately, are totally linked – I love a little serendipity!

SO that’s why to mark the end of this round, I’ve made some diptychs. I think they’re rather lovely.

Different, yet complimenting to each other.

This is what’s brilliant about collaborations.

Thanks for taking this colourful ride with me Andrea – it’s been even better than I could’ve imagined.

Thank you to everyone that took part on Instagram… there are hundreds of happy making colours over there and it was truly a joy to scroll them daily.

We’ll continue with color // colour lovers at a slow pace for now, uploading to the “happy place” when it feels right – with a view to be back in the June for summer colour extravaganza!

All the diptychs are - Andrea on the left – Xanthe on the right (but you probably knew that!)




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ORANGE – thank you for being amazing. I never knew how much I liked you till now. You showed up and wooed me.

And now I see you everywhere. Magic.



A collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 


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March 1st, 2014 at 10:00 am


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I guess it’s living in London, but I’ve noticed a lot of brick captures in my photos this week… Our London brick has an orange hue in certain light and I’ve been totally drawn to it this week.


A collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 

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February 27th, 2014 at 6:00 pm


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A spur of the moment photo session…

Just a small window of time to play with ribbons (because Boo loves them) and a scarf floating in the wind…

You never know what you’ll capture, till you see it off the camera and on the screen.

I love the shapes and the movement captured… I love the ORANGE against the blue and the ORANGE against the green.

I love photos for no other reason than to just play and see what happens…



A collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 



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February 27th, 2014 at 9:14 am


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Oh ORANGE, you are marvellous! Thanks for showing up BIG time so far this week.



A collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 



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February 25th, 2014 at 10:39 pm