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Another winter blasted away with the simple task of finding colour.

It’s tradition that Andrea & I start this color//colour lovers project in January, to serve a daily dose of vibrancy to beat the winter blahs creeping in.

It works. It truly does.

Each week a new colour and new opportunities to bask in technicolour.

I wear colour and have flowers in the house… spot colour in familiar places (like the doors above) and some ordinary ones. Take a photo, make a film… whatever I like. The freedom of the project is anything goes.

This year has been magic… there have been lots of other projects and work things happening that have taken my attention, but it’s so good to commit to this and find inspiration, generate new ideas and push myself to get out and shoot, when really I should be dealing with my inbox.

I’ve created work I wouldn’t have, cheered myself up on grey days, enjoyed watching other people join us on this colourful treasure hunt and as ever, I love collaborating with Andrea.

My favourite pieces of work to come out of this project… were the transition stop motions.

Last year I created colourful collections each week and I wanted something new for 2016, so the idea of saying good-bye to one colour and hello to another seemed fun, as I’ve previously done it with a photo. Especially if I could use totally random things and play with them.

I love this series! Hope you enjoyed them too.


Thanks to everyone who followed along and joined in.

Till next time, we will update our shared space soon, so all the colours can sit together beautifully.

Not sure when we’ll be back, there are whisperings of doing it again, perhaps even this year?… I’ll keep you posted.






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BLUE is always a joy to finish the color//colour lovers project on.

Especially as this is often the week that the light shifts and the BLUE skies appear.

BLUE – you are hope that spring is on it’s way. Thank you.

Found the most darling street off the Kings Road, full of BLUE treats…

BLUE week was lovely! Beautiful BLUES from the lovely Andrea… We’ve been playing on Instagram using #colorcolourlovers

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February 28th, 2016 at 10:18 am


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ORANGE – I love you

Especially when you glow…

Or appear at my feet…

Or make the kitchen smell amazing!

Orange you were fun – thank you!

So long ORANGE, it’s time for some BLUE playtime…

Follow along with the lovely Andrea and I… on Instagram using #colorcolourlovers and share your BLUE beauties!


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February 27th, 2016 at 10:00 am


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GREEN week was pretty quiet… I didn’t get out and about as much unfortunately…

But I still found a few pockets of GREEN here and there, but not as much as I would’ve liked.

So long GREEN… thanks for bringing a little calm. On to ORANGE now…

Follow along with the lovely Andrea and I… on Instagram using #colorcolourlovers and share your ORANGE delights!…


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February 17th, 2016 at 10:47 pm


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PINK is always sweet… Had to dip into the archives a little too much for my liking this week. Stuck at my desk and terrible weather…. meant I didn’t get out enough.

But still took some candy coloured pics to make me smile…

Every week there’s a door… kinda feels a bit like cheating, coz it’s easy to find lovely doors in London… but I love them and this one is local to me and brings me joy every time I see it.

Goodbye PINK… thanks for being so lovely. On to GREEN now… how many shades can we find?…

Follow along with Andrea and I… on Instagram using #colorcolourlovers and share your GREEN finds…


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February 7th, 2016 at 5:16 pm


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YELLOW is my fav… always is and probably always will be.

Bright and sunny…

Most needed in what hasn’t been an easy week in SO many ways. The cheeriness has helped me through.

Andrea has been seeking out some special yellows... and our shared collection is building beautifully…

I don’t really want YELLOW to end… It’s been SO lovely filling my Instagram feed with all this sunshine.

But the project goes on… Goodbye YELLOW and it’s time to play with PINK!



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February 1st, 2016 at 12:26 pm


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RED – Good solid colour to kick off this years color//colour lovers project.

Andrea and I like starting strong and bold. There are so many shades of RED… just look at this frame.

It popped up in unlikely and obvious places.

In wonderful collections…

Wore something RED everyday…

Had a RED fruit party…

And saw lots of red doors… of course.

Thanks RED… You’re always great to get us off the starting blocks… Start watching this spot fill up.

Goodbye RED… hello YELLOW… my good friend.


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January 26th, 2016 at 12:18 am


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This time of year wouldn’t be the same without the color//colour lovers project…

SO it’s back for a fourth time! BOOM! (winter 2014 & summer 2014 & winter 2015)

Hosted by myself and the brilliant Andrea Jenkins – a fellow lover of all things colourful. We seek out colour in these drab weeks to guide us through to spring. It really works to lift the spirits and bring a bright focus to what’s… quite frankly, a tough time of year. It’s a colour prescription and I know it works.

Taking part is simple… find & make colour happen.

Photograph colour // Make film of colour // Wear colour // Play with colourful props // Go on colour hunts // Make bouquets of colourful flowers // Find colourful doors // Make GIFs of colour // Paint my nails in the colour of the week (of course) // Look in my archives for colour.

Each Monday a new colour adventure begins and all week Andrea & I are going to search & capture that colour…

Please join us wherever you play and share your work, with the hashtag #colorcolourlovers… we’d love to see what colour you’re finding.

It will be a six week exploration -

week one: Mon 18th Jan : RED

week two: Mon 25th Jan : YELLOW

week three: Mon 1st Feb : PINK

week four: Mon 8th Feb : GREEN

week six: Mon 15th Feb : ORANGE

week seven: Mon 22nd Feb : BLUE

I’ll be sharing my colours here and filling up on Instagram using #colorcolourlovers… and then both Andrea & I will add photos to our shared collection - It’s so pretty there… I love it.

Please feel free to join us – the more colour the better!

Let’s kick it off with a whole week of RED!


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January 17th, 2016 at 7:50 pm