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I’ve been reminiscing again…

This time looking at 12.12.12… it’s the 12th tomorrow!! these films were made only three years ago… but feels like WAY longer…

I literally just finished watching all of these, as I’m putting them into my new course space for the 2016 round of A YEAR OF CREATING TIME CAPSULES starting next week.

These films are a complete joy to me… those boys, I remember them like this of course, but they’re SO different now… not just the teeth and size of them, but also the little people they were… is so different to who they are now. I doubt I’d be able to get them to dance in front of the camera now!.

What a blessing to have this record of life on that day. I can’t stop smiling!

In fact, so much is different… the little things in the background that made up our life then, have changed… our home, our routine, our sofa, our car, our work, our activities… the list goes on. But they are preserved here.

I had another post scheduled to announce the winners of my giveaway… but I had to share these instead because they represent everything that a Time Capsule film should be.

A gift for the future.

What a pleasure it’s been transporting myself back to 2012.

Now… on to the winners… Picked randomly…

On the blog – Mel Whibley & on my Instagram post – themonsterandme

I’ll be in touch with the details you need.


If you didn’t get picked, don’t fret yet… I’ll be doing another giveaway on Monday for a couple of places on MAKE FILMS starting in January… stay tuned.

But there’s still time to join A YEAR OF CREATING TIME CAPSULES if you’d like to create some films to be your gift for the future…

The course starts on Wednesday 16th Dec… with registration remaining open till mid January for those wanting to start in the new year. I hope you’ll join us.

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December 11th, 2015 at 1:33 pm

12.12.12 – THE EVENING

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I’m continually blown away by the lovely responses to my films of our family life… and I’m very thankful to my family for allowing me to capture their every movement and share it for others to see… without their permission I wouldn’t be able to create this kind of work, and then inspire others to do the same.

Putting out such personal work is huge, and I, by no means find it easy… it’s vulnerable to the core… in a couple of ways.

First, the content… this is our life, who we are, the things we do and love… no it’s not the nitty gritty of dirty laundry, grumpiness, arguments, unclean bathroom, tears… Indeed, we have plenty of that going on here on a daily basis, but I don’t feel the need to capture that, let alone share it publicly. Here lies the beauty of making these films, is that you focus on the good, the details of stuff that mean something to you… the little things that are ordinary now, but will be amazing memory triggers as time fades.

When we focus on the good, the little things to be grateful for, it can have huge power in shifting how we approach all aspects of our life. I know this to be true, having spent 365 days looking for beauty to be grateful for… a project that changed so much of my life.

There is also vulnerability sharing this work because the technical side of shooting and editing can put you up for criticism… I don’t profess to know it all about making films, I only know what works for me, through trial and error, through exploring by myself and I’m learning more everyday… This is what I share in my courses, information I have learnt about what works, that’s all I can do. I want to be better, and each project I start and finish leads me in that direction… and then I share what I know for others to use in their creative lives.

This final part of 12.12.12 was the hardest for me to put together, and I nearly didn’t do it, because technically it drove me crazy!. We had just moved into our new basement flat, and it’s dark here!… really dark, oh so DARK even in the day. SO I really dislike the colour & sharpness of the footage… I’m also limited by only editing iMovie, which doesn’t offer enough in processing, but this is something I’m going to tackle in future projects…

So instead of giving up and leaving the footage to sit on my hard drive, I battled through it, ignoring the demons in my head that it’s not good enough and settling on… THIS IS OUR STORY… hanging out of the sofa watching Masterchef, secret silly dancing to camera when no ones watching, the conversations about wishing, climbing up the walls… it’s the stuff that I want to remember… that’s whats important and that’s what a Time Capsule is for, right?

Thank you to everyone that shared their 12.12.12 with me and the group that gathered… I learnt so much from you… mostly to valve community, and how we can so inspire and support each other to make the work that moves us… and this makes me excited for my new course A JOURNEY, as we’re going to be doing plenty of that!

I’m so happy to announce Monday’s winner of a place on A JOURNEY is Nanette – Please get in touch with me and I’ll sign you up straight away…

For those who didn’t win, the wonderful Karen has a giveaway too… you can comment here till tomorrow…

A JOURNEY starts next week… all the details are here…

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January 16th, 2013 at 12:42 pm

12.12.12 – DURING THE DAY

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Thank you so much for all the sweet words for the first part of 12.12.12 – the morning routine…

It’s most amusing that so many comments were made noticing the lens cap left in my back pocket! When editing this piece, I can’t tell you how annoyed I was that I’d left it visible!

Hey, that’s the beauty of real life with no chance to re-shoot it… believe me, I woulda if I coulda!… I’m sure plenty of you pop yours in your back pocket too!

So, on to the next part of the day…

During the day… There was a school assembly with Cosmo playing an old granny… then my sister pops over to be part of the film and we manage to make a photo session out of it… then catching the last light with the boys playing to the camera…

All good.

So special to have these moments preserved just by making the effort to shoot my day and putting it all together in a film.

It’s this kind of commitment that is behind my new course A JOURNEY… making time to create and giving this gift to yourself and others…

How about a little giveaway? I’d love to offer one place on A JOURNEY, just leave a comment about why you’d like to go on this Time Capsules journey… and I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday when I show the final installment of this 12.12.12 series…



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January 14th, 2013 at 1:42 pm


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Embarking on this 12.12.12 project has been wonderful to say the least…

I took part in 10.10.10 and then upped the game for 11.11.11… I loved this idea of capturing one day in our life on this special date…

As I knew I would be taking part 12.12.12 I thought I’d gather participants from my Creating Time Capsules courses to see if we could all do it together… hold each others hands through the process, share ideas and then get to watch everyone’s day in the weeks that followed. Anyone was welcome to join our group and even though not everyone took part took part on the day, it was great to have this community supporting each other.

Hopeful world jumped on board with me and together we’ve created a little mini film festival for people to enter their films… closing date is 14th Jan… there’s still time to enter…

There were great plans of doing something different for capturing my day, so I shot plenty… I wanted to present it differently as last year but kept finding myself editing in the same style. So instead of fighting it, I embraced it. This is my voice. This is my style. And I should own that.

I loved the fact that last year was broken down into sections of the day – morning, day and evening… especially loving the morning routine. SO why try and make it be different, why not create a similar piece that within it will share the similarities and differences of our life one year later.

This was a big step for me.

My films aren’t prefect by any means, I really struggled with lighting in our new dark flat in December and there were some tech issues, but the essence and the storytelling is us, and you know what, that’s what matters to me.

This is part one… with the next part coming on Monday…

Making these films is such a gift to my family, but you know what was the biggest and bestest part of this project, was watching everyone else’s stories of their day… how some had taken tips and tricks I’d shown them in Creating Time Capsules… but most importantly, they made the commitment to shoot on 12.12.12 and finish the project.

This has now sparked my new course A JOURNEY, where we’re going to do the same… making a commitment to shoot and edit our stories, give the gift to ourselves of personal projects and go on a journey together as a community… I’m so excited… there’s still time to jump on board, why don’t you join us?



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January 11th, 2013 at 11:55 am

12.12.12 – A FEW FRAMES

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Yesterday was… super cool. Taking time out and just shooting for me, for this 12.12.12 project… for the love of telling the story, on an ordinary day with a very cool date.

I’ve SO enjoyed encouraging others to shoot their day too… and already people are sharing their days in our FB group… I’ve seen drives through the snow, festive preparations and visits to the dentist. It’s so wonderful!

Makes me excited to launch A JOURNEY tomorrow… and gather another group of lovelies all with the intention to shoot their stories.

Here’s a selection of 12 (keeping with the theme, naturally) favourites so far from my day… oh yes, there’s more to come… I have tons of footage, not sure if it’s any good yet… I’ve got a lot of wading through it all to do… I’ll keep you posted.



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December 13th, 2012 at 7:03 pm

11.11.11 — 12.12.12

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One year, one month and one day ago this happened – 11.11.11…

The morning…

During the day…

The evening…

I knew I had to film my 11.11.11, just to tell my story… I had no idea what it would all lead too… and how much this project, would spark so much of what this year has brought me. My “why” approaching this project was I wanted to shoot more video, I’ve been dabbling in it for years & years, doing personal work, but not putting it out there. Now I wanted video to be a bigger part of my art. It moves me, it tells the stories I love.

My other “why” was the memories… however cliché that may be. I believe time moves by quickly and before we’ve acknowledged it, things have changed. It’s the whole reason I love my art, I love storytelling and why I have to keep doing it. And all I want to do is help others to do the same, so they’ll have something to look back on in years to come.

SO let me tell you… in one year, one month and one day…

These things have changed - 

Cosmo’s tooth did fall out.

Kick ups rarely happen any more

There hasn’t been much ice-mining lately

Our home is in a different location

The cats have grown

The leaves have gone

Thing that are the same -

Asterisk addiction

Nutella consumption

Sofa jumping

“Our iGeneration”

My car

We’re all healthy, happy and together

Guitars are played frequently

Who knows what I will capture today, or if it will be any good, but I do know, my passion for shooting & gathering memories is never going to stop. Ever.

I’m going to enjoy indulging my passion all day, and shooting my little butt off!

What are you doing today? Are you capturing 12.12.12?


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December 12th, 2012 at 12:12 am


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As part of our Behind The Scenes course, I share a video tutorial of how to put yourself in front of the camera.

I thought I’d share it here for those taking part 12.12.12 incase they fancy a little chat to camera… and for anyone else wanting to video blog.

Videoing yourself is not for everyone, I know it scares me, but I’m also kinda drawn to it… weird? I do it for my courses and I also like to put myself (when I can) into my films, because I believe it’s important to be part of the story too.

Here are my top five tips for talking to camera, should you be a little curious to do it…

  1. Find good light and space you feel comfortable with no distractions - Talking to camera is uncomfortable situation for most people, but be brave and keep doing it, as only practice, practice, practice will help you get better.
  2. Look into the camera, it’s about making contact with your viewer. Imagine you’re talking to a friend.
  3. Have an idea of what you might say, either a list in your head to keep the conversation more casual and spontaneous or make bullet point notes, to put by the side of your camera, to prompt you while you’re talking.
  4. Remember to check what you’ve recorded, to make sure you’ve got it in the bag. And don’t worry if you ramble on, because you can always edit it down.
  5. Have fun, experiment and don’t take yourself too seriously… Be YOU… get all the silliness and embarrassment out of you, make noises, be silly and then take a deep breath and BE YOU.

The video tutorial goes over these points in my silly way… I recorded this a few months ago, and I’m really cringing inside now I’ve watched it back… but hey ho, if I can do it, so can you…

Oh gosh, it makes me miss my old kitchen!… If you’ve survived watching my nonsense… perhaps you’d like to view the even more silly out-takes here.



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December 7th, 2012 at 2:32 pm


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I took this photo during the move, it was of the same mirror from these photos… I was mostly drawn to the light coming in as the movers lugged the boxes out of the house.

I hadn’t noticed the other story in this photo, until a couple of friends on instagram commented about the open door… Oh my goodness, how apt was that! here we are closing the door on this chapter, and out through the open door to a new adventure. I love that.


Wow, thanks so much for your kind words and messages of support for our moving day and my little Time Capsule… You guys are the best! I’m happy to announce the winner picked at random, for a spot on Creating Time Capsules is… Leigh Love - I’ll be in touch later today with all the details you need.

One week to go till 12.12.12… There is quite a wonderful group growing over on Facebook, to take on this project and tell the story of their day in the life… I know not everyone likes Facebook, but I found it can be a great place for people to gather… I’ve been sharing various bits of inspiration over there and we’re counting down the days… “We’re all in this together” – Why don’t you jump on board?



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December 5th, 2012 at 5:06 pm

FIVE FRIDAY :: 12.12.12

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Can I tell you about my latest project? Let me break it down into FIVE chunks as it is 5 on Friday…

* For the past two years I’ve been involved in One Day On Earth, a global project gathering footage from all across the world. I’ve had some of my footage included, but that wasn’t my main goal… the main goal was to be part of a community… and be motivated to go shoot something. As much as I recommend being part of this global project… Lately, I’ve been drawn to create a community, just a little smaller & more imitate… so I’ve been gathering people who took part in my Creating Time Capsules Course and inviting them to use the skills they learnt in my course, to create some magic on 12.12.12… but now I’d love to invite anyone else out there who’d like to jump on board…

* For me, making a Time Capsule is taking photos or video, or both and packaging it up into a film that can looked back on years to come. I make films, like these… but you could get involved on 12.12.12 in any way… take a few images, blog about it, make a GIF or make a slideshow. Record some audio. You could video a segment of your day (unedited) and share it, you could shoot something on your phone or camera, edit it with your heart and put it out for others to see… or the big one…video and photograph your whole (or part of your) day and make a time capsule film. What do you think??? Shall we hang out on 12.12.12 and record our day in the life?

* I’m inviting you to make your own Time Capsule. Make it your way. That’s the beauty of it. We all have our own tale to tell… Through video, photos, writing. Whatever! Let’s use this historic day of 12.12.12 to focus on being present. Really be present in the moment, recognising and acknowledging our everyday lives and deciding what we want to remember. The beauty is, you’ll then have this day in your life to look back on… I did it last year on 11.11.11 and so much has changed in a year! Who knows what you’ll be doing next year… where you’ll be… what’s the same and what will be different. What’s interesting is choosing what you’ll shoot and then what you’ll share… If you’ve been looking to do “a day in the life” project, this might be just the time to do!

* I’ve gathered a group of past students of Creating Time Capsules and anyone else who wants to do involved, over in a Facebook group. I’ve found through my teaching, that being part of a group makes us accountable… sometimes as creatives we need that. Fellow like-minded people looking out for each other, inspiring and encouraging along the way. Together this group will spur each other on to tell the story of their day, then package it up into a Time Capsule for others to see. Imagine how beautiful it will be to watch everyone’s stories unfold in the weeks following 12.12.12. Powerful stuff.

The details - You don’t have to have taken Creating Time Capsules to be part of this… all you need to do is commit to recording your day on 12.12.12, and if you’d like, you can join us at Facebook in our 12.12.12 group… click to join and I’ll add you… and that’s it.

Let me know what you think? Are you on board? I’m excited!

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November 23rd, 2012 at 2:38 pm