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11.11.11 — 12.12.12

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One year, one month and one day ago this happened – 11.11.11…

The morning…

During the day…

The evening…

I knew I had to film my 11.11.11, just to tell my story… I had no idea what it would all lead too… and how much this project, would spark so much of what this year has brought me. My “why” approaching this project was I wanted to shoot more video, I’ve been dabbling in it for years & years, doing personal work, but not putting it out there. Now I wanted video to be a bigger part of my art. It moves me, it tells the stories I love.

My other “why” was the memories… however cliché that may be. I believe time moves by quickly and before we’ve acknowledged it, things have changed. It’s the whole reason I love my art, I love storytelling and why I have to keep doing it. And all I want to do is help others to do the same, so they’ll have something to look back on in years to come.

SO let me tell you… in one year, one month and one day…

These things have changed - 

Cosmo’s tooth did fall out.

Kick ups rarely happen any more

There hasn’t been much ice-mining lately

Our home is in a different location

The cats have grown

The leaves have gone

Thing that are the same -

Asterisk addiction

Nutella consumption

Sofa jumping

“Our iGeneration”

My car

We’re all healthy, happy and together

Guitars are played frequently

Who knows what I will capture today, or if it will be any good, but I do know, my passion for shooting & gathering memories is never going to stop. Ever.

I’m going to enjoy indulging my passion all day, and shooting my little butt off!

What are you doing today? Are you capturing 12.12.12?


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December 12th, 2012 at 12:12 am

11.11.11 : part three : the evening.

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Thank you so much for all the comments and love for part one & part two of our time capsule day for the 11.11.11 project – One Day on Earth.

This is quite a personal piece of work for me and my family, making it a BIG step for me to share… and I understand it may not be interesting to others, but to me… this is our life… how we are at this time, creating these moments, these everyday things, and I’m so glad I have them now forever. And by sharing it here I hoped it would inspire others…..

I’d LOVE to capture more people like this… really spend time with them, see their life… their ups & downs and make a time capsule to have forever, so please get in touch if you’d be interested. Otherwise you could register an interest in my formulating idea of showing you how I created this time capsule, so you can make one of your own… join my mailing list… I’ve created a brand new email subscribe form here…..

Part three is a Friday night at home of guitar playing, treats, ipods and hanging out and some more wonderfulness from Cosmo (who told us all about the disgusting Egyptians in part one…loved that!) but first there is his sulk, yes there is some grumpiness… illustrating the ups and downs of our family life…. oh and of course “stairway to heaven” which is the riff of the moment…

Thanks for being here…. x.

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December 7th, 2011 at 1:42 pm

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11.11.11 : during the day : part two

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Wow.. thank you for all the lovely responses to my post yesterday… gosh I’m over whelmed… Such sweet messages. I will keep you posted as something develops in the new year, so happy that some of you may join me on this journey.

So…… On to part two of 11.11.11, (part one is here) this is the slower part of the day, as it’s just me… working and doing my thing…

Come by tomorrow for the final part of 11.11.11 – in the evening, just us hanging out… there is a lot of guitar playing and more from my boys. See you then xxx

If you are interested in staying in touch with me about learning to create these kind of videos yourself, I’ve created a brand new email subscribe form here…..

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December 6th, 2011 at 3:00 pm

11.11.11 : part one : the morning routine

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So 11.11.11 saw me take part in One Day on Earth…… I photographed and filmed my day alongside many other people from all over the world.

Recording the day and editing it together has been so wonderful, a really great project to work on…. and now I’ve created a very personal piece of work, our own time capsule… a day of our life captured forever.

With so much footage, our day has been split into three parts, which will be shared over the coming days.

It’s like most days in our life, it starts with the morning routine… welcome to our morning….

This idea of a making a time capsule has got me thinking… would you like to create a little slice of your life in a film or slideshow?….

I loved doing it and creating the other films I’ve been making from the “I love…” series… and I’ve had a few people ask if I would share how and what I’m doing… So an idea is formulating in my head…

Would you be interested in the idea of an e-course?… a workshop? … Would you like some hints & tips to inspire you to make your own time capsule?…. mmmmmmm, have a think…

Please let me know if you’re interested. I’ve created a brand new email subscribe form here….. (so we can stay in touch) or leave a comment here… or drop me an email –

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

11.11.11 : part one

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Today is 11.11.11. I’ve been recording my day.

Here’s a peek of my morning… more footage to come… it’s been really lovely to capture my ordinary.

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November 11th, 2011 at 9:09 pm

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