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Here’s the back story… of how it’s a list thing all began…



We love making lists… Francesca & I (you may remember we work on these products together) thought it would be fun to bring this collaboration back… and you’re all welcome to join in, in fact we’d love to have you… pop on over to see the lists already there.

Let’s make lists!! – This month’s theme is “Things that make me feel grown up”

Written by xanthe

July 6th, 2012 at 5:14 pm

  • Renee

    I think you are my mind reader. This morning I decided I need to put a some lists together. Because I am very grown up, and someone needs to do it. And much needs to be done. grin.

  • Mary

    I LOVE lists, too! super-excited to see this … on a saturday morning when I was just randomly going through my google reader searching for inspiration! question – would you mind if I grabbed a badge from the site to post on my blog? thanks! – Mary

  • Samantha

    Oh my…I could seriously see myself getting addicted to this…

    1) My very first blog post in January made reference to my love of lists:

    2) I’m signed up to this event next thursday – even though I don’t really have any idea what it is all about…

    3) And now I see this…

    In answer to the blog title above – Yes…I am most definitely a list lover…

    Off to write my list now! xx

  • naquillity

    good luck with your list project. looks like several have already joined in on the fun. have a great weekend~

  • Maggie

    This looks FABULOUS!!!! Just signed up!