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Time Capsule film is a fun & captivating, memory evoking film, created by you! A little bundle of time… your unique moments, packaged up in a movie; using a mix of photos or video, for you to share and enjoy… forever.

I believe our everyday moments are precious and the stories of our lives are worth capturing & remembering.


I make time capsules of photos and videos of my life and now you can start to do it too.

Let’s call it a gift for yourself. A way to combine the endless photos and footage we take of “stuff” we do everyday.


My online course Creating Time Capsules as been extended & adapted into something SPECIAL for 2015.

This course will be a year long experience – we will use materials from my original Creating Time Capsules course – plenty of simple project ideas, with tips & inspiration to shoot & edit your films into Time Capsules, packed with memories to have for years to come.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt teaching Creating Time Capsules is that people love making films & taking photos as much as I do. Sometimes they would just like MORE inspiration, MORE time & space to create… so now we have time to PLAY!

A YEAR OF Creating Time Capsules is about taking photos & making films all year long - a gentle nudge to create again and create often, so you can have some wonderful memories of this year.

You will be part of a community all with the same goal – to tell the stories through photos and video. When we do things together, we become accountable. You will have each other to share ideas and more importantly inspire each other. This is huge.

Let’s explore different projects and subjects. Let’s examine story telling and finding our voice and the different ways we can capture our memories.

During the course I will highlight projects I’ve created… Show you how I shot it & edited it. Either by sharing my process step by step or the key points to spark you with your projects.

There will be opportunities to shoot your stories and create the films the way you want too. These techniques can be used to make films not just of your life, but for your blog or to promote your business or anything you can imagine.


So… how will the course work?

During the course there will be the opportunity to create various films made by you, using any kind of camera… I’ll be sharing examples of films made with a DSLR and on the iPhone…

  • There will be guidance for shooting, with tips & examples of what you can shoot and how to approach certain aspects (some of this material will be from my other courses). There will be plenty of simple projects ideas to spark your creativity, through experimentation & play.
  • For the film editing – I will work in iMovie primarily, offering tips and showing you how I approach editing in this program. We will look at the basics of  iMovie through step by step tutorials… how I approach editing my movies to give you the kickstart to go play and practice yourself.
  • The schedule and the amount of film projects you complete will be set by you – I’m recommending one film a month… but you could more or less. All the initial project ideas and inspiration will be available at the start of the course, and you can work at your own pace. I will guide and encourage you along the way.
  • Your finished film projects can be shared in a brand new Vimeo community group, where participants can also interact and ask questions in the forum area.
  • A monthly email of encouragement to support you along the way and ”behind the scenes” look at what I’ve been creating.
  • The option of one-to-one feedback for an additional fee.
  • The course IS COMING BACK FOR 2016 – STARTING IN DEC 2015 and will run for 12 months.

  • For participants of previous courses, there is an SPECIAL ALUMNI RATE – Please email me for details – xantheb@mac.com



What will I need?

  • to set aside some time to shoot and edit for the projects.
  • the ability to shoot photos and video. Any camera can be used, if you’re not that familiar with it, you’ll need time practice and play. I won’t be covering technical aspects of specific cameras. The shooting part of the course offers tips and guidance on how and what to shoot. Please feel free to use your favourite camera, whether it’s a DSLR, or hand-held video recorder or even an mobile device…or a combination.
  • a computer with an editing program. This isn’t a technical editing class. It will offer an introduction to editing, showing you the basics and sharing tips; enabling you to take the leap and discover more. I will be showing you how I work in iMovie (Mac). I won’t be sharing tutorials in Windows programs, but you are welcome to edit in it and there are plenty of other online tutorials to assist you. You can, of course, use another program, a lot of the advice and tips can be easily transferred.
  • access to the internet to view the course content. All the tutorials will be available through Vimeo and our community space will be housed there too, with a members only group to share our films/projects, ask questions and share ideas.
  • and lastly, but probably most importantly… a commitment to create, connect and capture your stories and adventures.

Some questions that might be going through your mind….

How is this course different from your other classes?

It is an extended version of the Creating Time Capsules course… Some of the materials and tutorials will be used again. New materials will be added as the year goes on, depending on the needs of the participants. Being part of this course, means you will be part of the community that gathers together… previous classes have shown me, this is a wonderful experience as there is so much inspiration to gain from each others films.

I’ve taken your course before, I’d like to join in again.

There is a special alumni rate – please email me for details – xantheb@mac.com

A whole year of making films! – I can’t commit to something that long…

I used to be the same, but for the past two years I’ve made films all year long, with a goal of one film a month. It’s good to have a goal and a focus to stay inspired. Just imagine how amazing it will be to look back at your year in December 2015. It feels pretty good!

I only have an iPhone or mobile device; can I make films with this?

Absolutely! Simple films can be created with these devices. They’re great to play around with, and it’s often the camera we have with us most of the time.

I’ve never shot video on my DSLR, will there be technical advice for this?

I will be sharing how I shoot and the course will share tips of what to shoot; composition ideas and shot lists. There will be plenty of encouragement to play and experiment. This class won’t show the ins and outs of shooting with a DSLR… There are plenty of online tutorials to get you started.

I have never edited a video before, will I be able to follow along?

Yes, I will share tutorials for working in iMovie. All this information should be enough for you to get started. I won’t be working in Windows Moviemaker… again, there are plenty of online tutorials available to help you with this and you’re welcome to use any editing program you are familiar with.

Do I have to have children to take part in this course? 

No, you don’t have to have children to take part. Most of my films contain my children, because they are part of the memories I want to hold on to… but if you’d like to take part as an individual, and tell your individual stories… we welcome you with open arms.

Is there a set time to be in class? Do I have to stick to deadlines for the projects?

Everyone works at different paces, so there is no set time to be in the online space or deadlines to complete your film. Once the course begins, you can work through the material at your own pace, and submit your projects into the Vimeo whenever you choose. During the year there is the opportunity to create as many films as you like…. it’s up to you.

I’d like to take part, but I don’t want to share my films of my family & children online?

The class community happens in a private group in Vimeo, within our group private films to still be added and are visible to only members of the group. Having said that, it is also possible to take part and not share any of your work. You’re welcome to be part of the group to view other members work, to get inspired and to ask questions, with no pressure to share…

I’m not sure I have enough time to create films?

Life is busy, with work and life commitments. I know this! But I know when I make pockets of time to do creative projects; the rewards are HUGE! A lot of these projects can be tackled in a small amount of time… how much time you put into the course is up to you. It’s always worth it!

If you have any further questions… pop me an email - xantheb@mac.com

Some of my films from the last couple of years are below….

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