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I believe in telling stories.

I love taking photos & shooting videos and combining these to make Time Capsule films – films of my stories, our memories and our everyday…

I believe this is a gift to myself, my family and others.

How about you?

The biggest thing I’ve learnt teaching Creating Time Capsules, is that people love making films as much as I do. They would just like more inspiration, time & space to create…

Everyone has a story to tell – your films can be of your everyday life and family, and it can also be just about YOU, where you live, what you like to do… it can be stories of your business or your passions.

I’ve designed a new course that takes you and keeps you on the Creating Time Capsules journey… a journey to create the projects you want to create… with guidance to making more time to do work like this, with inspiration from others on the same journey + tips and techie stuff to spark more creativity and project ideas to get you started.

You can give yourself the gift to create a little bit of magic regularly by pledging to do it… really do it. Embarking on this Time Capsule Journey will help you set goals for your projects, either ambitious or realistic and work towards that.

Life gets in the way… Other priorities came up… Resistance can be the biggest stumbling block with our creativity. We resist starting things and find excuses not to get involved. What if we worked together to overcome this and did the work to make magic and create Time Capsules of our stories & memories?

Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY is about monthly projects spaced over three months – a gentle nudge to create again and create often, so it becomes a habit and something you do regularly.

You will be part of a community all with the same goal – to tell the stories through photos and video. When we do things together, we become accountable. You will have each other to share ideas and more importantly inspire each other. This is huge.

There will be inspiration and activities to find more time for creativity, overcome resistance and the excuses we make not to do personal projects.

Let’s explore different projects and subjects. Let’s examine story telling and finding our voice and why we shoot the way we do.

Each month I will highlight one project I’ve been working on… Show you how I shot it, edited it and shared it. Either by sharing my process step by step or the key points to spark you with your projects.

There will be opportunities to shoot your stories and create the films the way you want too. Using the skills learnt in the original Time Capsules course and building on it with new skills in shooting & editing. These techniques can be used to make films not just of your life, but for your blog or to promote your business or anything you can imagine.

Sprinkled throughout the course will be – A music club – sharing sources and fav tunes : A film club – Let’s look at how directors/artists shoot movies and how can we apply those methods to our work? : Photo taking and encouragement to print and make hold in your hand Time Capsules.

The details -

The course is three months long, giving opportunity to make at least three projects (if you work at the pace of one project a month). Access to the material will be available for a further 3 months.

Every month there will be a mixture of tutorials, inspiration, tips & tricks in the private classroom, which you can work through at your pace. Exact details of the timetable will be available when the course commences.

This class is currently being updated - Please join my mailing list to receive more details about when registration opens. 

*A general understanding of photography, shooting video and editing – You don’t need to have taken the original Creating Time Capsules course, but it may give you a good knowledge to build on this journey.

*The ability to shoot photos and video. Any camera can be used, as long as you are familiar with it or willing to practice and play. I won’t be covering any technical aspects of cameras. The shooting part of the course is inspirational, offering tips and guidance of how and what to shoot. Please feel free to use your favourite camera, whether it’s a DSLR, or hand-held video recorder or even an iphone or you can use a combination of cameras!.

*Access to editing programs, this isn’t a technical editing class as such, I will be sharing tips & tricks, enabling you to take the leap and discover more. I will be working mainly in iMovie and sharing my projects in that. I won’t be sharing tutorials in Windows programs, but you are welcome to edit in it and there are plenty of other online tutorials to assist you. You can, of course, use another program, some of the advice and tips can be transferred easily.

*Online access to Facebook. I realise not everyone likes Facebook, but I’ve found it’s a valuable resource for the community to connect and share their work.

*And lastly, but probably most importantly… a commitment to go on a journey and tell your stories.

If you have any other questions please email me :: xantheb@mac.com

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December 6th, 2012 at 12:43 pm

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  • http://www.facebook.com/ccharteris Christina Charteris

    her course IS wonderful =)

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  • Mary Liebeskind

    Your course sounds wonderful

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  • http://www.worthherweight.com Taryn Pyle

    I have a camera and a video camera. They are separate. Does that matter?