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During our trip to Mexico with First Choice Holidays, I fell in love with the 787 Dreamliner plane. You can read my gushing love letter here.

So when the blogging team at First Choice invited me to spend more time on this marvellous plane and to stop off for lunch in Palma, Mallorca! I jumped at the chance.

An early start had us enjoying a presentation on the plane for press and media, as Thompson Holidays announced their future plans to become the world’s best ‘holiday airline’. There are plans for family seating areas, contact with your resorts so you can start planning your activities in the air before arrival. More Dreamliners on order and some exciting new destinations.

During the flight I was sat with some lovely bloggers, including the lovely Katie who I’ve spent time with at other events plus we collaborate over at I Heart Snapping. We were treated to a delicious breakfast and a light show! called the Tui Wave – on a regular flight this would happen before take off… we were able to experience it numerous times, so everyone could grab a snap shot.

Once we’d landed, there was a chance to explore the plane more, check out the cock pit and talk to the pilot, who also happened to be the MD of Thomson airline!

A quick drive into Palma and the most delicious meal at Ca’n Eduardo with stunning views of the marina.

And a brief walk in the sunshine with the delightful Poppy Loves soaking up the heat and the colours.

Then back on the Dreamliner for the most gorgeous sunset as we took off… and one of the perks of travelling premium economy on a night flight with Thomson – cozy duvets and hot chocolate with marshmallows – they know how to look after their customers!

Thanks to the lovely team at the First Choice blog for inviting me and to all those at First Choice & Thomson Holidays who made the day so special, I had such a super time with everyone!

Photos captured on Canon 5DmIII & iPhone 5s


Written by xanthe

October 16th, 2014 at 11:26 am

  • mummydaddyme

    You are just so talented Xanthe, your photos of the day are just gorgeous. It was such an amazing day and so lovely to spend some time with you. Would love to meet up with you Alison and Poppy ;) in London soon! x