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I managed to make 30 films in 30 days. Just little mini film each day – little snippets of life and fun. A commitment to create and share something everyday.

How did you get on?

What ever you did as part of the project – Thank you for joining in or following along.

Over 770 films have been shared on Instagram on the #makefilms_dailyproject tag… which is AMAZING!

Here are my stats -

Stop Motions – 7

Films with flowers or plants – 2

Films containing Time Lapses – 5

Films with autumn leaves – 9!

Slow Mo teatimes – 4

Films containing gin – 1

Films at a workshop – 2

Films with Boomerangs – 3

Films while on a bike ride – 6

Scenes From The Weekend – 4

Films shot at events – 4

Films containing elements of festiveness – 2

Scenes From Today or Yesterday – 7

All cameras used – Canon 5D3 & 5D4, Canon G7x and iPhone 6s

What have I learnt doing this…

Personal projects are so important. Making something just for you is so important. Having fun with a project is so important. When the line between what I create for work and for me is so blurred, it’s good to do something just for me, even if it’s related or similar to something I create for work… it’s still for me to experiment and play. I never want to stop playing.

Community spurs you on. Knowing I had a group of creatives all making alongside me, so encouraged me. I was inspired by the films they made and so proud of those who showed up every day (or nearly every day) with their wonderful views of the world and creative ideas.

Doing something everyday keeps you on your toes. The daily practice is so powerful (and exhausting!) but it gets that creative muscle really working and makes you produce things that you might not have tried or been bothered to finish. I like that. You show up with what ever you have. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done.

If you took part, I hope you’ve taken away something from the experience. Even if it’s nothing more than a collection of films you might not have made otherwise.

I’m so proud of everyone who joined in on Instagram using the #makefilms_dailyproject tag. I can’t tell you how much I smile every time, I watch the beautiful work made. Thank you for joining me on this big commitment.

Shall we do it again in the Spring 2017?!!


Day 25 - BOOMERANG SAVES THE DAY – Shot on iPhone 6s using the Boomerang App.

Day 26 - SLOW MO TEATIME – COSY TIME & PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE – Shot on Canon 5D4 in slow mo.

Day 27 - COSY CARDIGANS FROM BODEN CLOTHING - Shot on Canon 5D3 in stop motion.

Day 28 - MINI MONDAY MOVIE – SISTER TIME & DONUTS – Shot on Canon 5D4 & iPhone 6s

Day 29 - SCENES FROM MONDAY - Shot on Canon 5D4 & iPhone 6s

Day 30 – YAY! - Shot on Canon 5D3 in stop motion.



Written by xanthe

November 30th, 2016 at 4:25 pm