2014 :: WHAT A YEAR!

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Before I can welcome in 2015, it’s a good idea to say thanks to 2014 as it’s been an incredible year…

It started with a word… my intention for the year ahead. I knew it was going to be a big year for me – big birthday, big intentions & big plans… it was the year to make lots happen.

I wanted to build on everything I’ve been working toward for years… I wanted to succeed in growing my business, be open & receive more opportunities, spend time adventuring & travelling with my family & for my work, push myself beyond my comfort zone…do the work I really love…. it was time to really thrive.

I’m beyond grateful for this year, for the things I experienced, for the steps I’ve taken, for the work I’ve created, for the places I’ve seen, for the people I’ve met & photographed or filmed, for the people I’ve taught, for the happiness, for the opportunities to do what I love and share that with my family.

2014 you rocked – My personal highlights are below… {not everything about the year was easy or fun, but I don’t want to dwell on that as when I focus on the good and the positive, more of that comes…} Long may the goodness continue, as I hope 2015 brings plenty more of this…

The year started off with a colour project to blast the greys away… color//colourlovers with Andrea. (We found colour again in July and hopefully it will be back in 2015)

February was a trip to Germany with some awesome instagrammers…

March was my birthday – so I reminisced, had a party and began a love affair with my new bike - oh and finally made the birthday list.

The love of card tricks was in full effect.

April saw the first camping trip of the year and running through fields of yellow… as the light returned.

The month of May was a packed one – beginning with a trip to Nice to celebrate my friend’s 40th with all my girlfriends & our families… & one of my films used by Canon on their site…

Blogtactular pushed me out of my comfort zone with a colourful balloon photo walk and a talk sharing my film making & storytelling tips.

At the end of May was the big trip to Mexico. This fun filled trip had us body surfing in the ocean and zip lining through the jungle TWICE… and so much more. All thanks to First Choice holidays.

June & July were packed to the brim as the summer began – moving house, weekends away, wonderful family sessions, a day at Wimbledon, fun at Pedlars, more camping and the best festival fun at Somersault.

August brought much needed calm as the boys went away and it was just us. Time for some family sessions and then we all travelled to Wales to visit Harwarden and then Pembrokshire, via colourful scenery.

It was a BRILLIANT summer - A real delight.

September – First, The Good Life Experience gave us a wonderful taste of the outdoors…

Then I traveled along the most beautiful train journey to Rhode Island and guided a lovely bunch of ladies on colourful photo walks for Squam In The City, thanks to Elizabeth for inviting me.

October – three days in New York! and then one day in Palma!

And A Week of Mornings… sometimes the everyday is the most beautiful.

November was focused on GATHER :: the first retreat hosted by Kim and I – a beach house in California to shoot and share our passions with a bunch of kindred spirits. It was a dream come true and where I shared Luke’s first spoon.

Thank you to everyone who made it so amazing, especially to my dear friend Kim.

And here we are in December… at the end with a full heart – There was a beautiful Saturday & a look at my Sunday films, an addiction to slow mo and all the festive celebrations.

Thank you 2014 – you whizzed by so brilliantly + thank you to all my boys who fill my life with so much joy and energy.

Roll on 2015 – Let it be the best year yet! I’m ready for more…


Thanks for visiting here… xo




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December 30th, 2014 at 8:53 pm

  • http://lucrecer.com/ lucrecer

    I love all the color that showed up in your 2014! Have a wonderful new year!

  • mummydaddyme

    What a beautiful year you have had Xanthe. I just am in awe of your beautiful photography and the way you embrace every day life. Let’s have a few meet ups in 2015 please! :) xx

  • http://lifeinthewyldewest.wordpress.com/ Tracie West

    what a beautiful year you had! I was excited to see we are in the hours together, I have had the pleasure of meeting you because I signed up for your year long time capsule class so seems we will be spending some time together, I’m so excited about that, you are color, joy and zest for life. I’m excited for 2015. My word is balance.

    Love your new friend

  • Tahnee

    oh Xanthe – this is so, SO wonderful! looking back.. my goodness you could not have squeezed anything else in!! what a joy it is to share this journey with you – over the internet.. through IG.. through your films.. words fail me.. to express my awe, inspiration, gratitude.. for you, your brilliant, BRILLIANT mind, your creativity, your freedom and willingness to break all the rules.. all you give when you don’t know you’re giving anything at all.. when I need inspiration, colour, a breath of fresh air, or just because.. I click to you. THANKYOU for being the wonderful soul you are – you have inspired me more than you could EVER know. I am so looking forward to the year ahead and to continue this journey with you.. from opposite sides of the world! much love and gratitude xxx

    • http://www.oneblackdogphotography.com/ Christina

      what she said ;) cheers!