11.11.11 — 12.12.12

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One year, one month and one day ago this happened – 11.11.11…

The morning…

During the day…

The evening…

I knew I had to film my 11.11.11, just to tell my story… I had no idea what it would all lead too… and how much this project, would spark so much of what this year has brought me. My “why” approaching this project was I wanted to shoot more video, I’ve been dabbling in it for years & years, doing personal work, but not putting it out there. Now I wanted video to be a bigger part of my art. It moves me, it tells the stories I love.

My other “why” was the memories… however cliché that may be. I believe time moves by quickly and before we’ve acknowledged it, things have changed. It’s the whole reason I love my art, I love storytelling and why I have to keep doing it. And all I want to do is help others to do the same, so they’ll have something to look back on in years to come.

SO let me tell you… in one year, one month and one day…

These things have changed - 

Cosmo’s tooth did fall out.

Kick ups rarely happen any more

There hasn’t been much ice-mining lately

Our home is in a different location

The cats have grown

The leaves have gone

Thing that are the same -

Asterisk addiction

Nutella consumption

Sofa jumping

“Our iGeneration”

My car

We’re all healthy, happy and together

Guitars are played frequently

Who knows what I will capture today, or if it will be any good, but I do know, my passion for shooting & gathering memories is never going to stop. Ever.

I’m going to enjoy indulging my passion all day, and shooting my little butt off!

What are you doing today? Are you capturing 12.12.12?


Written by xanthe

December 12th, 2012 at 12:12 am

  • amandasummons

    This is absolutely brilliant and beautiful :) just watched it all <3

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