10 ON 10 :: NOVEMBER

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Another month whizzed by…

My 10 on 10 for this month was earlier this week, as Ky celebrated his 11th birthday…

*Morning treats 

*Present excitement!

*Happy Birthday sung by his cousins.

*The white diabolo sticks he’s been longing for…

*New diabolo to add to his collection.

*The collection.

*Off to school.

* Tradition means at 5.07pm we light a firework as that was the moment he was born.

*And then he makes a wish and we all sing. Happy Birthday my love.

Now head on over to Jill to see her 10 on 10… see you next month….




Written by xanthe

November 10th, 2012 at 3:00 pm

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  • Tina

    i love these and i love that you light a firework at the time they were born. what an awesome idea! happy birthday ky!

  • http://www.worthherweight.com Taryn Pyle

    This is awesome. I love your story in pictures and video! I have 5 nephews and want to get started doing this.

    Question for you. What is this item diablo? Is this a game you play?

  • Irene

    happy happy birthday to our favorite 11 year-old from Irene, Sean and Will. xoxo

  • http://www.colourofpomegranates.com Tamar Haytayan

    Love the photo of Ky opening his presents. precious. and love your tradition of fireworks at the time he was born. pure magic. x

  • http://mainemomma.blogspot.com/ kristin

    happy birthing day mama! so much emotion in the day isn’t it. oh how i love that you light a firework at the time of his birth each year. that is “brilliant!” proper indeed. ;)


  • http://www.unravelingthislife.com Jill

    My god, how I love that tradition of fireworks at the time of birth! Looks like this was an awesome birthday for your son.

  • http://gonzomamaknits.blogspot.com jess

    xanthe, he has THE best smile! just absolutely contagious. the firework tradition will absolutely be adopted by us in the coming year. so much love going on here : )

    (and happy belated birthday to you both!)

  • http://www.kaishon.com Life with Kaishon

    What a fun Birthday! Love the firework tradition!

  • http://intheviolethour.com kristen

    the firework lighting at the time of birth is brilliant. happy birthday to your boy, 11 is a big year. xo

  • http://Bethanypetrik.com Bethany

    Omg, he looks just like you! I love the firework tradition! How awesome. I assume that’s legal there?

  • http://suzannegipson.com suzanne

    omg!! Present excitement!! Love that photo!!