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This 10 on 10 project is great for keeping me accountable… all you have to do is shoot 10 frames to represent one day (any day) of the month… just 10 frames for one day, sounds easy, but I tell you, it slips my mind, other things take over, and I often leave it till a few days… sometimes just the day before!

This year, I’d like to be different… I’m working on the “eradication of procrastination” – I feel this may be a tricky one, as leaving things till the last minute is my go-to way of doing things… a lifetime of working this way!

So I started as I’d like to go on… and I shot my day well in advance, and I even prepared this post early… not the night before as I’ve previously done.

Here is part of our New Years Day… we decided to have a special day… our favourite pub, serving our favourite food, with some special friends…

A great way to start 2013…

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January 10th, 2013 at 3:00 pm

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  • Julia Goss

    beautiful post xanthe !!Happy new year !

  • http://www.erikarayphotography.com erika

    I’ve been craving oysters for so long it isn’t funny! I want your day!

  • Laura

    Such a lovely red scarf for a pretty selfie! This looks like such a good day…love oysters on the half shell.

  • http://www.unravelingthislife.com Jill

    Three-quarters of the time, I forget after 10 AM if I’m trying on a weekday. If I can’t have my camera out, I’ll forget all about it. Looks like y’all started 2013 off with a bang!

  • http://www.abeautifullifephoto.com amy grace

    this looks like the kind of day i could do everyday. i love getting this sense of a different world through you. the novelty of england, the color you use like a master, the regular old details that feel anything but. it’s like taking a little vacation. and your bravery in self portraits is fantastic, though you’re so beautiful… xo

  • http://www.KathleenFordyce.com/blog Kathleen

    “Eradication of procrastination” – that is a lofty goal! I tend to struggle with procrastination, too, unless there is a deadline. I NEVER miss a deadline. I just get frustrated that if I hadn’t wasted my time procrastinating, I could have gotten so much more done!

    Would love to hear your tips/plans and progress as you go along. Good luck! And Happy New Year!

  • http://www.breannapeterson.com/posts Breanna

    love these- looks like the perfect start to a new year!!