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June has been colourful and sunny so far…

- Photowalks at Blogtacular and Mollie Makes Handmade awards – (separate posts to come.)

- Sunset basketball & skate sessions.

- Food from markets and home made treats.

- Bike rides anytime I can… I love my bike!

This week has been all about Cosmo’s birthday celebrations and that continues this weekend…

Photos captured on Canon EOS 5DM3 & iPhone 5s


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June 26th, 2015 at 12:40 pm

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I’m often asked if I prefer photography or filmmaking…
One isn’t better than the other in my mind – they both capture moments in their own unique way.

I couldn’t choose between them, they both have a place in my storytelling, but sometimes one photo isn’t enough to tell the whole story… I like to see (and remember) how people & things move – focusing on a collection of details that make up the bigger picture… Then those memories are locked up in a Time Capsule film.

That’s why I’m loving making the mini films to share on Instagram – 15 secs of snippets that are instant reminders of that time. They transport me straight back, plus…. they’re quick and simple to create.

Rather wonderfully, lots of people are getting involved and creating films to enjoy forever – Take a look at the hashtags - #minitimecapsules & #minimondaymovies

At the moment I’ve got a couple of online courses where I share everything I know, so you can learn how to make films of your own.

MINI TIME CAPSULES – A mini guide of bite sized tutorials to show you how to make 15 second films on Instagram (Register now - Anytime access)

Or if you’d like a more in depth look at creating longer films…

CREATING TIME CAPSULES – Step-by-step instructions and loads of inspiration & project ideas so you can create your own films to treasure (Register now – The course is self-paced up till August)

Hopefully you’ll join in to create your own piece of magic in a Time Capsule film.


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June 22nd, 2015 at 5:24 pm


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During Sisterhood Camp, I was so excited to host the golden hour photo shoot and to photograph some of the lovely ladies during the weekend.

Abundant gorgeous light on the Friday night… pretty items from Toast to wear and play with & gorgeous handmade flower crowns.

It was pretty special.

Very grateful to all the amazing ladies who gracefully put themselves forward to be photographed. These are my favourite shots from the weekend…

You can see more over on the Toast Travels blog with some beautiful words from Hels Martin of Lionheart Magazine.

All photos shot on Canon EOS 5DmIII



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June 12th, 2015 at 10:01 am

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Last weekend was all I imagined it to be… and more.

Lou’s vision of Sisterhood - 

…to support, nurture and share creativity. The antithesis of the everyday competitive world.

It was just what we needed.

When you bring a group of creative people together magic happens, I’ve seen it happen before and I love being part of it.

The film above gives just a small flavour of the experience – it was peaceful, plenty of photo opportunities, good conversations, creative collaborations, plans made and friendships born & nurtured.

In the time we had together, so much happened… and I took way too many photos & video footage, so there’s going to be another post (or two!) to follow… especially of the golden hour shoot! – It was pretty special! – beautiful light & wonderful ladies putting themselves in front of the lens and gorgeous Toast robes to play in.

The weekend was packed with lots of activities…

I prefer capturing the ‘behind the scenes’ and finished results rather than actually taking part. I swooned over the flowers crowns and admired the hanging shibori fabrics wafting in the wind.

For our cliff top picnic, we lounged on rugs over looking the sea and were serenaded by musicians who happened to be busking near by.

Very grateful for friends to pose & play in front of my camera -

I could’ve photographed these two all day long!

Our location was LoveLand Farm - sleeping & dining in these futuristic pods in the most beautiful countryside….

and a 10 mins drive to the most beautiful beach – which I hope to take the boys to this summer.

It was a weekend packed with wonderful moments… can’t wait to share some more photos later this week.

Thank you everyone involved in putting it together and making it such a beautiful experience.

If you’re interested to hear more about Sisterhood camp in 2016 – Sign up to the mailing list HERE.

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June 8th, 2015 at 1:49 pm


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It’s June! this year is flying… which is good, as it’s been packed with lots going on, but I’m also finding myself continually trying to catch up.

The one thing that’s constant, is the commitment I made alongside everyone taking my A Year of Creating Time Capsules course – to create at least one film a month in 2015.

So far so good. Phew! In fact this year has been full of all kinds of films – from Day In The Life films, stories of adventures and lots of mini Time Capsules being shared on Instagram…. and I’m loving the creativity flow.

I started in December with this -

Into January with a film about our Christmas -

February was the hardest month to find inspiration -

March gave us this -

First camping trip in April -

And May had me capturing our days in mini films - See the other days from that week HERE.

Watching all these 2015 films back is a joy… little memories locked away – a true Time Capsule. I can’t wait to see what the next six months brings for me and for those taking the year long course – So far nearly 350 films have been made, which blows my mind!!

If you’d like to learn how to make films like this – I share everything I know in these online courses -

CREATING TIME CAPSULES – where I share step-by-step instructions and loads of inspiration, so you can create your own films to treasure (Register now – Starts 2nd June)

MINI TIME CAPSULES – A mini course to make 15 second films on Instagram (Register now - Anytime access)

Hopefully you’d like to create your own piece of magic in a Time Capsule film.





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Things have looked like this recently…

- Camping and living in a field. Escaping the routine and community living… I love that part of camping. More pics to come I’m sure.

- A few adventures around London – soaking up this wonderful city of ours.

- So thrilled people are enjoying making their mini time capsules - these 15 second films are super simple to make & packed with memories and fun. You can sign up anytime…

- There’s also another round of my main online course CREATING TIME CAPSULES starting on 2nd June…

- Chasing the light as usual… and falling for Cows Parsley dancing in the wind. Let’s hope June brings some summery vibes.

& this weekend I’m off to hang out with some creative ladies as Lou launches her vision of Sisterhood.

Thank you May… I’m ready for June.


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May 29th, 2015 at 10:00 am

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When the sun comes out, I like to make our favourite drink.

It’s so refreshing!

For a little bit of fun and because the ingredients are so pretty…. here’s a little demo.


Squeeze a couple of fresh limes & chop another one.

Chop a handful of mint.

Crush some ice in a clean tea towel and add everything to the jug.

Fill the jug with 1/2 ginger beer & 1/2 Sprite or lemonade.

Stir well & serve.

Delicious on its own or with a generous shot of vodka (apparently!)

(Jug & Tea Towel from Toast + Wooden spoon from Hope In The Woods)


Over the weekend Ky made his special fruit salad… I loved the colours so much we decided to make a Mini Monday Movie together…

If you’re interested in learning how I make these Mini Movies to share on Instagram…

Then check out my new course Mini Time Capsules which is available from today! I share shooting tips and show you all the basics to edit a tiny film in iMovie. It’s simple and fun!


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May 21st, 2015 at 2:00 pm


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It’s nearly time to start creating your own mini films for Instagram – All the magic of a Time Capsule film in 15 seconds of fun!

PRE-REGISTRATION IS OPEN – Details of the course and how to sign up are HERE.



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May 18th, 2015 at 5:49 pm

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Capturing our daily life and adventures is my passion.

I’m a huge documenter through photos and films – especially films!

Enjoying the whole process – The shooting… finding ways to make the footage look as delicious as possible & deciding what memories are worth preserving. To editing it all together, creating the right flow & pace to make our stories shine through.

My favourite part of the process is knowing that these films are here forever… the best bits preserved in a Time Capsule film to be treasured always. The little reminders that bring emotions flooding right back. The everydayness and the special adventures – moments carefully threaded together to look back on years to come.

These films are a gift to me & to my family.

For over three years now, I’ve shared my Time Capsule film making process with hundreds of people – My online course Creating Time Capsules shows you, how I make films with step-by-step instructions so you can create your own films to treasure.

I can’t tell how honoured I am to witness stories from all over the world – beautiful story telling of families documenting their brilliant lives.

I smile BIG every time.

If you’d like to try your hand at creating these memory evoking films…

Another round of the Creating Time Capsules course starts in June… all the details are HERE… Registration is OPEN!

Why don’t you join the wonderful community that gathers together?.

If you don’t have time to delve into all the details of film making, then my new offering might be just for you!

Mini Time Capsules are all the goodness in a teeny tiny film. To be shared on Instagram (or other social media) I’ll show you how to create a 15 second film of your stories. It’s the best fun!

All the details for MINI Time Capsules are over HERE. I’m so excited to share how simple and fun these are to make – Head on over as registration opens next week.

Any questions on either of the course, just contact me…

I look forward to sharing the magic that happens when you create these films for yourself.

Hey, this film is from this time last year… WOW… so much has changed & so much is the same… but all the details & memories are here – I’m so grateful!

I MUST go and find a yellow field this year!!!




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May 14th, 2015 at 5:27 pm


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If you’ve been following my work for a while now, you’ll know my favourite Time Capsule film to create is the ‘Day In The Life’ film. Having made them for years now, I treasure each one for the story is holds.

Currently my new course is running over at The Bloom Forum and if I can, I like to take part alongside everyone, but I was feeling like approaching this ‘Day In The Life’ project a little differently.

So instead of one longer film on just one day… I thought it would be a good challenge for me to collect snippets of footage each day for a whole week! and create a daily 15 second film to post on Instagram.

Could I capture a real look at life in such a short film?

For the whole week I shot details of my day and in the evening edited it together… even though these films are pretty short – each second is a memory trigger and full of the emotion or events of the day.

I really enjoyed it!

(These films were originally posted on Instagram, but for this blog post they’ve been re-edited to add titles and some additional footage)

Along with so much wonderful support on Instagram, I was also asked lots of questions – so I’m putting together a mini online course sharing how you can create these films too!

All the details for MINI Time Capsules are over HERE. I’m so excited to share how simple, easy and fun these are to make – Head on over as registration opens soon.

All the films were shot on Canon EOS 5DIII & iPhone 5s.