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Hi, I’m Xanthe (pronouced Zan-thee). My photographs and films are about capturing moments, connections and making memories… My bliss is sealing up memories to hold on to forever….by filling the frame full of fun, light, colour & sunshine.

This space is where you can find my latest work and get to know me, as I share my life & how I see the world. Please scroll down and take a look.

If you’d like me to take YOUR photos or film YOUR moments or maybe you have an enquiry or questions about what you see… please contact me, I love it when you say hello…

For information about my latest e-course please visit – A Year of Creating Time Capsules

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May 2nd, 2013 at 11:40 am

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Yesterday – A Year of Creating Time Capsules began… I’m so excited about this course – being able to offer encouragement, inspiration and support, so those taking part can spend the year capturing their moments make them into films of their life. Since I started sharing my films online at the end of 2011, I’ve made so many precious films, documenting the special and the everyday – it’s such a gift. It’s my wish that by this time next year, everyone has a collection of films that represent 2015 – their gift for the future.

Registration will remain open till mid January for those people who would like to start after the festive period. All the details are HERE.

Recently there’s been a lot of tea drinking – it’s been chilly and to be honest, I’ve needed the caffeine boost… It seems I’m often capturing this routine in my films and now my instagram.

Fancy a little more colour?

Loved seeing these brilliant baubles from the Pedlars Store… & now we have some hanging at home.

And the doors of London continue to brighten up my day…

More Lately posts here…



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December 17th, 2014 at 5:03 pm

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The essence of a Time Capsule film is to lock up some moments to look back on in years to come. Just like a Time Capsule box full of treasures – your film could be packed with everyday moments or special memories… or even both!

When people take part in my online film making course – Creating Time Capsules, I encourage them to look for the details they might want to remember… the little things that seem mundane or ordinary… but will, slowly over time, change.

It’s seems I’ve been drawn to Sunday stories… I didn’t really realise it, but I’ve made a few films, in the last year or so on a Sunday and they’ve all been stop-motions – because this is the simplest film to make and the one I encourage people just starting out to try. Here’s my most recent one from last weekend… with a festive flavour!

You take photos to capture the movement within the frame and in the editing process you bring the images in and adjust the timings and you’re done! It’s that simple. For those just staring out in film making, it gives you a chance to look for and capture movement without worrying about understanding video.

These Sunday films make me smile – nothing major happens, in fact from what I’ve just watched, there’s a lot of tea drinking! from me… shoes & socks being put on, cats lazing around or begging at the door and “let’s look at the sky” but that’s my style… those are the things I’m drawn too, those are the movements I see and want to remember… and in the background I see memories preserved. I see our old house, I see the boys changing, the things we do and my favourite mug of the moment!

As I go into next year – I’m going to continue with the Sunday theme and make more as part of


It starts next week – Jan 16th, just in time to capture some festive memories… Registration for will remain open till January for those who would prefer to begin at the start of the year.

A whole year to give you time and space to create some wonderful films – would you like to join? Maybe you can capture some of your Sunday stories?… I’d love to see them.

Imagine the collection of films you could have by the end of 2015.


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December 12th, 2014 at 12:49 pm


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Just popping in to announce the lucky people who get a chance to join


Names out of the hat from my blog -

Fran Balistrieri

& from Instagram -


I will be in touch with all the details. YAY!




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December 11th, 2014 at 6:31 pm

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Our plans changed at the last minute over the weekend, so we had a free day to roam around London. The weather was divine… sunshine and shadows a plenty.

I had it in my head to make a film of our day, as a project to share in my up-coming course – A Year Of Creating Time Capsules.

As the day unfolds, I capture the moments witnessed and push myself to see the scenes differently from previous Time Capsule films. Trying alternative camera angles & interesting compositions to mix it up… but also looking for themes and repeating moments to thread throughout the film. The sunshine and shadows were a gift of the day, so I filled the frame with plenty of light… Also, being mindful to see the stories, routines and details, that make this month in our life unique, to lock up in a Time Capsule.

I edited the film on Saturday night, as the boys watched some random action film – Head phones on, laptop & blanket, with Bruce Willis saving some plane in the background. As I sorted through the footage, I wanted each moment to linger…Something about the way I was feeling… wanting to indulge in the sunshine, the movement, the little details of my family… also, it’s probably something to do with my current love of slow motion… so this film is nice & slow…

You can make a simple Day In The Life film during my online course – I share how you can capture your moments, edit them together to keep them forever.

My online course has been extended for 2015 – A Year Of Creating Time Capsules – so we can make more films by creating them regularly… inspiring each other along the way. There’s an amazing community forming, it starts next week and there’s still time to join in throughout December…

I know not everyone has the means to take part, so I’m launching a giveaway for TWO places – one place by leaving a comment here on the blog & one place by leaving a comment on my Instagram feed (this photo)

Let me know what you would like to capture in a Time Capsule film next year.

I will announce the random winners on Thursday 11th Dec – All the best!




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The energy that emerges when a group of creatives GATHER together, to share their passion, is hard to describe… all I can do is share a few of the moments I witnessed…

When I started putting this film together… I wished I had more footage, more moments, more of the details we experienced, but I was too busy being in the moment – taking photos, connecting & chatting and making the most of our time together.

GATHER was all we had hoped for and so much more… see more here.

Thank you everyone who made the experience so very special.


I love making films… and during GATHER I shared some of my film making tips with the ladies there. Just like I do during my online course Creating Time Capsules.

Things are gearing up for the year long version and a wonderful community of people are joining, ready to embark on making a film a month or at least regular films throughout the year. It’s exciting!

A Year Of Creating Time Capsules starts soon….

SO if you’d like to join, head over here – if you’ve taken one of classes before and would like more inspiration & motivation to get creating again… email me for a special alumni rate.

Film & photos captured on Canon EOS 5D mIII





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December 4th, 2014 at 3:28 pm


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Kim and I have been friends for a few years now, ever since the Shutter Sisters Camp retreat – we connected during our time there and have stayed in contact by regularly chatting on Skype, as we share our lives and inspire each other on our creative journeys.

We have lots in common but we’re also very different from each other. We both joke that if we hadn’t meet each other through Shutter Sisters, we may never have connected online AT ALL.

Our creative styles – what we love to shoot and how we shoot are very different – in fact we’re the opposite.

Kim loves white, still-life, beautiful props that don’t move, a mindful peacefulness, textures, quiet surroundings of the countryside…

I love the opposite – colour, movement, people, playfulness, making films, the city….

But the passion for what we do is the connection, plus a respect and admiration that we see the world differently.

The idea behind creating the retreat GATHER, was that we had a lot to offer people by creating a space to explore and capture what we both love. From still life vignettes all around the house to portraits on the beach or in front of colourful walls, with a whole load more in between.

One thing I got to witness was Kim in action… capturing her love of beautiful objects to create peaceful images.

So I made a little film… What a joy it was to watch her in action.

Come back for another film from GATHER tomorrow!



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December 3rd, 2014 at 9:00 am


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Coming up this week… a few posts from GATHER – the retreat I hosted with Kim Klassen and Myriam a couple of weeks ago.

We wanted to create a space for people to play and have fun with what they love to shoot. Or try something new… use this time to practice & refine that skill.

There was plenty of time to hang out with Kim and see how she uses props to make her mindful still life photos (more of that to come in a later post)… and I was eager to capture portraits in a playful way, to show these women how amazing they are… perhaps to give them photos to use on their sites etc – but mostly to learn, by photographing each other and getting a chance behind and in front of the camera.

No one really likes having their photo taken, but it’s such gift to have. We should exist in photos, no matter how uncomfortable you think the process is. It’s about proof of us in this moment.

I think all these ladies look amazing – happy and comfortable in their own skin, having fun. They were a joy to capture.

All photos captured at GATHER California – on Canon EOS 5DmIII.


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December 2nd, 2014 at 4:00 pm


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You know I love shooting video and making films… right? well, my new love is slow-mo video shot on the iPhone…

It’s turning into an addiction…

Yes, I use slow motion footage in my family Time Capsule films, as I love the feeling it creates and how you can really indulge in a moment.

But using the iPhone is great, as it’s SO easy to shoot with and the slow-mo feature is brilliant.

I’ve had a few questions about my video clips and people asking how I’m uploading my clips to Instagram… so I thought I’d make a little tutorial and share my process.

Here I share how I edit my clips in iMovie… how to fade-to-black… uploading in the 16:9 ratio… it’s simple and quick – anyone can give it a try. (It’s likely there are plenty of other ways to do this, I’m just sharing how I do it.)

These are the apps I use - iMovie app  - Squaready Video

I’d love to see if you make use of this tutorial, so please tag me @xantheb so I can peek into your slow-mo world.


My online course Creating Time Capsules has been running for years, where I share all you need to know to turn your photos & videos into films of your life.

Starting in December there’ll be an extended version ALL YEAR LONG, during 2015. Giving plenty of time to make some magic films of your life.

A Year Of Creating Time Capsules is happening… all the details are HERE.

Why don’t you join the growing community that will be capturing their 2015 by creating Time Capsule films.



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November 26th, 2014 at 8:15 am


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Lately it’s been quiet here on the blog.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been in LA, California making some of my dreams come true.

The dream was to hang out with my dear friend Kim – to adventure & capture it all with my camera – to experience the golden hour on the beach…  and most of all, for Kim & I with the help of Myriam & Alisha, was to bring a group of creative souls together… a retreat of sorts – to GATHER, play, be creative and share our gifts.

It was all we hoped it would be and so much more – the ladies that gathered with Kim & I in both sessions were amazing… each full of stories, experience, openness, kindness and plenty of creativity… we had so much fun taking photos of props and each other, alongside the conversations and the friendships formed.

There’s something so incredible about the energy that surrounds people doing what they love together – sharing their skills, asking & answering questions, playing with their art and experimenting… and doing it with grace & in harmony.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it so memorable – behind the scenes and by being ‘all in’ during the experience. It was magic.

I’m sure there will be more stories, photos & a film to come as I process it all. I’ve got a little sleep to catch up on first!.

But for now, here’s a little flavour.

All photos captured on Canon EOS 5D mIII





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November 21st, 2014 at 3:00 pm


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Over the last two years I’ve had a goal of creating one Time Capsule film a month.

It began last year & 2013 looked like this…

The challenge continued into 2014… pretty much… with just one missing month back in Feb, which I made up for further along in the year – it feels good to have a goal.

If I keep focus, I will make it happen in 2014 with 12 films completed. This might be my favourite film of the year…

With just one month left in 2014… my mind was pondering 2015 and how I’d like the challenge to continue.

So I wondered if you would like to join me in A Year Of Creating Time Capsules whether you’ve taken one of my courses before or never made a film before, I believe you’ll enjoy this journey.

Of course you can set your own challenge as to how many films you make over the year – one a month is just my suggestion. You can find more details for the course are HERE… the possibilities of what you could create are endless…

You can capture a simple film using only photos made into a slideshow.

Or one minute memory using photos as a stop motion.

Or capture one of your adventures.

Or make your films on a mobile device.

Or to remember something special.

Or use video to capture movement and memories of good times.

Or gather footage over a longer period of time.

Or you can do all of the above, gently spaced out over the whole year. I’ll give you the tools to get started and together, as a community all working towards the same goal, we will photograph & video our magic, unique and fleeting lives into something special we can enjoy forever.

These films are little gifts to me – the hard work and time that goes into them is always worth it.

So, if you like the sound of A Year Of Creating Time Capsules & would you like to join us. Head on over here as registration is open… we’re kicking off in December because I think the festive period offers plenty of opportunity to shoot some memories… but because I know this might be overwhelming for some… registration will remain open through January. Also if you’re keen to join, but financially it’s tricky in the build up to the end of the year, I can split the payments… just email me and we’ll figure it out.

Just imagine how amazing it will be this time next year, as you look back at all you’ve created and preserved forever in your Time Capsule films.





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November 10th, 2014 at 12:08 pm