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Hi, I’m Xanthe (pronouced Zan-thee). My photographs and films are about capturing moments, connections and making memories… My bliss is sealing up memories to hold on to forever….by filling the frame full of fun, light, colour & sunshine.

This space is where you can find my latest work and get to know me, as I share my life & how I see the world. Please scroll down and take a look.

If you’d like me to take YOUR photos or film YOUR moments or maybe you have an enquiry or questions about what you see… please contact me, I love it when you say hello…

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May 2nd, 2013 at 11:40 am

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This weekend we packed up the car, left behind all the full cardboard boxes from our recent house move & all the busy-ness of late… Just to play, dance and sing in a field… just like I had wished for on my birthday list (#11)… it was super brilliant!

Somersault is a new festival, in the grounds of Castle Hill Estate in Devon… the site was beautiful & we were excited by the line up.

For three days we hung out as a family, lounged on the grass watching people and the various entertainment on offer, listening to music, taking part in activities, and laughing and singing our hearts out. It was the best!

My top ten memories of Somersault -

1 – Cosmo is a magician and musician. He’s a huge fan of Ben Howard, who was head lining and closing the main stage on Sunday. We got tipped off that Ben was staying alongside us in the Boutique camping field… We all hoped there would be a chance Cosmo could meet him.

On the last day, we were hanging outside our tent, when we saw Ben at the coffee truck. Cosmo sneaked back into the tent & prepared the card trick he was going to perform. And then with so much bravery, (I thought I was going to burst with pride) he walked alone to Ben Howard and said “Hey, do you want to see something cool?” And just like that, he baffled Ben with his trick, got his favourite card signed and was completely thrilled! Nice one Ben, for making our boys dream come true.

2 – The colours and the light… Flags and bunting a plenty, brilliant signage and vibrant colours everywhere. The sun was bright and beautiful. I was in heaven. (It did rain once, but soon passed, and it wouldn’t be a British festival without a little rain.)

3 – The Bearded Kitten team performed eccentric lawn games. They had us in stitches daily, with the best commentary/banter with the crowd, encouraging games of musical hay bales, three legged egg ‘n’ spoon races, to jelly wrestling and much more. We loved it.

4 – Boutique camping – the joy of the boutique field is marvellous! A tent is ready pitched for you, there are showers & toilets exclusive for the field. A charging tent and a coffee/tea van each morning was a lovely bonus, plus the guys & girls running the field were so adorable and certainly kept the festival vibe flowing with their sparkles and giggles. A HUGE thanks to Hearthworks for making it possible for us to stay there.

5 – The music… oh the music. One of the main reasons we chose this festival. Plenty of our favourites – Ben Howard, Fink, Half Moon Run, Annie Eve and a few new performers rocking their stuff on the Communion & Jack Wills New Music stage. Singing along with thousands of people is an incredible feeling!

6 – People watching is always fascinating. All dressed up and fully embracing the festival spirit, with feathered hats, covered in glitter, colourful wigs, bountiful sequins, top hats, animal tails, hot pants, tutus, face painting – the list goes on.

The mix of people was interesting too… from families with young children, I even saw a baby that could only have been days old, to groups of young men and women, to older folks in their camping chairs. The blend worked so well, as there was something for everyone…

The wonderful thing I noticed was the collective energy of togetherness. Everyone on a quest to have a good time, be present and connect with those they love and what they love doing. The bonus of no phone signal was no one was on their phones… it was really noticeable and rather fantastic!

7 – Activities… To be honest, we only took part in a tiny amount of what was on offer, we could’ve spent a week there! The boys loved the slack lining & surf board practice. We watched others on the trapeze swings & swimming in the river…

8 – The food & drink. Plenty of choice from pizzas, to Indian & gorgeous burgers, falafels, green juices and the best coffee martini, apparently. We missed out on the long table feasts, but I bet they were incredible. Maybe next time?

9 – Family togetherness. You see, a lot of the time we go away with other families… This is beneficial to us all, adults hang out while the children play. But it often means we don’t see our boys. This weekend we had quality time together, no distractions from life… We danced, laughed and chatted so much as we hung out together.

10 – My head dress… made by the lovely Ellie at Feathered Fantasy… her creations were everywhere at the festival. I added the piece to my hat and even though it’s not something I would wear often, I had such a lovely time wearing it embracing the festival experience.

Wow, we’re still riding high from the delights of Somersault, even with the exhaustion… can’t wait to do it all again soon.

All photos shot on Canon EOS 5D mIII – Learn how to make GIFs (the moving photos) here.



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July 24th, 2014 at 8:00 am


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ORANGE week was pretty awesome! I love this colour…

The collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers

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July 21st, 2014 at 3:16 pm


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I love the summer.

I love the sunshine, I love long evenings full of golden light, I love campfires, I love food cooked & eaten outside, I love adventures to old and new places, I love dappled light through the tress, I love marshmallows melting on your fingers, I love the smell of rain on the warm earth, I love the greens of nature… and more.

Our summer so far has been sprinkled with all these loves. Adventuring near and far, capturing little snippets of these delights with my lens and compiled together into a film, so they don’t gather dust on the hard drive…. and instead tell the story of our summer so far…

Focus on the good, look for the light. That’s what I’m concentrating on. Life isn’t all sunshine and marshmallows everyday – we just moved house and I’m totally exhausted, but concentrating on the good brings more good, and I’m all for that.

Thankfully, our summer continues… with more adventures to come & films, photos and stories to tell of them. But sometimes you have to use what you’ve gathered so far and play with it. I encourage people taking my Time Capsule courses, that completing a project is best way to learn what works and encourages you to make more. The summer round of Creating Time Capsules – A JOURNEY is producing some wonderful films, packed with memories and stories of their summers. It makes me so happy!

Thanks for being a wonderful summer so far… can’t wait to see what the forthcoming weeks bring!

All photos and the film captured on Canon EOS 5D mIII :: the next round of Creating Time Capsules will be in September.



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July 16th, 2014 at 4:35 pm


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It was all about finding PURPLE last week, and even though it’s not my favourite of the colours during this color//colour project…

I did find some… but mainly flowers! Roll on ORANGE all this week.

The collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers



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July 14th, 2014 at 5:22 pm


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Before heading off to Mexico with First Choice Holidays, we’d never stayed at an all inclusive hotel before as a family…

We were delighted with all the Riu Palace Pacifico had to offer… during our time out there we adventured to beaches, experienced whizzing through the jungle and wandered around the old town… but we could easily have stayed right there in the hotel all week.

Here’s just a little flavour of what we got up to just in the hotel…

We were spoilt with a choice of pool or beach… Opting to hang out at the pool early in the morning or at sunset, when there weren’t so many people around…

It was the beach that stole our hearts… reclining under the shade of the palm trees and frolicking in the waves. The water was warm, so not that refeshing from the outside temperatures, but wonderful for the boys to play in for hours. The perfect waves made for fun body boarding – we all became addicted to riding into shore… even me!

It was a peaceful beach, beautiful sand and thankfully not many passers by selling goods. One morning we borrowed kayaks from the water sport centre for no extra cost, paddling at a leisurely pace down the cost.

The sea was really calm once you got past the breaking waves.

I was especially happy at sunset… the temperatures were cooler and the colours were magnificent… as each golden hour was different. The boys would swim or dig holes in the sand, we’d take drinks to the shore and watch the Frigate birds swoop overhead – they looked like something from the pre-historic age.

The food and drink was plentiful and so much variety with a choice of restaurants… The morning buffet was my favourite, with an abundance of fruit and everything you could possibly want for a cooked breakfast. Naturally, the boys were in love with the freshly made donuts and the chocolate fountain with marshmallows at dinner.

I don’t think we even touched the surface of all the activities on offer at Riu Palace Pacifico. Ky took Spanish lessons one morning, all the boys went jet skiing (for an additional fee), we watched the water polo and aerobics. I sneaked off for a massage in the spa, purely for research purposes of course! (this was also an additional fee) and I can report it was fabulous. While the boys entertained themselves with ping pong alongside the pool and when that got too hot, they retired to the air conditioned sports bar for a few rounds of air hockey.

As I sipped another iced fruity cocktail in pool side bar one afternoon, watching my family having a super time splashing in the water… I felt so very blessed to be there. So a huge cheers to First Choice Holidays for giving us the opportunity to experience and blog all about our Out Of Office adventure. We loved you Mexico and can’t wait to go back one day.


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July 9th, 2014 at 2:29 pm


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Plenty of luscious GREEN this week, especially with two weekends of living in a field recently…

Seeking out GREEN for the color//colour lovers project with Andrea…

This week is PURPLE (which was a tricky one last round)… will you join in?

The collaborative colour // colour project with the fabulous Andrea - our shared place is color//colour lovers… 


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July 7th, 2014 at 10:02 am


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I have to remind myself that our First Choice Out Of Office trip to Mexico really did happen. Holiday memories fade once the routine of life takes over.

It was a little slice of magic, and thankfully it’s been re-played in my mind as I work through the photos & video footage I gathered.

We managed to pack SO much into our week away as First Choice Hoildays organised some amazing excursions, which I’ll go into more detail in future posts here and on their blog - There’s lots to share… the boat & beach trip + Zip lining adventures in the jungle and the fab hotel!

For now… here are my favourite moments, the little snippets that take us back to all we experienced – the random memories that keep the holiday alive in my mind – the heat, the colours, the adventures, the beach time, the hammocks… so much goodness!

All shot on Canon EOS 5DIII with 35mm 1.4 lens with additional footage from the iPhone 5s

I’ll be back with more soon… a few one minute memories and a load of photos filled with sunshine…

More Mexico posts here…


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July 3rd, 2014 at 10:30 am


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I’ve found the shop of my dreams…

A shop full of bright colours, positive messages, stationary & printed goods, bags and practical beautiful things for the home, it’s right up my street… I could’ve taken home one of every item… striped blankets, printed posters with a retro feel, wooden crates, jars with neon coloured lids, books & magazines… oh the list goes on.

Pedlars General store is gorgeous!

Yesterday I was invited to celebrate the opening of their cafe and re-launch of the Pedlars General Store… and it was SO much fun!

The store was full of smiley people drinking fizzy drinks in glass bottles with paper straws, in the sunshine… eating hand made sandwiches, listening to live music from Paprika.

The ethos of the store is moving into a special event as they announced the launch of their festival in September – The Good Life Experience… An eclectic mix of music hand picked by Cerys Matthews, a wonderful selection of foodies including Bill Granger & cooking on open fires, plus loads of outdoor activities that I know my family would love.

It’s going to packed day for sure! Find out about more details about The Good Life Experience here…

Here are a few frames from the day – Thanks for inviting me Pedlars!


Photos shot on Canon EOS 5DmIII & iPhone 5s


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July 2nd, 2014 at 10:00 am


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Pops of pink – found here and there… all for the color//colour lovers project…

Happy Monday – goodbye PINK – it’s GREEN all this week.


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June 30th, 2014 at 11:00 am


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Lots going on lately. I’m grateful… it’s been fun… if a little exhausting.

Dinner guests at the Boundary for a friend’s 40th on the longest day and we were treated to delicious food & a glorious sunset over London.

I must share these two fabulous projects which launched through Kickstarter. Then through hard work & determination, these ladies have made their dreams come true.

The Lazy Leopard by Nina Dogmetchi & Alphabet Journal by Luisa Brimble - please check them out if you have a chance.

The lovely Kate Murphy organised an outing to see the Vivian Maier film. I’ve been eagerly awaiting to see this, her street photography is stunning but her story is tragic in parts. Well worth a watch.

There was a big birthday this week – double digits as Cosmo turned 10! His day was full of magic as his list of new tricks was ticked off, with gifts from family and a trip to his favourite magic store. Next time you see him, what out for the Oreo cookies!

I’m knee deep in editing all I gathered during our trip to Mexico – I’ll be back next week with a film and lots to share about the experience.

I love this shoot of Cosmo on the beach…

Pink week continues… have you been playing along? I think there’s still more pink to be found.

Have a super weekend. x.

Flowers by Achillea Flowers.



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June 27th, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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